Did you know you can create crochet that looks like buffalo plaid? You can! With simple crochet stitches and strategic color changes, you can create beautiful crochet buffalo plaid. This post will teach you how to crochet buffalo plaid basics, gives you free crochet patterns using the buffalo plaid technique AND if you are ready to take your skills up a notch, you can enroll in the Learn Crochet Plaid online course! This course can be purchased as a stand-alone product OR you can join the ENDLESS Makers Community , our vibrant community of passionate crocheters will support you on your crochet journey, while you enjoy the entire Whistle and Ivy pattern library. This post includes affiliate links, which means I get a small commissions if you make a purchase using one of my links (with zero cost to you!). Thanks for your support! 


I love when the air turns a bit chilly. It’s still comfortable to be outside but you get to break out your long-forgotten hats and scarves. Crunchy leaves and crisp air means fall is around the corner, and fall, to me, mean buffalo plaid! Did you know you can crochet buffalo plaid? Making plaid in crochet is easier than you think, it’s created by simple color changes. Don’t be intimidated by the use of three colors, this is an easy technique and I have also figured out a way to keep the yarns from getting tangled.  Despite what you may think, there aren’t tons of ends to weave in, and carrying the yarn is not difficult or scary. 

You CAN crochet plaid!


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What you need:

Picking colors: 

To make the crochet buffalo plaid, or the plaid stitch, you need a minimum of three colors: a dark, a light and a mid. To work a classic buffalo plaid color scheme, you need red(light), black(dark) and maroon(mid). This is my suggestion for classic buffalo plaid, but you can make your items in any colors you want! 
Some of my favorites: 
 Knit Picks Brava Worsted in Red, Black and Wine. 

Lion Brand Wool Ease in Ranch Red, Cranberry and Black

Red Heart Soft in Cherry Red, Wine and Black 

Working with 4 colors:

Additionally, you can make crochet plaid with four colors like with this pink plaid hat. You will do the same technique as with three colors, but you will need a light, a dark and two mid colors. It works well with an ombre color scheme. The first row will alternate between the light and mid #1, and the next row will alternate between the dark and mid #2, with the mid colors kitty-corny from each other. 

(Get the pretty Furl Candy Shop Hook here). 

how to crochet buffalo plaid with four colors
pink gingham hat with white fur pom-pom free crochet pattern

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Plaid Stitch Join Update: 

After my first yearn of plaid, I came up with a new way to join The Plaid Stitch in the joined rounds. The method for the plaid stitch will be the same, you will work the rounds with one less stitch and join into the beginning chain. Watch how to do this small change here: 

Crochet Plaid Photo Tutorial:

The Plaid stitch is worked in multiples of 6 (minus one if you are working in the round). To make the plaid stitch, start with your mid color. Work 2 dc. Begin a 3rd dc, but before you pull the final loop through the last two loops on your hook, drop your mid and pull through with black.  Carry the wine through the next 3 stitches. Work 2 dc with black. Finished 3rd dc with wine. You will alternate the first row between black and wine for the first row of the pattern you are working. Join with a sl st using the color you will begin with on the next row. 

Crochet Buffalo Plaid - Learn how to make Buffalo Plaid with crochet! Using simple color changes, you can achieve this classic look!

For the next row, you will be alternating between your mid color and light color. Make sure the light and dark squares are kitty-corner and the mid squares are kitty corner. When you join the rows, make sure to use the color you will be starting the nest row with. 

Crochet Buffalo Plaid - Learn how to make Buffalo Plaid with crochet! Using simple color changes, you can achieve this classic look!

You will continue alternating between the mid/dark row and the mid/light row until your piece is your desired size.

Crochet Plaid in Turning Rows

Making the plaid stitch in turned rows is just as easy and working the plaid stitch in joined rounds. You can either work a ch 2 and dc in the same stitch to start, or your can count the ch 2 as your first st.  You also need to remember to carry all the yarn through each row (the yarn you are alternating, and the yarn you aren’t using at all) so it’s on the other side when you need it. 

Larger Plaid Blocks: 

You can also make the plaid technique using larger blocks. This is especially helpful when working in turning rows, as it can eliminate the need to carry the unused yarn through the row so you have it when it need it. To do this, make sure the size of your squares in an even number (2, 4, 6 rows high). 

You can see how the larger blocks look in the Sheepskin Lined Cowl, which uses blocks that are 12 x 5, meaning 12 stitches wide and 5 rows tall. Because you are working in joined rows, you don’t need to work in even rows because you can simply drop the yarn and pick it back up when you need it. 

Or the Plush Plaid Blanket


Crochet Plaid Video Tutorial:

Clear as mud?
It is a bit confusing to read how to crochet plaid,  so that is why I made a video! The technique is much easier to understand when you get to see it in real time.  In the video I demonstrate both joined rounds and turning rows, and I also explain a neat trick for keeping your yarn from getting tangled. It’s a lifesaver, tangled yarn turns a fun, relaxing project into a frustrating mess! Be sure to take a few minutes and watch it. 

Watch below: 

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  1. I love your buffalo plaid patterns. I am looking for a buffalo plaid 18 month old pattern for my great nephew. I bought him a jacket and would like to crochet a hat for him so he can look like his Dad. Can you help me with this. Thank you for your wonderful patterns!