You love crochet plaid, now learn a new variation: Crochet Tartan! With just a few color stitch  and count tweaks, you can change the technique to traditional tartan plaid. The pattern is similar to my original crochet buffalo plaid technique with some slight changes. You will love working older buffalo plaid patterns with the new crochet tartan color work! This post contains affiliate links, which means I get a small commission if you make a purchase as no extra cost to you. Thanks for your support! 

learn how to crochet tartan plaid technique crochet pattern

With Cubbie’s addition to our family, it’s been a pretty crazy year. I was working on fall projects through the spring and summer, and when I started work on Plaid, I knew I wanted to bring something fresh this year. We love traditional buffalo plaid, but I wanted to create something different. This crochet tartan plaid technique came together much easier than I thought and I love the finished result.

One awesome thing as well is that this crochet tartan plaid technique uses the same stitch count as my original buffalo plaid technique (multiples of 6 for turning rows, multiples of 6 minus 1 for joined rows) so you can convert many of my older patterns to this color design easily.

The technique is slightly different so I have included a photo tutorial.


What I’m using:
7 mm hook
City Tweed Heavy Worsted Yarn 

What I’m working on: Crochet Tartan Plaid Hat 


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 Begin with a project that is in multiples of 6 minus 1. Start your crochet tartan project with your red and wine color. Using your red color, ch  Dc in same st and dc in next 2 sts. This is only 3 sts, but the chain makes it look like 4 sts, so this makes the seam look much nicer.

learn crochet tartan plaid technique

Switch to your wine color. Dc in the next 2 sts.

learn crochet tartan plaid technique

Switch back to your red color. Dc in next 4 sts.

learn crochet tartan plaid technique

You will repeat this color work all around. Join with the first st, not the ch 2.

learn crochet tartan plaid technique

[convertkit form=1044470]

ROW TWO: You will repeat row one. The main squares of the crochet tartan will be 4 dc wide and 2 rows tall, with the thinner stripes running through it.

learn crochet tartan plaid technique

ROW THREE: Pull up your wine color. Ch 2. Dc in same st. Dc in next two sts. This counts as the first 4-st block. Join your dark/black color. Dc in next 2 sts. Switch back to your wine color. Dc in next 4 sts. Repeat the pattern of working 2 dc with your black and 4 with your wine color all around the project. Join with the first st (not the ch 2).
(If you were working in turning rows, you would need to carry your red color through this entire row)

learn crochet tartan plaid technique
learn crochet tartan plaid technique

Repeat the three rows respectively until your project is as tall as you would like. That’s it!

learn crochet tartan plaid technique


The turning rows technique is similar when working turning rows, you just want to make sure that you are carrying your red yarn on row 3 so you have it when you need it the following row. In joined rows, you will just drop the yarn and pick it up at the beginning of the next row.

Isn’t crochet tartan fun?! You can change all the designs from the first Plaid Week to tartan, and most of them from the following years.  I can’t wait to see what your crochet tartan projects!


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  1. Bethany..this is exactly what I’ve been waiting for! I love that tartan look and I am going to try this with greens! Can’t wait! Thanks so much for figuring this all out! I wish I was as clever! Thankyou!