This darling crochet mini stocking advent calendar is perfect for counting down to your favorite holiday or to Christmas. Make 24 of these cute mini crochet stockings and one large one to complete your crochet advent calendar. Place a treat or small gift in each stocking and enjoy the countdown. The pattern includes 10 design variations for the crochet mini stockings and one slightly larger stocking. This post contains affiliate links which means I get a small commission if you make a purchase as no extra cost to you. Thanks for your support!

cute mini crochet stockings crochet pattern

Getting out our crochet stocking advent calendar has been one of my kids’ favorite holiday traditions. This year (since apparently my kids are not as addicted to sugar as I am) we used their leftover Halloween candy to stuff each stocking! They even helped, picking out their favorites. It was very fun.

crochet mini stocking advent calendar crochet pattern


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The PDF pattern includes 10 variations of these tiny mini stockings, plus one larger Christmas Day stocking, and also includes the instructions for the hook board.

I made a full set of plaid, but I also have a set of the mixed variations, so I love to change it up each year.

Using the unique patterns, you can make 24 of these darling little stockings for your crochet advent calendar!
I also added a slightly larger stocking to the very bottom as the final day (you can choose to simply count down to Christmas Eve, which is also a popular choice)

cute crochet mini stockings advent countdown calendar Christmas holiday crochet pattern


What you need:

Please remember: You are free to use this pattern to make and sell, but do not republish or distribute this pattern in any way. Please DO NOT use my photos in your listings

What you need:
– Size H Hook
– Medium Weight Yarn in two colors (Knit Picks Brava) 5 skeins total to complete all 24
– Yarn Needle


Get ebook that includes all 10 stocking patterns in my shop: Where would you like to shop today?

I also whipped up a couple of the DAY 5 stockings in magical “house” colors and made them into ornaments! How fun is this!

You can get the Day 5 striped stocking with the house color notations in my shop here:

Whistle and Ivy Shop

You can hang them any way you like (this darling wooden tree is a good option!) but I made a hook board for mine. You can see the tutorial for it here. 

Be sure to share your version on Instagram! (tag @whistleandivy)

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      1. Trying the red & white striped one- round 3, after the last sc in last st (21sts) do I join with beg st??? Or just work in the round??

  1. Hi, I love this project! I just started today. I’m wondering though, about how big are your little stockings? I tend to have a tight stitch and I feel like mine came out small.

    1. More I think about it though maybe it’s my yarn….it’s worsted I think but Vanna’s which might be thicker than what you used

  2. Love this pattern!

    One question though — in working the heel when you say sc2 in row a and hdc 3 in row b are they in worked in the same stitch or consecutive?

    Thank you so much for a great project. :)

  3. Could you tell me what size crochet hook this would be in the UK??? I would love to start this project for my nieces.


  4. For some reason I seem to be gaining stitches. Could you clarify for me if I *count* the ch 1. Not sure where I get off. Thanks.

    1. Don’t count the chain, and join with the first st. If you prefer to count the ch, just don’t work the sc in the same st, and your counts should work out.

      1. ON step 9….it states to crochet 8 and then 3 up the heel….this leaves us with a hole and 5-6 stitches left???? All of the patterns read the same way in the heel area. What are we doing different than the rest.

          1. yes we do. I have tried several times and we always end up needing extra stitiches. or we have a hole.

          2. For row 9, you aren’t working into stitches the entire time because of the heel. You start in the 2nd hdc (or the hdc to the far left). You will ch 1, and work a sc in same st (1 st), work 3 more down,(4 sts) spacing them as evenly as possible, you won’t be working into sts here, just find a space and work into it. Then, sc in the next UNWORKED st on the stocking(5 sts) From here, you have 8 more unworked stitches around (13 sts). After working 8, you should have worked in all the unworked sts, and are back at the other side of the heel. Work 3 sts up the other side, resulting in a total of 16 sts for the round, and you will join with the BEGINNING ST, not the chain. The chain doesn’t count as a stitch since you worked a sc in same st in the beginning.

        1. Thats exactly what ive ended up with. Ive attempted 2 seperate stockings and once ive finished the heel it just goes wrong. I will now try again and this time i wont count the chain and hopefully it will work.