This year was a doozy, we had some struggles, heartaches and mental lows, but a few bright sides as well. I hope you take some time to reflect on any positive things that happened this year, as we more forward and upward into 2021! And be sure to save any of these Whistle and Ivy patterns you may have missed this year.

I always spend December reflecting over my detailed goal sheet that I wrote up the previous year. It’s fun to see where I was when I began the year and how far I came to meeting the goals I had written down.

This year has been a bit different. Most of my business goals were woefully unattained this year. Many of my personal ones as well.

It seems as thought all bets are off and all schedules have gone out the window this year!

I decided to write down a few different things this year, some bright sides.

We all travel through life in different situations and with different hardships, and I find comparison to be a extremely unhelpful exercise. What I do find helpful is looking back and seeing where there was light and love.

Will you do this exercise with me? Get a pretty piece of paper and write down all the good things, the bright sides, that happened in 2020. Keep them, just as you would a goal sheet, so you can reflect on them.

Here are some of mine:

Health: Through all of this, our family has had our health. Not only that, but due to social distancing and masks, I had only ONE cold the entire year, when normally I have about 1 per month.

Family Time: We have missed friends dearly during this time. But, I have seen the relationship between my older two children blossom and grow. They have always gotten along okay, but they see each other as playmates and friends (most of the time) and it has been wonderful to witness.

Forced Prioritizing: I have always been one to stress over my time management. I am frequently found rushing around the house, snapping at my family as I try to meet a looming deadline. This year forced me to slow down. I didn’t have a choice! My kids needed help with school. Cubbie needed to be held and cuddled. And as crazy as it sounds, my whole world didn’t implode when I didn’t live up to my self-imposed “shoulds”.

I truly did NOT meet any of my business goals this year, but the forced prioritizing made me let go of some of the “shoulds”, and I found many of them were actually quite unnecessary!
I am excited to move into 2021 with my new plan of action and to bring all my crochet ideas to fruition, bring my the simplicity of crochet designing. ❤️

So in case you missed any of these patterns from 2020, here is my pattern design list.

Before we dive in, I want to remind you that ALL of my ad-free PDFs, premium patterns, videos, courses, graphics and cut files are all in my Endless Bundle All-Access pass.
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See you on the inside!


2020 Pattern List:

Serape Hat and Cowl Set
Project Labels Printable
Cactus Hat and Cocoon Set
Chunky Americana Cowl and Hat Set

Baby Sea Turtle Plush
Gladiator Barefoot Sandals for Baby
Animal Slap Bracelet Buddies
Peacock Feathers

Fillable Easter Eggs
Macrame Wall Plant Hanger
Chevron Wall Hanging
Cactus Collection
Just Crochet It. cut file

Vincent and Violet Bunny Plushy
Poca Bear Lovey
Crochet Lover Wall Pennant
Forest Pixie Hat for baby and Toddler
Oh for Hooks Sake Cut File

Plaid Trapper Hat sized for the whole family
Beach Sarong Cover Up
Crochet Camo Hat
How to use crochet graphics!
Tablet Pouch Pattern Pack

Fur Stripe Surface Crochet Cowl
Candy Corn Baby Hat
Minion Blanket Squares
Tartan Plaid Pumpkin
Chunky Hook-Shaped Bookmark Cut File

Flat Plaid Ornament
Mini Shoulder Bag
Hanging Organizer
Convertible Pocket Shawl

Top-Down Plaid Hats
Magic Flying Keys
Golden Snitch Ornament
Rustic Owl Tree Topper

Ugly Christmas Hat
Snow Puff Stitch Hat/Cowl Set

I wish you many happy returns, well wishes, love and kindness, positivity, good vibes for this upcoming year. Let’s make it a good one!


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  1. Worth repeating–Praying y’all have a healthy and Blessed New Year . Sometimes it’s just best to let go and enjoy what we have. Thanks for the pattern review

  2. Praying y’all have a healthy and Blessed New Year . Sometimes it’s just best to let go and enjoy what we have.

  3. Hi Beth thanks so much for allowing me to catch up on thing’s, i haven’t been well this year with a few of my illnesses and extra stress to go with it as my hubby has started his business last year so this year was going to be the one it started up properly, well that changed dramatically first with the 3 different storm’s that hit and then the covid 19. I’ve not long been crocheting and I’ve done a few thing’s but I’ve also got a few designs I’d like to do this year but I’m having problems trying to get one from my head down on graph paper lol, well on that note let me see which patterns i can and want to do, i hope you have a fantastic new year and hope it moves better. Xxx Alison