These cute crochet donut coasters have all the charm of your favorite fried dessert, with none of the calories! They keep your furniture protected while providing a whimsical touch.
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I’ve been gluten-free (not by choice) for about 2 years now. Ah, I miss donuts. My kids love them and have requested them for birthdays in leu of cake a few times.
Donuts are such a lovely dessert because they are both delicious and darn adorable.

Even though I can’t eat donuts (the GF ones just aren’t the same), I can still enjoy their cute aesthetic! These crochet donut coasters are a cute way to add faux-sugary, whimsical fun to your decor.

crochet donut coaster crochet pattern crochet doughnut pattern sprinkles

When looking through my stash, I knew I wanted to use Shine for these coasters. It’s one of my very favorite cotton yarns.

I decided to go with classic flavors colors: Cream, Blush and Coffee. I also found a slightly lighter brown in my stash, so I have dark chocolate and milk chocolate!

crochet donut crochet doughnut coasters crochet pattern

These crochet donuts were pretty fun to decorate. At first I thought it would be neat to use those long barrel-shaped seed beads as sprinkles, but the ones I had were too tiny and I couldn’t fit my needle through the hole.

I scrapped that idea and decided to simply sew on the sprinkle shapes with yarn. I tried both yarn and embroidery thread and they both turned out great. You can decide which look you prefer and go with it.

crochet donuts crochet pattern crochet doughnuts pattern free pattern


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I also decided to make these crochet donut coasters double-layered. I like my coasters to be substantial, but you are welcome to make yours with just one layer. Simply skip making the second layer and go straight to attaching the icing to the one layer.


What you need:
– 4 mm Hook
– 2 Skeins of WeCrochet Shine Worsted in Willow; 1 skein of Blush, Coffee, Cream (or other icing colors you would like)
– Embroidery thread or contrasting yarn for sprinkles
– Darning needle
– Hot Glue (optional)

Abbreviations: US Terms
Ch – chain
Sc – single crochet
Dc – Double crochet
Sl st – Slip Stitch
Sk – Skip
St – stitch


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I tried sewing a line that looks like a frosting drizzle! To do this a bit more authentically, make sure the line looks like the drizzle goes across the hole and back, instead of zig-zagging up one side of the hole and down the other.

cute crochet doughnut crochet donut crochet pattern frosting icing drizzle
crochet donut crochet doughnut crochet pattern cute dessert crochet ideas play food

Aren’t they cute?

Enjoy my friend! Happy crocheting!


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  1. Hi Beth, donut pattern look so darn cute!! I’m looking at your club one time a month fee of $8.99 can I cancel at any time please you have a few patterns to purchase there.not sure I could do it every month csn I do alternate months? there are several patterns. Love you work.thank you for sharing your talent.

  2. Ooooohhhhh I can’t wait to start making these beauties!!!! I have MANY ideas for how I want the “sprinkles” to be! Thanks for sharing!!!!