This darling crochet surface crochet cowl uses faux fur yarn to create a unique patterned trim! Perfect for fall and winter, this crochet cowl is sure to keep your chin and neck cozy and warm. This post also contains affiliate links, thanks so much for your support!

faux fur crochet cowl stripe surface crochet free crochet pattern

Do you have a favorite “too pretty” yarn that has been sitting in your stash for a while? This gorgeous gray Chroma Twist has been sitting on my shelf for far too long and I decided it was time to turn those hanks into a scrumptious and cozy fall accessory.

What do you think?

crochet cowl faux fur crochet pattern free surface crochet pattern

You guys know I love gray. This color features a lovely, moody ombre that moves from charcoal to light gray and back. (called “Wednesday” 😆)

The gray on gray with the fur is beautiful in my opinion but I think a bright, contrasting color would be wonderful as well.

The fun thing about this crochet cowl is that you can completely change the look by using different yarns to make the stripes. I made a sampler with a few different yarn variations (scroll down to see them). I think all of them would work and create a completely different looks.


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The effect is created by surface crochet. I am excited to show this technique to those of you who haven’t tried it yet. It’s EASY and has an amazing look.

Watch the video here.


What you need:
8mm Hook
2 Hanks Chroma Twist Bulky Weight in favorite color
1 Skein Fable Fur
Large Eye Plastic Darning Needle

Abbreviations: US Terms
Ch – chain
Sc – single crochet
Dc – Double Crochet
Sl st – Slip Stitch
St – stitch

Gauge: 8 sc = 3″ long

SIZE: approx. 22″ circumference, 16″ tall.


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Ch 1 does not count. Always work the first st in the same st as the chain and always join with the first st, not the chain.

This project requires 2 skeins, so try to join your second skein in a way that makes the color look seamless.

1. Begin with a chainless sc foundation that is 22″ long, 66 sts. Count does not matter a great deal here, just make sure it’s in multiples of 2. Join with first st.

2. Ch 1. *Hdc in next st. Ch 1. Sk next st* repeat for the entire round. Join with first st.

3. Ch 1. Sl st into next ch-1 space. Ch 1. *Hdc into ch-1 sp. Ch 1.* repeat for the entire round. Join with first st.

4. Ch 2. Reach backward and work a Hdc in last ch-1 sp of previous row. Ch 1. *Hdc in next ch-1 sp. Ch 1* repeat for the entire round. Join with first st. (make sure you don’t work in the final ch-1 sp because you already worked in that one at the beginning of the round.

5. – 32. To keep the seam from wandering left to right, you will repeat row 4 twice, then repeat row 3. Then repeat row 4 twice, following by repeating row 3 until you reach 32 total rows.

Weave in both ends.

easy chunky crochet cowl
stitch texture

You can see you have lovely diagonal holes, ready for your surface crochet.

difference surface crochet yarn textures crochet cowl

I wasn’t quite sure which yarns I wanted to use so I put a few different rows onto the cowl. Honestly, I think each of these yarns would look amazing!
Ultimately because of the unique, cozy look I wanted it to have, I went with fur yarn but I still think any of these yarns would be so lovely on this cowl.

Yarns from left to right:
Chroma Twist (Pixie) , Tuff Puff (Marina), Fable Fur (Lapin), Biggo (Bare)

To add the stripes (which ever yarn you choose), you will work a surface slip stitch from the top to the bottom.

See a video for how to work a surface sl st here.

I worked each row about 6 sts apart.

faux fur yarn trim crochet cowl free crochet pattern

From here, weave in the tails of the fur yarn (or whichever yarn you chose) by treading onto a large-eye plastic darner needle and weaving it back into the slip stitches. Weave them each in well and snip the ends.

I haven’t made too many cowls in the past, (I have a few) but I think my main mistake has been not making it narrow enough to snug around the neck, and not making it long enough! Seriously, the longer it is, the cozier it is!
You do you, make it as long as you like it to be!

faux fur trim crochet cowl free crochet pattern surface crochet ideas
fall crochet pattern free crochet pattern cowl with faux fur detail surface crochet
surface crochet cowl with faux fur yarn free crochet pattern fall accessories

I love my new surface crochet cowl!

Happy crochet season y’all!


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