Hey everyone! Welcome to Day 1 of the Solar System CAL. For all the details, you can read more here. For those of you who already know how to work a c2c, this day will be very simple for you! For those who are new to c2c (corner to corner), this day will only be slightly less simple as you take a few minutes and learn how to c2c.

I designed the squares in the CAL to get gradually less simple so you can learn as you go. Today is the most simple, and makes up the corners of the afghan. There will be no color changes, so it’s perfect for learning.

I thought about doing a photo tutorial, but it’s just weird to try and learn without seeing it in action. I made a short video, watch it below:

For today’s part of the CAL,  make FOUR plain squares using your background color. Your square should be 16 x 16.
When you are finished, work a simple sc border, working 3 sc in each corner.

How to read a C2C pattern:

The pattern for a C2C is written differently than most crochet patterns. The pattern indicates how many squares of each color to work. Technically, you can work the pattern with the graph only, but  the written numbers and letters are quite helpful.
First, the pattern will indicate the abbreviations for each color:
B= Blue

Then, the written pattern would follow. This is how a C2C written pattern would read: (keep in mind, the rows going diagonally, starting at the bottom left.
1. 1R
2. 2R
3. 1R, 1B, 1R
From here you would be halfway done, and make your decreases.
4. 2R
5. 1R

I will explain in greater detail on day 2 when we are adding a second color. For now, focus on learning the C2C technique!


Find the patterns here:

Share your work in our Facebook Community!  Can’t wait to see your version!

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  1. Hello. Planning to make one for my nephew. Beautifully explaned. Very easy to understand. Thanks a lot for this.

  2. I know that you shared this pattern years ago. But I wanted to share with you that this was the hardest but most rewarding project I’ve ever done. The C2C stitch was new to me. Learning this and then life in general taught me patience. It taught me so much more than just a new stitch. I wish I could figure out how to share a picture. But please know that it turned out beautiful and fits my son’s queen size bed and he loves it! Thank you so much!

  3. HI Bethany, I am finally working on your Solar System CAL. Your instructions state the squares should be 16 x 16. Is that rows or inches? Thanks for help & the free pattern!


  4. I may have missed something in the pattern, does it say somewhere how big the finished squares should be? Also, what should I do if my squares are different sizes, can I make them work?

  5. First time trying c2c, you have great direction in the video, thanks for that.
    But my square only measures 11 in. Will this matter or before I get to far do I use a bigger hook and see if it turns out larger?

  6. I’m new to the C2C, so I have a couple questions. First off I noticed that on day 2 it says to single crochet around…do I need to do this for the day 1 square too? And also how do you sew in all the tails when you change colors? Thank you for your time!

    1. Whoops! Yes sc around each square in the CAL. You would weave them in the same way you would weave tails in on any project. Back and forth into the same color to hide the stitching.

      1. Hi… do you have a method for sc around the squares or a video link u could share? I’ve seen several different methods and want to make sure I am flowing what u did since i already have the yarn and do t want to run out.

  7. I learned to c2c a little different, so my squares are bigger than yours but still fun. Will there be graphs for the other squares?

  8. Thanks for making this awesome cal available! This is my first time following along and doing a corner to corner. So excited! I’m already done with two of my squares. Your instructions are great! Looking forward to the future installments.