Will you be joining use for Plaid Week this year? We will be featuring NEW Whistle and Ivy patterns, as well as YOUR beautiful plaid projects! Join us!

It’s hard to believe it’s already fall.
So far, 2022 has been both a challenging year and a year for great personal growth (I think those things go hand-in-hand pretty often). I have resisted change terribly, which simply resulted in further frustration and suffering… but I have decided to swim with the avalanche 🤣

Because of the unpredictability of my current schedule, I won’t have materials or even project titles to share with you, as I am still unsure what I will be able to complete in time! But I promise I am working every minute I can spare, and I am hoping you will love this year’s projects.

Also, I enjoyed so much sharing your plaid projects last year, I think it will be a permanent feature of Plaid Week for the foreseeable future.
Interested in submitting your project? Get the details here.


⭐️ Dates: Nov. 16 – Nov. 22
⭐️At least THREE new plaid patterns
⭐️Daily Shares of your beautiful plaid work!

Am I missing something? Let me now if there is something you would like to see this year! Leave me a comment below with your ideas!

Can’t wait to see you there!


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  1. Thank you so much for Plaid Week, it is always so much fun. I cannot seem to find pattern #6. I received emails for the first 5 but not #6. Did I miss something? Thanks.

  2. Thanks for the inspiration. Previously from your plaid patterns made a Buffalo plaid infinity scarf. This week a link in the text directed me to your plaid pumpkins and created one this weekend. Great for Thanksgiving.

  3. I’m doing the happy plaid week dance!!! And I’m doing the plaid week cheer!!! Even Ellen is wearing plaid! And then next is the addition to our nativities!!!! “It’s the most wonderful time of the year!”

  4. I have the previous years plaid week projects. So fun! I bought some blues to do my favourite colour in plaid!! I can’t wait for next week!!

  5. Oh man. I’m looking forward to the plaid mittens. I made my older brother the plaid hat for Christmas last year and he loved it. I thought some plaid mittens would be nice to go with the hat. Can’t wait!

  6. It looks like fun. I sure would like to PRINT the lists and details to take to the store with me so I can make sure I have it all on hand.

  7. I have a question, I bought your Plaid collection several years ago, is the ladies plaid hat come in children’s sizes?

    1. Yes! I have updated it, if you bought it on Ravelry, you should have received an update, but if you got it on Etsy, you have the older version (etsy doesn’t provide a way for me to send updates). Send me an email I will get the newest copy to you!

  8. Hey Beth!!
    Just wanted to say hello on here and say how thankful I am for you!! I absolutely LOVE plaid! And I LOVE plaid week so much!! I’ve looked forward to this since the beginning and I know you just had another baby and I’m super thankful you found the time and inspiration to do it again!! I’m over the moon and I am so happy to see your family growing and new plaid patterns to enjoy!!! Thank You so much!!!!

  9. Is the Charcoal Heather (for the afghan) really called just Charcoal? Joann’s doesn’t have one with the Heather name combined with Charcoal.

  10. On the list for the stocking do you mean 1 black for the last on list? You have 1 Red 2X’s?
    Thanks so much!