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The Whistle and Ivy newsletter is very informative and real. Not only does Bethany create a wonderful variety of patterns which are shared in the newsletter, but she is also willing to share information about her life. Not just the ups but also the downs. This makes the newsletter not just about crochet, but also about real life too.

- Michelle

This is a great newsletter for any crocheter, from beginner to advanced! Bethany offers some amazing free patterns, tips, links to other designers, and is completely relatable as a human being. I look forward to checking my email to see what's in store for this newsletter and I have never been disappointed! ☺️

- Cara Marie

I love Whistle and Ivy Newsletters, and I would recommend to any advanced or beginner crocheter! As a self-taught crocheter it is hard to keep going without a little help from a fellow crocheter and they always encourage me to grab my hook and keep going on my project. As well as make great patterns!


- Diana

I simply adore getting these newsletters because there is usually always a pattern that I have never tried before.

- Brittany

I love the Whistle and Ivy newsletter. I like getting to know a little more about Bethany and love that she shares crochet projects that are always beautiful and that have step by step easy to follow instructions.

- anonymous

If you a yarnlover and addicted to beautiful crochet things,you need the Newsletter from Whistle and Ivy. You shouldn't missing all the inspiration. Plus who doesn't need lovely words including in the mailbox? 😉 Bonus you get often FREE patterns.

- Annika 

I highly recommend Whistle & Ivy. Beth tries to make new and exciting items that I would never think to create. She does a great job explaining the directions. I believe she does a good job at responding back to people’s questions and concerns even though I’m sure it is hard to keep up with sharing her ideas and run a household!!

- Karen

The Whistle and Ivy newsletter is always a welcome addition to my inbox. I feel like I am being spoken to personally . The newsletter includes patterns showing the latest trends in crochet. Ir shares patterns, not only from Whistle and Ivy, but also many other great designers. I find this newsletter to be less cluttered than others, where I end up skimming through them, without exploring all of the content. This newsletter provides the right amount of personal information and lots of crochet information, which is easy to understand and access. My favorite newsletter!!

- Lisa

I love the Whistle and Ivy newsletter! Over the years I have signed up for sooo may newsletter subscriptions for the freebie they offer, but typically unsubscribe after a few emails because the content isn't great. I've been reading W&I's emails for a couple of years now, and look forward to them every week!