Welcome back to the CAL! I hope you are enjoying learning how to C2C and make these fun graphs. Today is Day Seven of the Solar System C2C Crochet Along, and we are adding a C2C Rocket Ship (two actually) square to our blanket. Isn’t it cute? 

C2C Solar System Blanket - Make the C2C Rocket Ship Square, a fun addition to your Space-themed crochet blanket!

Today you will learn a bit about carrying colors, but it’s very similar to “bringing a color down”, which you did in the Large Planet Squares, when your color is a few blocks above where you need to work the next block. I am hoping it will be a smooth learning process for you!

I actually had two similar designs that I made for the spaceship. I settled on one, but when I went back to create the second one, I must have looked at the second graph I made because my second square is slightly different. I didn’t even notice until I pulled them all out in preparation to sew them all together. Whoops!

C2C Solar System Blanket - Make the C2C Rocket Ship Square, a fun addition to your Space-themed crochet blanket!

Spaceship C2C Pattern 

(Make TWO)


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Increasing Rows:
1. 1G
2. 2G
3. 3G
4. 4G
5. 5G
6. 3G, 2R, 1Y
7. 1G, 2R, 4G
8. 4G, 3R, 1G
9. 2G, 2R, 5G
10. 4G, 4R, 2G
11. 1Y, 6R, 4G
12. 4G, 7R, 1G
13. 1G, 8R, 4G
14. 5G, 7R, 2G
15. 2G, 5R, 1W, 2R, 5G
16. 5G, 1B, 1R, 2W, 2R, 5G

Decreasing Rows: 

17. 4G, 3R, 1W, 1R, 2B, 4G
18. 4G, 2B, 4R, 4G
19. 4G, 3R, 3B, 3G
20. 3G, 3B, 2R, 4G
21. 5G, 4B, 2G
22. 1G, 4B, 5G
23. 9G
24. 8G
25. 7G
26. 6G
27. 5G
28. 4G
29. 3G
30. 2G
31. 1G

Finished by working an even row of  sc around the edge, working 3 sc in each corner. 
Tie off. 

Get the other squares here: 

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