Ready for warmer weather? The bright colors of this summer crochet wall hanging will bring some warm, happy colors to your space. The crochet wall hanging features the snarky play on words “beach please”!
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Every spring and summer I try really hard to work ahead and get a bunch of winter and fall designs finished. AND every spring and summer I can’t make myself do it! I can’t pull myself away from crocheting fun summer projects.

This cute Beach Please summer crochet wall hanging has been on my to-do list since last year. I originally wanted to use an ombre yarn that melted softly between 4 beachy colors, but I could not find yarn with the right colors. I decided to ditch the ombre idea and go with a bit more retro look of chunky stripes. Now I was able to choose my own palette!
These colors are exactly what I was hoping for: warm colors that are reminiscent of a lazy, summer sunset and cool colors that look like tropical ocean waters.

beachy summer color yarn palette

I have used Dishie, a yarn by WeCrochet, in a few projects before, so it popped into my mind when I was brainstorming yarns for this project. Dishie is 100% cotton, which is really great for wall hangings. I like using cotton because I love the matte look it has; it also doesn’t give or stretch, which is perfect for the longevity of decor projects.
The colors I chose were Conch, Creme Brûlée, Mint, and Kenai, with Linen as the neutral tan color.

beachy colored cotton yarn

I really liked working this project, it includes a bit of colorwork that creates the words, but then it has the ease of simple sc for the chunky stripes. The graph part is simple colorwork and only alternates between 2 colors, so this is perfect for advanced beginners.

crochet beach please color work crochet pattern summer

summer crochet wall hanging crochet pattern

This pretty crochet wall hanging works great anywhere in your house or even on the front porch or front door.

beachy crochet wall hanging crochet pattern crochet modern decor for summer and spring
modern crochet wall hanging crochet pattern for summer and spring


What you need:
4.5 mm Hook
5 Skeins of Dishie: Conch, Creme Brûlée, Mint, Kenai and Linen
– Darning needle
– 12″-14″ length Dowel
– Extra yarn for tassels

Abbreviations: US Terms
Ch – chain
Sc – single crochet
Sl st – Slip Stitch
St – stitch

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  1. Begin with Kenai. Work a ch-less sc foundation of 40 sts. Turn. (40 sts)

2. – 13. Ch 1. Sc in each st across. Turn. (40 sts)
Cut Kenai. Join Mint.

14. – 26. Ch 1. Sc in each st across. Turn. (40 sts)
Cut Mint. Join Linen.

27. – 50. Work graph. Treat each square as a sc. Turn after each row. Begin each round with a ch 1. Work using Linen and Kenai.

Cut Linen and Kenai. Join Creme Brûlée.

51. – 63. Ch 1. Sc in each st across. Turn. (40 sts)
Cut Creme Brûlée. Join Conch.

64. – 76. Ch 1. Sc in each st across. Turn. (40 sts)
Tie off.
You can choose to weave in ends, but this piece has a right and wrong side, so you can choose to simply knot some of the ends on the back to keep them out of the way.


From here, I recommend you block your wall hanging before attaching it to a dowel. The colorwork section may pull in a bit at the sides, so blocking it will help the edges remain clean and straight.

I use a Blockz All, handcrafted by Chetnanigans. Spritz with water before blocking to ensure a lasting effect.

blocking crochet wall hanging
blocking crochet wall hanging

From here, you can add two little tassels in the bottom corners (or add fringe across the bottom)

Then, string a long-ish length of Conch yarn on a darning needle. Work a cast-over stitch across the top row and around your dowel, attaching the fabric to the dowel. Cut another length of yarn, tie both ends to either end of the dowels to hang it from.

crochet wall hanging beachy beach summer crochet wall decor crochet pattern

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  1. Is there a similar or a video for this? I’ve taken my words section apart three times now and it’s showing my carry through very prominent.

    1. Hi Melissa! I don’t have a video, but something you can try is to not carry, simply let it run behind. Because this project has a right and wrong side, it’s okay to have those threads running in the back. Just make sure you run them all on the same side. So for one row you would let it run across the back and then the next row you would let it run across the front so those yarns are always on the back of your piece. Does that make sense?

  2. Very cute, Beth. I grew up by a lake and we always said we were going to the beach. Sand plus water = beach.
    I just made my 1st yarn purchase from WeCrochet. Anxious to receive and get to work on a blanket for my granddaughter.
    Thanks for sharing your talents.