You try what's supposed to be a "simple" crochet technique, but you find yourself floundering.

You scroll through pretty projects on Instagram, but you feel intimidated to attempt them yourself.

You finally find a pattern that looks doable for you, but you wonder: Will this be pretty enough to gift to loved ones?

You, my friend, are in the right place. 


  • failure is a crucial step to success, so give yourself grace!
  • with the right tools and support, you can try it, learn it, and finish it.
  • all crocheters can make pretty, modern, gift-worthy crochet items, no matter the skill level.


All your patterns are absolutely gorgeous and so easy to read! And I love that when there is any issue you actually respond ASAP and do everything you can to take care of it!
--Nicole (blog comment)

I am a knitter, not a crocheter but these flip flops were too cute to pass up so I bought the pattern.  I was delighted to find the video links in the pattern and was able to puzzle out the stitches etc. with very little extra help. The pattern is clear and now that I know what I'm doing, very easy to follow."
--Jean (Etsy)

"I am beyond tickled that I stumbled upon your website. I was desperately trying to find a simple yet flexible pattern for baby shoe soles and there you were all along just waiting for me to find you. Your patterns are so easy to understand yet they yield such beautiful results and I’m an absolute beginner to all this. The first pair I made was the Lemon Drop and they came out perfect! Thank you, thank you for sharing these wonderful patterns and tips you are a Godsend!"
--Laurie (blog comment)

"I absolutely love your patterns! One of my favourite makes for a baby was the moose lovey with the buffalo plaid blanket. I never thought I could do plaid but you made it soooo easy!! Thank you for such amazing patterns!"

Just Imagine... 

-crocheting easy, modern patterns

-enjoying patterns that boost both your skill level and your confidence

-making projects that you're proud to gift

When you join the Whistle and Ivy Community, you will get support in expanding your crochet skills, access to easy, pretty and modern crochet patterns, and resources to help build confidence in gifting your finished items.



Hi! I'm Beth and I know how you feel.

Even though I learned the basic granny stitch at age 8, I didn’t start truly stretching my crochet muscles until  I was pregnant with my first child. Oh! how I wanted to make that little bean an earflap hat! So I looked up a how-to video, hoping my childhood skills would return to me. The result? A hat so dense and tight I couldn’t  pull it down on his tiny newborn head. The hat was a lost cause, but I was determined to make one that would fit.

Failing turned out to be the first step to success. After sifting through many, many articles to learn how to read a crochet pattern and many, many videos that demonstrated basic stitches, I was not only able to finish a hat that fit properly but ALSO  a pair of darling loafer booties to match.

As a crocheter learning new skills, I found the sheer volume of online crochet content overwhelming. Once I became confident in my skills,  I wanted to become a resource.  I wanted to create a single place where crocheters of all skill levels can learn while creating pieces they can easily finish, that they can be proud of and confidently keep or gift to a loved one.


"Hi Bethany, thanks for this pattern and all your other patterns! I wish I could crochet faster so I could make ALL your patterns!"
-- Brenda

"Firstly, I love all your patterns! I totally fell in love with all your plaids.
Secondly, I appreciate the work you do coming up with ideas, both design and blog. I like that you have Patterns that are Christmas themed but thatyou have everyday Patterns in the Gift. That makes them more usable for the recipients than just seasonal."

"I am still relatively new to crocheting, I find all of your patterns easy and your tips and tutorials are a newbies dream. Thank you !!!"


5 days to take your crochet up a notch 🎉

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