Last week was the first-ever Christmas Gifts in July series on Whistle and Ivy. It got me thinking big time about some exciting events happening in a few months (more on that soon!), but most importantly how I would like to be prepared this upcoming holiday season. If you are like me, then you love making crochet gifts for the loved ones on your list. But again,  if you are like me, I like these crochet gifts to be useable all year long. This list of crochet gift ideas is perfect if you are thinking ahead to the holidays in a few months, but these gift ideas would also work for other occasions as well! Read to get ahead this year? 
Keep scrolling, my friend. 

crochet gift ideas list of crochet gifts

I’ve rounded up some of my favorite crochet patterns that I think would make wonderful crochet gifts (gifts that could be used outside of the holiday season!)Be sure to click the title of each pattern (below the photo collages) to get the free patterns. 

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16 Crochet Gift Ideas (crochet gifts for any occasion)

crochet gift ideas for women list of crochet gifts

1. Rica Colorful Crochet Clutch  — 2. Southwest iPad Case  — 3. Ribbed Crochet Pom-Pom Scarf

crochet gift ideas for winter list of crochet gifts

4. Ankle Tie Slippers  —  5. Crochet Chevron Hat —   6. Neva Fair Isle Crochet Hat and Mitten Set

crochet gift ideas list of crochet gifts

7. Crochet Buffalo Plaid Triangle Scarf  —  8. EASY Crochet Wrap Clutch   —  9. Colorblock Crochet Mittens 

trendy crochet gift ideas list of crochet gifts

10. (almost) 30 Minute Chunky Crochet Cowl   — 11. Vintage Crochet Arm Warmers   — 12. Crochet Cactus Coasters 

stylish crochet gift ideas list of crochet gifts

13. Snowfall Crochet Hats  — 14. Crochet Air Plant Pots  — 15. Crochet Buffalo Plaid Slippers   — 16. Crochet Plaid Woodland Animal Hats 

Did you find something you liked? I hope so! Maybe this is the year that we get ahead on our crochet gifts :) 




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  1. Having the same problem. Had to sign up with a different address to get access yet I got this far through a link in your newsletter from my inbox. Definitely no x in the corner. Thanks for the great patterns and for the inspiration! I’m busy setting up my own knitting and crochet blog and shop so hopefully you’ll be getting visits from my readers soon (once I get some!).

    1. Is is possible you have disabled cookies? Cookies communicate to my site that you have visited before, but if you have cookies disabled, my site treats you has a brand new visitor. You should be able to click to the side of the box and it will disappear. You DON’T need to sign up to access my free patterns :)

  2. Wanted to let you know that the last couple of emails from you, when I click on to see patterns, a block comes up to subscribe to your emails. there is no x to clear this so all your email is faded and the block remains I have subscribed to your emails for a while so don’t know why this is happening after all this time Thanks for your beautiful patterns just wanted to let you know this problem

  3. Bethany,
    I just wanted to thank you for. The free patterns you give to everyone. It’s very generous of you.
    I love your site, it has wonderful patterns for so many things! And it’s easy to navigate too!
    I’m looking forward to trying out the hat! I saw somewhere that thee was matching mittens but of course I can’t find it now…lol
    Thank you again!