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This summer has been so lovely! Sis (now 8 months old!) absolutely loves being outside. She loves the leaves, and loves sitting on the grass. She will sit content in the warm breeze for a very long time, looking at the sky and watching all the things happening around her. And The Boy practically lives in his sandbox.  I have had to up my vacuuming frequency to compensate for the sand I am finding everywhere. But I am so glad to have dirty, outside kids. Since summertime isn’t the time for thick, cozy baby shoes, I decided I would make some new baby barefoot sandals. These summer flower baby barefoot sandals literally take about 15 minutes to make, and are SO cute and comfy for baby. They are made with elastic yarn thread, so they are squishy, stretchy and wonderful. I made a headband with it last year, and I love the stretchy results. 


Free Crochet Pattern - Summer Flower Baby Barefoot Sandals | Perfect stretchy and comfy little sandals for baby feet

When working with elastic thread, it’s important to let the thread come out on its own. DO NOT pull it out and give yourself slack. You want your elastic thread to be taut, and your yarn to be loose. Your finished pieces will look different than you are used to because the thread scrunches everything together, but they look very nice when they are worn. 

Free Crochet Pattern - Summer Flower Baby Barefoot Sandals | Perfect stretchy and comfy little sandals for baby feet


Summer Flower Baby Barefoot Sandals

Green Sandal: (Start with Green)

Work with your green yarn and elastic thread together:
1. Ch 22. Sl st into the first ch, forming a loop.

2. Working through the chains in your circle:
Ch 1. Sc in same st. Sc 4. Ch 17 (forming the second loop). Sl st into the beginning of loop, forming a second circle. The two circles will be attached at the middle by your 5 sc sts. Tie off.

Free Crochet Pattern - Summer Flower Baby Barefoot Sandals | Perfect stretchy and comfy little sandals for baby feet

Free Crochet Pattern - Summer Flower Baby Barefoot Sandals | Perfect stretchy and comfy little sandals for baby feet

Flower: (Start with brown)

Start with magic ring.

Sc 8 in ring. Join with a sl st. Tie off.
Join Pink:

Ch 1. Sc in same st. *Ch 4. Sl st in first ch. Hdc in next ch. Sc in last ch. Sc in next st on circle. * work 8 times (You should have 8 petals). 

Join at the beginning with a sl st.

Free Crochet Pattern - Summer Flower Baby Barefoot Sandals | Perfect stretchy and comfy little sandals for baby feet


Finish by weaving in all your ends, and hot gluing the flower to the sandal at the top, where the rings meet. 

The plain sandal is pretty cute by itself, I am going to spend the weekend making cute things to put on top, and I will share them with you soon. Sis has been wearing hers for several hours and they are staying put perfectly! 



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Happy crocheting!





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  1. after I chain 17 where do I slip stitch the pattern says the beginning of loop does that mean the beginning sc?

  2. would these still be functional without the elastic yarn thread? I, too, am having a hard time finding it anywhere. I also haven’t found any other patterns that use it or websites that really mention it or how it should be used. What do you think? Would these sandals still be fine without the elastic? Thanks!!

    1. You can definitely try, but the elasticity makes them come on and off easy. Did you follow the link under the materials section? I posted a link to where you can buy it. I think knitters use it more to make tube socks stretchy, but I love using it to make crochet stretchy as well.

      1. Thanks for the quick response. I did see that knit picks has it relatively cheap, but shipping is $4 I believe. So it would be about $10 for that spool. I called our local yarn shops and neither carry it, Amazon only carries in black (and for nearly $10). Another brand in Amazon was about the same. I think we (it’s for a friend) decided we would try without and see how it goes, before spending that much for the elastic thread. I hope it’s not too difficult! its too bad that it’s not readily available! Thanks again for your quick response! I can’t wait to try the pattern out.

  3. I was hoping to make these for my daughter and I was wondering what brand of regular yarn you are using with the elastic yarn? I want good colors!
    Thanks! Love your work!

  4. I am a begginner andlove yuor videos. I’m no sure what “elastic yarn” is and have never used it. How do use along with the yarn?

    1. Thank you! It’s elastic yarn thread. You crochet with two strands: one strand of yarn, and one strand of the elastic. It’s very thin so you can’t really see it when you are done. It takes a bit of practice, so maybe make a long chain until you get the hang of using both of them. Make sure you keep your yarn loose, but a tight tension on the elastic to get the maximum stretchiness.

      Here is the yarn thread I use on Amazon:

      1. Love these! Super cute! This option for yarn thread is not longer available…only in black. Is elastic thread the same as elastic yarn thread? Do you have an alternative?

        1. Thank you! No, sadly that isn’t the same thing. You can probably make it work, but you will be able to see the thread. Yarn thread is like an extremely thin elastic thread. So thin you can’t hardly see it when you work with it. Let me see if I can find it somewhere and update the link. But if you decided to use elastic thread, I would be interested if it works!

        2. Oh dear, I can’t seem to find it. I will keep looking, I don’t know of any alternative that would be invisible. I know my local Joann carries it, but I am having a heck of a time finding white online.

    1. Maybe! I am planning on posting several other styles over the next few days ( I have been having a blast making different embellishments), so after that I can post a few for sale, and you can have a bigger selection.