These printable crochet project labels are perfect for keeping your crochet project organized and labeled! Never again will you forget which hook you used on your WIP from last month, or the tips you figured out along the way. Print and cut these crochet project labels to keep one with each of your WIPs so you can stay organized. Another tip: keep your WIPs in sheer bags so you can see exactly what project is in each bag. 
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free printable project labels for crochet projects print and cut

Confession: I definitely have at least 15 (or more) projects going at once.
And though I would like to think that each project is so special that I would never forget the pattern, yarn or hook I was using, I find myself wondering about all those things when I pull out an unknown, half-finished project. Oops!

Sound familiar? Maybe I am the only weirdo who does this.


You’re tired of sifting through complicated tutorials and daunting patterns that leave you feeling overwhelmed.
Let me help.

Picture this:  
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📚 Access to our ENTIRE library of patterns that will buildsyour confidence.
🎁 Gifting handcrafted treasures to be cherished by your loved ones.
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A recent project purge put me over the edge and I decided to whip up some simple labels so I will never again have to frog an entire project due to my ignorance!
These simple crochet project labels have room for all the necessary information as well as the extra space for notes.

free printable crochet project labels PDF

A few years ago I started separating my crochet projects into reusable shopping bags. This was helpful to keep projects separated and contained, but I couldn’t readily see which projects were in each bag. I found myself frequently going through each bag trying to find what I was looking for.

I also stumbled on another idea: Sheer Organza Bags! When I placed my first order with LoveCrafting last year, I was delighted to find they ship the yarn is pretty, sheer bags. I had about four on hand and realized they make perfect project bags. I found a listing on Amazon for a bulk order of 50 and ordered them, hoping they weren’t terribly quality. These were the biggest I could find, but I will stay on the lookout for bigger ones as well.

printable label for crochet projects in sheer bag

If you don’t mind random colors (mine only came with cream, pink, blue, and white), they work perfectly! Between the labels and the sheer bags, I think I am finally going to get my WIPs organized in a somewhat coherent manner.

Join me?
You can order the Organza Bags here on Amazon. 

Download and print you crochet project labels here. 




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  1. OMG! Thank you for “organizing” my thoughts! I usually put project notes on a post-it…but, some how it’s never enough or the right notes. Like most crocheters/knitters I have several WIPs all the time…and this will definitely save me time mentally sorting out and hopefully, the frogging!
    I use Ziploc 2 1/2 Gallon size bags for many of my projects, especially the ones using more than one skein/color of yarn…lots of room for hooks, needles, scissors, rulers, tape…you get the idea.
    Thanks for an awesome website!

  2. These project notes are so timely for me! I just opened an old WIP that had 2 sizes of hools lying in the bag bottom and no pattern for the shawl. And the organza bags are also a good idea. Thank you for these ideas. Now to get my act together & get my WIPs stored in a more organized manner.

  3. Thank you. It’s like you live in my crochet world. Why do I keep starting new projects before finishing another?
    You are so generous to share so many creative ideas.