Crocheting will always have my heart, and will always be my favorite things to do with yarn. But, if you are like me, you end up with a bunch of yarn scraps, remnants or small balls that you don’t know what to do with! Throwing it away is definitely off the table, but what? I searched through Pinterest and Google and found some very fun and very clever ideas.Here are 16 yarn ideas to get your creative juices flowing and I am sure you can come up with a bunch more ideas! 

 Crocheting is fun! But sometimes it’s fun to make something different with yarn. Check out 16 Clever Yarn Ideas.


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1. Yarn Scraps Fishtail Braid

Use yarn scraps to put some beautiful color in your braid with this tutorial by A Beautiful Mess. So pretty!

yarn scraps ideas fishtail braid for hair

 2. Yarn Pom-Pom Bookmarks

These simple bookmarks by Design Mom by are such a fun way to keep your place in your book. 

yarn scrap ideas yarn pom-pom bookmarks


 3. Yarn Cross-Stitch Office Supplies

Use yarn to bring color and personality to your boring office supplies with this yarn cross-stitch tutorial by Camille Styles. 

yarn scraps idea cross stitch card holder for home office


4. Yarn Wrapped Letters  

See how My Sister’s Suitcase used brightly colored yarn to wrap letters for some fun decor.

yarn scraps idea yarn wrapped letters


5.  Pom-Pom Rug

This is another fun yarn pom-pom ideas, make a rug! This beautiful rug by Say Yes looks so soft and squishy.

Yarn scraps idea pom-pom rug


6. Yarn Block Prints

Use a length of yarn to make a unique stamp for a modern piece of wall art. Tutorial found at Whip Up. 

Yarn scraps idea yarn wrapped stamp 
7. Yarn Scraps Bird’s Nesting Material

Use your colorful yarn scraps to help out your bird friends with nesting materials at Juniper Moon Farm.

yarn scraps idea bird nest materials


8. Yarn Wrapped Bottles

Recycle some old bottles and create a beautiful piece of decor with these yarn-wrapped bottles by Craft and Creativity. 

yarn scraps idea yarn wrapped bottle


9. Pom-Pom Flowers 

And more pom-poms! These simple and sweet pom-pom flowers at Whistle and Ivy bring some summertime color inside and are so simple and easy to make. 

yarn scraps idea yarn pom-pom dandelion


10. Yarn Wrapped Stick Teepee

Create a beautiful and fun place for children with this yarn wrapped teepee at The Crafty Crow.

yarn scraps idea yarn wrapped teepee


11. Yarn Feathers

These are absolutely gorgeous! Bring some boho vibes to your decor with these beautiful yarn feathers with this tutorial at Infarrantly Creative.

crochet yarn feathers yarn scraps ideas
12. Yarn Chandelier

This yarn chandelier at Wedding Chicks is absolutely gorgeous and simple to make. It would be darling in a little girl’s room. 

Yarn scraps idea yarn chandelier boho style

13. Macrame Yarn Garland

Get the tutorial for this fun and colorful macrame garland at A Beautiful Mess

yarn scraps idea macrame garland
14. Yarn Monsters

These yarn monsters by Eighteen25 are so cute and a fun project for the kids. 

crochet scraps stash buster yarn monsters

 15. Colorful Yarn Macrame Plant holder

This bright colored macrame by Mollie Makes would be a bright addition to your family room or front porch. 

ideas for yarn scraps macrame planter


16. Woven Bangles

These woven bangles by My Poppet are a fun accessory and can easily be customized with your favorite color of yarn. 

yarn scraps ideas yarn bangles
I hope these inspired you! I am digging through my yarn stash once I decide which project to start with!



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  1. Please only use natural yarn scraps for bird nesting materials. Acrylic is plastic and birds can ingest it.

  2. Hi I’m currently working on a Pom Pom rug and need suggestions how to wash it without the Pom pins falling apart. Thanks so much!

    1. Fill up a spray bottle half with hot water, half rubbing alcohol (70 or 91%}. Shake out the rug to remove loose dirt then lay down in bathtub. Get spray bottle and soak the rug. Squirt some dishsoap like dawn, antibacterial and anti grease, on the rug, then slowly fill up the tub until the rug is covered with the hottest possible water. Let that sit til the water is cool enough to touch then push down on the rug and agitate it back and forth while gently finger combing thru the fibers. Don’t bend it or pull it. The water will probably be dirty by now, so drain the tub, and then fill it back up with clean warm water. Agitate it gently then drain again. Repeat this, until the water is clean and soap free. Do a final rinse with cold water..a removable shower head helps with this process if you have it. Now gently roll up the rug and press on side of tub to get out extra water. Hang it over the side of the tub to air dry, or drape over something outside to dry in the sun. That’s how I cleaned mine 2 times so far with no damage. So hope that helps. :)

  3. I can hardly wait to try most of these yarn crafts! Very creative and inspiring! Thanks so much Bethany.