Crochet yourself this cute crochet hanging organizer to hold your tools and small notions! Worked with the plaid color work for a farmhouse touch. You can even store in right by your back door. Keep your wallet, keys, sunglasses and everything else in a convenient grab-and-go place!
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crocheting hanging organizer pocket organizer crochet pattern with plaid pockets

I am a bit obsessed with organizing. This clashes terribly with my awful cluttery nature, so my life mainly consists of lots of clutter and then lots of organizing on repeat!

It’s nice to have a quick place to stash some of your tools. I love having a craft cabinet to store all my stuff because I don’t have a dedicated craft room, but I also usually sit and crochet in my bedroom. This crocheting hanging organizer is perfect for my little crafting corner! I can store my hooks, measuring tape, small notebook.


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plaid crochet hanging organizer pocket organizer for crafting pockets to hold tools and notions diy storage idea

I also thought this pocket organizer might be a good thing keep by the back door. Keys, wallet, sunglasses, hat; these things always seem to end up on the countertop or cluttered on the table, but this can be a new, permanent home for all those cluttery essentials.

cute crochet pocket storage hanging organization idea crochet pattern storage


What you need:
6mm, 4mm Hook
Dishie in Swan (or white), Ash and Black
– 1/2″ Dowel

Abbreviations: US Terms
Ch – chain
Sc – single crochet
Dc – Double Crochet
Sl st – Slip Stitch
St – stitch


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It has a sort of cute farmhouse feel doesn’t it? I think it would be cute in traditional red and black buffalo plaid and maybe it could be a holiday accent.

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