These darling stash busting totes feature a clever play on words ” ‘stache bustin’ and a hand-drawn mustache made of yarn! This yarn tote is made with high quality thick canvas, so feel free to stuff this bag to the brim with all your crochet and knit essentials. The bag graphic was designed by me, and brought to life by my talented and skilled graphic designer. They are professionally screen-printed at a local shop in Utah.  

yarn tote with mustache stash busting bag

These yarn totes have actually been a long time coming.

I have about six crochet designs sitting on my computer that I have been unsure what to do with. Crocheters are a loyal bunch. We are absolutely proud to wield a hook even if our friends and family don’t always understand. We have bumper stickers with skeins of yarn and we wear hook-shaped jewelry, and we all think we need more yarn, even though our storage is absolutely bursting at the seams.

I love that about our crochet community.  I wanted to create some fun products that crocheters would be proud to have and love to show off, because we are a yarn-loving, loyal bunch.

cute trendy yarn tote with mustache stash busting bag


This particular design was commissioned by my husband’s brother, who is a talented and skilled artist. He took my crude explanation and created something more perfect than I could have imagined. Our local screen printing shop also did a great job.  The color is a touch off than I intended, but the design is looks beautiful on the thick, natural colored canvas.

gentlemen mustache yarn tote canvas bag for crochet and knit


Because this is a brand new thing for Whistle and Ivy and I wasn’t sure whether you guys would be keen on the idea, I only have a handful of these yarn totes available (one less if I decide to keep one myself, which I kind of do). If you want one, be sure to snag it up and let me know what you think.

Snag one for you and your best yarn friend in my Etsy shop!

Have a request? Let me know!


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  1. Hi Bethany – Whistle & Ivy is one of my favorite crochet blogs. I have done many of your patterns and also enjoy just reading about your family. :-) I love, love the design on the bag. I’m really interested in these even though, I already have SO MANY bags with crochet projects or yarn “stached” in them (see what I did there? LOL!). I would suggest doing these on a bag with longer handles (to put over your shoulder). I’m super interested in your other designs, too… AND T-shirts! Awesome!

  2. So cute! You should definitely go for it with all your ideas. Can’t wait to see what else you have in mind!

  3. I am an avid follower of Whistle and Ivy all the way from New Zealand and each subscribed email I get… I open and read !!! Really enjoy each pattern idea, your inspirations and the entrepreneurial side of your passion for crochet x Keep those creative juices going

    1. Thank you so much Hayley! What a sweet thing to read first thing in the morning. Thank you so much for following along with me, it means so much.

  4. That is so amazing! I think I will totally be trying my luck at trying to purchase one tomorrow! I’m in love!!! I would also love more. Hopefully you ship to Canada!!!