This darling crochet plaid moose lovey features an adorable moose friend on top of a snuggle-sized crochet buffalo plaid blanket. He will make the perfect gift for that baby shower that’s coming up, or for a birthday or Christmas gift for your little sweetheart! Make it with silky soft yarn so it’s perfect for Baby or kids.

Phew! Last week‘s Plaid Week was pretty wile, but it was so much fun to finally share all the plaid patterns I have been working on the last few months. I feel so blessed to have your support and I want to THANK YOU for your part in making Plaid Week a success and for making Whistle and Ivy a success. This blog is nothing without you.

From the release of my Plaid Collection Vol. 2 last year, everyone was very excited about my Crochet Plaid Moose Lovey, which I included exclusively in the ebook. Since then I have gotten many, many requests to sell the pattern alone, which I declined because…

Actually, I have no reason. Laziness?

moose lovey crochet pattern with buffalo plaid blankey

I decided to get on that immediately after Plaid Week this year. You can now get the single pattern for my crochet plaid moose lovey! (Get it at Ravelry or My Shop) You may already have it because you bought my ebook (THANK YOU!) but if you were holding off because this guy stole your heart, but you weren’t wanting the whole ebook, now you can get the pattern for him. 

I actually found my sample crochet moose lovey in a tote in my office the other day and Sis has claimed it as her own! I kept him even though I don’t have babies anymore, but I guess he can be loved by children of all ages :) 


You’re tired of sifting through complicated tutorials and daunting patterns that leave you feeling overwhelmed.
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It’s time to make your crafting experience as joyful as it should be. We can’t wait to meet you!


– Medium Weight Yarn
– Polyfil Stuffing
– Safety Eyes


This crochet moose lovey pattern can also be purchased individually in my shops ⬇️
Where would you like to shop today? 

If you are thinking of doing a plaid baby set, I have a few other patterns you might like: 


plaid moose lovey cute baby blanket

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  1. Why not just put the pattern here? I AM DEAF and I can NOT HEAR anything from YouTube so I can’t get the pattern from there either.

    1. Hi Debbie! The pattern is in my shops, you can buy the pattern there. I don’t have this pattern on Youtube, sorry for any miscommunication.

  2. I have also found that many patterns advertised as free on Pinterest are not free. I have learned my lesson though. I only go to sites I know, such as Bethany’s, and other well known sites for crochet items. If one wants the best patterns then go to the sites you know are genuine. Once bitten, twice shy!!!!!!!!

    1. Jess Huff is another one that actually offers very well written, “FREE” patterns. I am also tired of wasting time on these “so called” free patterns. If you are selling something, just say so!!!!!

      1. Hi Gloria! I am sorry for any misunderstanding or possible mistake. Can you share where you saw this pattern advertised as free? I never wrongly advertise that patterns are free when they are not, so I would love to fix where you saw this.

    1. according to pinterest, this is a free pattern….then, as like with many other pattern writers, it takes you to where you can pay for the pattern. I don’t mind paying for a pattern that i really love….i just despise finding things that are posted as free patterns, only to find that they aren’t free!!!! you need to change your Pinterest ad!!!! it says that it is free!. i wanted to make this lovey for my new grandson, and i was so disappointed to learn that i had to pay for the pattern. I understand…I just wish you would change your Pinterest ad to not mislead other fellow crocheters. meanwhile, I will just search for a moose head pattern that is free, and make my own pattern comparable to your so-called free pattern. That is very misleading and disappointing. DON’T SAY IT IS FREE IF IT ISN’T!

      1. That is not my ad, I never advertised this as free. There is a lot of “spoofing” on Pinterest, where sites scrape content from designers and creators like myself, create pins with my images and send people to their website first with a link to my blog. Most of the time these sites don’t even read the content to know whether it’s free or not. Can you please share the pin link with me so I can report it?

        1. Hi Bethany. Since I don’t see where she posted a link to the pin, here it is.

          It isn’t a link to a different site. It brings you straight here, to your page. This isn’t the first of your patterns that this has happened, for me at least (ex your sarape lovey). Maybe some are from before you started the endless bundle?

          I love your patterns. Hopefully things like this stop happening. I know it can be frustrating.

          Best wishes!

          1. Thank you for sharing this with me! Sadly, this was pinned by a person named ” Crystalized Designs” and she put the pattern is free! I am not sure why she did that, but this isn’t free and hasn’t ever been free. For my free patterns, I put “free” in the image. That being said, there ARE patterns that used to be free that I have retired to my shop. I have spent many hours deleting any pins that say “free” on the image or text to make sure people aren’t following a pin thinking the pattern is free. I am so sorry for this mistake. I can’t delete it as it’s not my pin but I might be able to reach out to Pinterest and see if they can take it down. I am upset that people feel tricked, I would never want that to happen.

          2. I did leave a comment to the original Pinner, asking her to delete it. Thank you for sharing the link so I can get this taken care of.

  3. Hi Beth,

    I just purchased the pattern, but there is no info on how much yarn is needed for each color. I am trying to use some partial yarn skeins in my stash and a general idea of what portion of the Red Heart Skein you used for each color would help. I can extrapolate from there. Thanks.


    1. For the plaid, it is not very much at all. Less than 1/4 skein for each color. And maybe 1/2 for the moose parts. Sorry it’s not more precise, I round to the nearest skein, as personal gauge of each crocheter actually affects the yardage a great deal! So less than 1 of each color.

  4. I’m on the 1st part of the antler and I just got confused. Row 7 has enought for 19 stitches but the count is 21. At the end it said to sc 4 there is only two left which makes 19. Please help!

    1. Hm. I wonder if you have an older out-of-date copy? My copy says a count of 19 for row 7. Can you double check? Send me an email: Bethany at whistleandivy dot com

  5. I’ve only ever made blankets and hats. Wondering how hard it would be for me to make this lovey? Do you think I could do it with just basic knowledge of reading simple patterns?

  6. Hello,

    I,m french, I live in Quebec and I discover your websitte

    Thank you for your job it’s so cute !!

    I subscribe to your newsletter and I buy your ebooks. Every models are cute, I fall in love to your job.

    Thank You !!

  7. Is there a way to make the moose head starting with the magic circle? I’m having trouble starting the head with chaining. Thanks

  8. I am really excited to try this pattern. I purchased a pattern and have a question but when I try to reply as invoice says my email says it is undeliverable. Please help!

  9. Hi, I am new to your site. I just love your crochet projects. Thank you for all your free patterns. You have helped me to be able to make some really nice things which helps me as I am on a fixed income and can not afford to purchase patterns or buy books. Thank you for helping me give gifts to my grandchildren. Love your work.