Welcome back friends! Today we are going to dive into making the next pattern in the C2C Solar System CAL,  the small planets. Even though Pluto was downgraded to a dwarf planet, I decided to still include it in the Solar System. You could say this afghan isn’t totally scientifically correct.

Solar System C2C CAL Day Two - Today's pattern is the small planets! Watch the video and learn how join a second color in your C2C square and read a graph.

Today is another big day. I promise after today, you don’t be making so many squares for each pattern. I am planning on giving you the rest of the week off to get them done, possibly longer if you feel you need it!

Today we are going to add some color. 
The graph is for Venus, but you will be using the same graph for all the other small planets, just substitute the different colors for each square. You will make FIVE of this square, each one representing the five smaller planets: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Earth and Pluto. 

I made the background of the graph white for easier printing, so keep in mind that your background should be your main color (unless, of course, you chose white!). 

I have included a video explaining the color changes and how to read the graph. Remember, the numbers in the written indicate the number of squares to work, not stitches. 

Watch the video here:

Solar System C2C CAL Day Two - Today's pattern is the small planets! Watch the video and learn how join a second color in your C2C square and read a graph.


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Small Planets C2C Pattern 

G= Gray
R = Red (or other colors you chose for the other planets)

Increasing Rows: 

1. 1G
2. 2G
3. 3G
4. 4G
5. 5G
6. 6G
7. 7G
8. 8G
9. 9G
10. 10G
11. 4G, 3R, 4G
12. 4G, 4R, 4G
13. 4G, 5R, 4G
14. 4G, 6R, 4G
15. 5G, 5R, 5G
16. 5G, 6R, 5G

Decreasing Rows: 

17. 5G, 5R, 5G
18. 4G, 6R, 4G
19. 4G, 5R, 4G
20. 4G, 4R, 4G
21. 4G, 3R, 4G
22. 1oG
23. 9G
24. 8G
25. 7G
26. 6G
27. 5G
28. 4G
31. 1G

Finish by working a row of sc all around the square. Tie off. 

Get the other squares here: 

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See you soon! 



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  1. Ok I guess I am still in the 60’s when I learned to crochet, but what do the abbreviations C2C and CAL stand for?

    1. Hi Jo Ann! C2C means corner to corner, and is a crochet technique for making graphs. CAL stands for Crochet Along! Its when the patterns are released one day and a time and we all work on them together.

    1. I tried, but Earth is basically only 8 “pixels” big, so it just looked messy. But I am interested to see if anyone else can make it work!

      1. I tried a varigated yarn with blues and greens but didn’t care for it so I frogged it. Think I will stick with a medium blue. Thank you Bethany for this pattern, I have a Grandson who is interested in everything outer space.

  2. Hiya! Loving the CAL so far! Would it be possible to get a PDF of the graphs for easier printing?

  3. In your CAL notes you show multiple colors for some of the planets. Can we see your squares or can you tell us which colors and where exactly you’ve used them?