These crochet pizza coaster are a fun and whimsical way to protect furniture from cold, tasty drinks! The pattern is fun and simple.
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free pattern crochet pizza coasters

I’ll admit something weird: I don’t like pepperoni pizza. I guess I am crazy or something, because everyone seems to love it except me (and both my kids, who are apparently as strange as I am). Even as a kid I would peel off the pepperonis whenever we ate pizza, turning it into a delicious cheese pizza. I am a total cheese pizza girl all the way. However, cheese pizza is kinda boring, don’t you think? When I decided to make some crochet pizza coasters, I decided FOR pepperoni. 
Good choice, right? 


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I definitely recommend using cotton yarn to make these crochet pizza coasters. It’s not necessary, but cotton is better for crochet items that will be coming in contact with water (e.g. wash cloths, face scrubbies). 
I made these pizza coasters with Knit Picks Dishie, which I like, but I also recommend Red Heart Scrubbie Smoothie. They are both soft and comfortable to work with. 

free crochet pattern pizza coaster

In all honesty, I use hot glue in my crochet projects more than I should. It’s just so darn easy. You won’t be running these through the wash super frequently, so it was a short-cut I was willing to make. If you and I are on the same page, hot glue ‘dem pepperonis. It cuts out and time and of course tails that you would otherwise have to weave in. I just tied a small knot in the back and cut the tails close so they were behind when the pepperonis were glued in place. 
Done and done.


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What you need: (affiliate links)
– 4mm Hook
– Medium Weight Cotton Yarn (Knit Picks Dishie)
Darning Needle
– Hot Glue Gun 

Abbreviations: US Terms
Ch – chain
Sc – single crochet
Hdc – Half Double Crochet
Sl st – Slip Stitch
St – stitch


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Note: Ch 1 does not count as first st. Always work the first st in the same st as the beginning chain. Join each round with the first sc, not the beginning chain.

Crust: (make 1 for each coaster
Ch 56. Join with 1st ch, forming a loop. Work through the loop behind the two loops on the chain.
1. Ch 1. Hdc in each ch. Join with a sl st.
Tie off, weave in ends.

Pizza: (make 1 for each coaster)
Make a Magic Ring with yellow
1. Ch 1. Sc 8 into ring. (8 sts)
2. Ch 1. 2 sc in each st around. (16 sts)
3. Ch 1. *Sc. 2 sc in next st* work all around. (24 sts)
4. Ch 1. *Sc 2. 2 sc in next st* work all around. (32 sts)
5.  Ch 1. *Sc 3. 2 sc in next st* work all around. (40 sts)
6. Ch 1. *Sc 4. 2 sc in next st* work all around. (48 sts)
Join cream
7. Ch 1. Hdc 2. 2 hdc in next st. *Hdc 5. 2 hdc in next st* work 7 times. Hdc 3.  (56 sts)
Don’t tie off.

crochet pizza crust construction

Pepperoni: (make 6 for each coaster)
Begin with Magic Ring using Red
1. Ch 2. Sc 6 into ring. Join with a sl st. (6 sts)
You can either tie off and plan on gluing them later, or leave a long tail so you can sew them on later.

crochet pepperoni construction pizza coasters

Construction for crochet pizza coasters:
Lay the crust on top of the pizza. Pull a loop up through the two loops on the crust (the loop where you left off and didn’t tie off) and sl st around the outside, sewing it to the coaster. At first, it will appear that it is too large, but it will fit perfectly once you have slip stitched all around.

Once the outside of the crust is attached, you can tie off and weave in your ends. Using your darning needle and a length of cream yarn, sew a simple running stitch around the inside of the crust, tacking it down and in place.

I find hot gluing the pepperonis in place in a great way to attach them. You can also sew them in place. If you are gluing, make sure you get the glue as close to the outside of the pepperoni as you can, so the edges don’t curl up over time as you use them. A single dot in the middle won’t hold up.

free crochet pattern pizza coasters

crochet pizza coaster on wood

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  1. Cute coasters, but HOT GLUE?! While I don’t EVER do it myself (I’ve never not had the time to weave in ends), fabric glue would make sense, not hot glue (it is super stiff, gets brittle and eventually cracks and comes off). Thanks for the cute pattern, though.

    1. To each their own! I have used fabric glue and find it really gets soaked up by the yarn and doesn’t seem to hold well without glopping it on in large quantities. Have you used it with success with cotton yarn?

    2. P.S. Three years later I have these coasters still, except my kids use them as play food :) Still in perfect shape, I have not seen any of the issues you mentioned.

  2. These are really cute. If it makes you feel better, I really don’t like pepperoni either. I never have, but when I was younger I ate it simply because other people thought I liked it… weird, I know. Lots of toppings to go on a pizza, but for me pepperoni isn’t one of them.