These cute crochet flat plaid ornaments are another way to add plaid to your Christmas tree! Use different hook sizes and yarn weights to create different sizes and textures. These would be perfect for neighbor gifts this year!
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Welcome back to PLAID WEEK 2O2O! Todays pattern is a holiday stash buster, flat plaid ornaments!

I am so happy I got the shaping to work on these cute ornaments!
They are a lot of fun to make, they can be made with any hook and any yarn in plaid colors.
I used Heartland for the one on the left, Shine Worsted for the middle, and City Tweed HW for the last one. It’s fun to try out different colors and yarns.

These plaid ornaments could also make quick and easy neighbor gifts this year, pair with some spicy baked goods and you will be golden (except, can we give out home baked goods this year? Hm… 🤔 #covid2020)


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This PDF download also includes instructions to make a bauble plaid ornament as well!


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What you need:
– Size 4mm Hook
– Various yarns from your stash in plaid colors (black, red, wine OR Black, white, gray)

Abbreviations: US Terms
Ch –chain
Sc –single crochet
Hdc – Half Double Crochet
Sl st –Slip Stitch
St – stitch

Gauge: not important, mix up your yarns and hooks get different textures and sizes for your ornaments

This pattern is great for stash busting. Each ornament only uses a few yards of each color so you can use scraps from your stash to make them.
I think this tweed one is my favorite!

What do you think? Too early for Christmas and Holiday projects?

More crochet plaid awesomeness coming up tomorrow! See you soon!


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  1. These sound wonderful, I’ve been looking for something to keep me sane while in rehab (month in hospital flat on my back, after emergency surgery to save my life( 3 surgeries in 4 days)) However I have no way to buy your membership currently, so I’ll have to pass this time. Only have my phone to connect to web, check emails & text my family. Thanks for your great ideas anyway. Hope you have a fun, safe & festive holiday season.

  2. Beth, for some reason I am no longer getting your emails! I’d love to join in on plaid week if we can fix this.
    I love your patterns!!

    1. You can get it in any of my shops (links are at the bottom) or you can join my Endless Bundle membership that gives you access to ALL my patterns and videos for one price!