Learn to make this adorable crochet heart stitch baby blanket in the cute Puppy Love Stitch! This pretty stitch resembles adorable little hearts. The look is easy to achieve and is done in simple rows. The post contains affiliate links, which means I get a small commission if you make a purchase, at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your support!

crochet heart stitch blanket crochet pattern valentines day project blanket afghan

This heart stitch crochet blanket is a bit of a milestone. It’s a pattern that has been sitting in my archives, needing to be cleaned up, reworked and rephotographed.

This crochet blanket is a milestone because it was my first ever blanket! It’s not only my first-ever blanket design but my first crochet blanket project ever.

crochet heart blanket pattern Valentine's Day project pattern

Those of you who make afghans regularly, I salute you. No one but crocheters (and knitters) understand the time and work that goes into a handmade yarn afghan or blanket. 

So. Much. Time. 

Someday I will attempt to make a bed-sized afghan, but it might have to wait until my kids are in school and I have a bit more time on my hands (and maybe a ton of chunky weight yarn!).

crochet pattern heart blanket afghan throw pattern sizes crochet hearts


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I’ve had this lovely self-striping yarn in my possession for a while, trying to find the perfect project for it (I am sure you understand!). I wanted to see how the little hearts looked in all the different colors.

This yarn is called Felici by WeCrochet.

self striping yarn Felici WeCrochet

It does make those little hearts look so cute! I really love this yarn color way, except the gray color sort of melts into the background. It still turned out quite lovely.

crochet hearts crochet heart stitch pattern crochet heart blanket pattern
crochet heart blanket pattern crochet heart stitch pattern crochet heart

I changed the pattern ever so slightly from the original 6-year-old version to be easier to work, so it looks just slightly different.

However, I wanted you to see how it looked with two solid colors, so I am leaving in a few of these older photos.

crochet pattern heart stitch pattern blanket afghan throw baby shower gift

The crochet pattern includes instructions so you can make the blanket in carseat-throw size. However, if you have a different measurement, you can use the instructions to make the blanket in any size you wish!

What you need to make this heart stitch blanket :
– Your favorite yarn in two colors [or one solid color (Brava Worsted) and one self-striping yarn (Felici)]
-6 mm hook
-Darning Needle (for weaving in ends)

Stitch Abbreviations: (American Terms)
Ch – Chain
St – Stitch
Sc – Single Crochet
Hdc – Half Double Crochet
Dc – Double Crochet
Sl st – Slip Stitch
Sk – Skip


This crochet pattern can be purchased in my shops! Where would you like to shop today?

cute little hearts crochet blanket baby blanket crochet heart pattern

Happy crocheting!

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  1. I’ve crocheted a few of the Puppy Love hats, so I may give the blanket a try. My concern is always “what will it look like on the backside of blanket”? With the colours being carried.
    Love the pattern :)

    1. It looks the same on both sides! You only carry the gray through one row, the colored heart rows goes up the side, and you will hide that with the border at the end.

  2. I congratulate you on your hard work and quite well done too!!! I am saving this ADORABLE pattern and will share it as well :) Thank you so much! xoxo