Bring a little magic to your holiday and Christmas Tree with a magic flying key ornament! Made with Palette, a gorgeous fingering weight wool that comes in over 150 colors!
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crochet flying keys Harry Potter DIY ornaments

I have wanted to make magical-themed crochet patterns (specifically magical Christmas-themed) for a long time. I have a running list of ideas but never seemed to make it happen in year’s past.

When I had the simple idea for these crochet magic flying keys a few weeks ago, I decided this year will be the year of the Potter Christmas Tree.
I have already dreamed of having a Harry Potter Christmas tree, but I am a maker (as you are as well) and I wanted to make most of the ornaments. Once I started brainstorming, the ideas just kept coming!
I have so many ideas swirling around; I currently have 3 WIPS and so many more I can’t wait to add to my WIP list.

crochet keys magic flying key diy Harry Potter ornament

I wanted the wings to be thin and light, light fairy wings, so I chose Palette yarn for this project. This is the same yarn I use for my Rustic Crochet Nativity! I used Cream, but I think any light color, even light grays or blues would work wonderfully.

crochet flying keys Harry Potter diy ornaments pattern

This is the first pattern magical pattern in my library, with many more the come.
I have mostly Christmas ideas and Halloween ideas (I feel like the Potterverse holds rich fodder for both holidays!)


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easy crochet magic crochet flying keys Harry Potter ornaments DIY ornaments


What you need:
– 3.5 mm Hook
Palette Fingering Weight in Cream
Brass/bronze Skeleton Keys
Fabric Stiffener
– Foam Brush
– Super Glue

Abbreviations: US Terms
Ch – chain
Sc – single crochet
Hdc – Half Double crochet
Dc – Double Crochet
Sl st – Slip Stitch
St – stitch

Gauge: Not important


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Ch 30.
1. Sl st in 2nd ch from hook. Sc in next 2 chs. Hdc in next ch. Dc in next 2 chs. Tr in next 3 chs. Dc in next 2 chs. Hdc in next ch. Sc in next ch. Sl st in next 3 chs. Sc in next ch. Hdc in next ch. Dc in next 2 chs. Tr in next 3 chs. Dc in next 2 chs. Hdc in next st. Sc in next 2 chs. Sl st in last ch.

Working on other side of the ch: Ch 3. insert hook on the opposite side of last sc (not sl st). Sc in that ch. Sc in next ch. Hdc in next ch. Dc in next 2 chs. Tr in next 3 chs. Dc in next 2 chs. Hdc in next ch. Sc in next ch. Sl st in next 3 chs. Sc in next ch. Hdc in next ch. Dc in next 2 chs. Tr in next 3 chs. Dc in next 2 chs. Hdc in next ch. Sc in next 2 chs. Sl st in last ch.
Tie off.

crochet magic flying keys harry potter themed ornament


From here, you will need to block your wings so they lay nicely, then apply Stiffy.

To wet block, simply mist with water, lay under a cloth and place a book on top to flatten.

Once they are flat enough (you don’t need to wait for them to dry), you can apply Stiffy with a wet foam brush. Gently dab until the piece is lightly dampened. Take particular care that the thin center part is fully saturated. You will need to apply to both the front and back.

For a bent shape, you can droop the wing piece over some folded cardboard to make them bend slightly when dry.

I recommend these keys. I spent some time reading reviews and looking at different choices. I went with these keys because I liked that they weren’t flat on the back, they look like real keys from both side. They also have a loop on the top so they can easily hang from a branch.
I was very pleased when I saw them in person. They are perfect!

brass keys for Harry Potter ornaments

Once your wing piece is dry, you can glue it to the back of your keys with a dab of super glue. I tried hot glue, but it does not adhere very well to the metal keys. All of my hot glued ornaments popped apart very easily, so be sure to use a stronger glue.

To finish, add a loop of yarn or string on the top of your key.

Harry Potter magic flying keys DIY crochet ornaments

So easy! You will want to whip out a few of these!

Happy crochet season y’all! and Merry Christmas!


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  1. Thanks for the beautiful pattern. I love Harry Potter. I’m waiting for the other patterns. Thank you for all your hard work

  2. Thank you for this pattern. My daughter-in-law is obsessed for Harry Potter. I would love to see your other ideas for your tree. I definitely will be making her some of these for her tree!

  3. Just put up the tree today. received keys in the mail. Looks like i might be able to make at least 5 this week to hang on the tree. Thanks for a easy quick pattern. Love Harry Potter and skeleton keys. A big THANK YOU.