If you are on my email list, you are probably wondering why my recents emails are peppered with excuses about why the blog has been a bit lacking in patterns and projects lately (“not feeling well” has been a common theme as of late 😂).

I am definitely not one to make excuses about missed deadlines (or do appropriate self-care for that matter), but I will tell you, a few days weeks the last couple months have had me flat on my back (and with my face over the toilet).

But it’s not all bad news…

We have a little tiebreaker coming at the end of September! Heaven help me as I try to pull of Plaid Week with a newborn this year but I am determined to go against my very nature…and get stuff done ahead of time.

Even though I have so many ideas for summer this year, I am going to focus as much time as I can manage on getting Plaid Week 2019, Crochet Season 2019 (Fall!) and Holiday stuff ready to go later this year. (I have ONE more big project launching soon, but more on that later). Where there is a will, there is a way!

I cannot express how much I have appreciated your support through ever single twist and turn Whistle and Ivy has taken.  It’s been beyond humbling and each day I can’t believe I am blessed with such a loving and supportive community.

I will try my best to not let you down ❤️

If you are interested, here is the video of us telling our kids. It think they are pretty excited! We are thinking we should have waited a bit longer, Sis asked me every day if it’s time 😅

P.S. It’s been quite a few years since I have had babies! Any fantastic must-have baby gear I should know about?

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  1. Congrats Bethany. I do have a question on the blanket for the CAL lovey. Because it uses 4 colors are they supposed to be carried loose behind the blanket or what? Any help you can give me is appreciated.

    1. You will only be using two colors at a time, and you will be alternating, so you will carry the unused yarn in the stitch as you go. I have a link to a video showing how to carry the yarn and how to read the graph.

  2. Congratulations Bethany!
    I’m Very Excited for You, Your Beautiful Family and Your soon to be new addition!
    Your children’s reaction to the news is priceless! Thank you for sharing your memory.
    Take care of yourself that’s Most Important!
    Enjoy this precious time with your family. Time flys by So Very Quickly.
    Thank You for Everything You Graciously share with “Your Crocheting Tribe”
    Big Hugs!
    ps. It has been 23 years since my last baby was born so I, also, don’t have any baby stuff to share. I remember my best baby item was my Double Baby Jogger stroller. I pushed so many miles with that wonderful piece of baby gear that I plum wore the tires bald. I replaced them with all terrain tires and continued on pushing for many more years. :-D!

    1. Thank you so much Susan! Oh I definitely need one of the those! I had the luxury of time with my last baby (only having one other child), this time we will be on the go all the time!

  3. Congratulations !!! Seriously you never let us down…this time is for you . There are more than enough of your patterns out there that we can keep ourselves busy with ! Thanks for sharing your news and the video of the kids ! :-)

  4. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Babies are THE BEST! I hope everything I see going perfectly. As for you “not letting us down” … ppppfffffffwwww…. You grow a happy, healthy baby and take care of you and the family and there’s no way you could let us down.

    My middle daughter is doing pretty much the same thing at her house; little girl’s about to turn 6, little boy is about to turn 4 and growing the tie breaker due mid August.


  5. Congratulations ! Don’t worry about new stuff – sounds like you have a full plate already. I’m sure between showers and gifts you will get All the latest things. Pray you feel better soon.

  6. Congratulations Beth! I have no advice on what’s happening these days. My babies are 30 years old now, but I do have a 15 month old granddaughter. Oh..there are lots of new things out there now that I never heard of. Sleep sacks, swaddling…Stuff that I got along without just fine..lol..Your kiddo’s reaction was cute!

    1. Congragulations Bethany, your baby and I have the same horoscope Ithink 💟💟💟💟 your children are beautiful ,take care yourselves.

  7. Congratulations!!! Two recommendations for your new bundle of joy is Copper Pearl products and a Dockatot. Copper Pearl carries the softest swaddles. They also have a great 5 in one wrap and cute bibs.
    Thank u for the CAL. It will be my first ever.