Today’s Tip Tuesday explain best practices for blocking your finished crochet projects! Michele from Stitch and Hustle will show you her favorite ways to block finished items and share her expertise on how well these methods work. Take your finished crochet projects to the next level with blocking! 

 Hey everyone! Today for Tip Tuesday, I will be sending you over to Michele’s blog Stitch and Hustle to learn some tips about how to block your crochet projects. Personally, this not a step I take often enough when I finish whatever project I am making (my Colorful Rica Clutch, for example, would have benefited greatly from blocking as well as my Puppy Love Blanket [pictured]). 


You’re tired of sifting through complicated tutorials and daunting patterns that leave you feeling overwhelmed.

Let me help.

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Honestly, blocking is one of the last thing I think about when I complete a project. Once I finish making my crochet item, and all I have left to do is weave in one last end, I am about DONE. Right? 
Well, maybe not. If you are like me, you are missing out on the last finishing touch that may take your crochet piece from homemade to handmade, truly making it a beautiful, finished treasure. 

Blocking makes your piece perfectly shaped,drape how it was meant to drape, and sized the way it’s supposed to be sized.  It’s the final step that you (and I) need to stop skipping!
Maybe you are familiar with the concept of blocking but you were intimidated or not sure how this is to be done. 

Today’s guest for Tip Tuesday is Michele from Stitch and Hustle, and she has some valuable insight on her favorite methods for blocking and how to get it done right.

Read Michele’s article here.

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  1. Hola cómo están??? Estaría buenísimo qué se pudieran traducir todas las explicaciones, y también los videos. No todos tenemos la posibilidad de entender el inglés. A mi me encanta el crochet, y siempre qué lo veo entro a ver todo lo qué hacen y también en los ratos libres me pongo a tejerlo. Pero… no entiendo inglés- cómo en ésta ocasión- no me vale de nada…..así qué por favorrrrr traduzcan!!!!!!! Gracias!!!