Get the free crochet pattern for this ribbed crochet pom-pom scarf, the first pattern of our Christmas Gifts in July series! This squishy, soft scarf is simple to make and cozy to wear.   This post includes affiliate links, which means I get a small commission if you make a purchase. Thanks for your support! 

crochet pom-pom scarf hanging on chair

Welcome to Day One of Christmas Gifts in July! I am starting off with the easiest of all this week’s patterns (although the others aren’t hard by any means), this Ribbed Crochet Pom-Pom Scarf.  This crochet scarf is a cute, cozy pattern you can work on while watching TV or visiting with friends because you won’t need to do any counting. The texture of this crochet scarf is simple but heavenly!

crochet scarf close texture

I absolute love how this scarf worked out. Normally I like to have a tighter gauge with medium weight yarn, but I decided to go up a few hook sizes to see how I liked it. I went with a 7mm hook. The result is a crochet pom-pom scarf with an incredibly squishy fabric and a beautiful drape. Pair the hook size with a squishy soft yarn (I used Red Heart Soft) and you will have your new favorite scarf!

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What you need: (affiliate links)
7mm Hook
– 2 balls: Medium Weight Yarn (Red Heart Soft)
– Extra Yarn for pom-poms
Extra Large Pom-pom Maker (optional)
Darning Needle

Abbreviations: US Terms
Ch – chain
Hdc – Half Double Crochet
St – stitch
BLO – Back Loops Only 

Gauge:  (not important)


The ad-free PDF for this Crochet Pom-Pom Scarf Pattern is also available in my shops!
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Crochet Ribbed Scarf:
1. Work a hdc foundation that is 65″ long. Turn. 
2. – 18. Ch 1. Hdc in same st. Working in BLO, Hdc in each remaining st across, leaving last st unworked. Hdc in last st, going through both loops. Turn. 

ribbed crochet scarf

Crochet Pom-Pom Scarf Construction: 

First, make two large yarn pom-poms using your corresponding yarn. You can use a pom-pom maker or use this tutorial (be sure to read the tutorial for extra help in sewing the pom-poms to the scarf. The same principle applies here).

yarn pom-poms and crochet scarf

Keep the tails long on the pom-poms. Thread one tail onto your darning needle and sew a running stitch along one end of the crochet scarf. 

sewing pom-pom to crochet scarf

Cinch it very tight. Then, making sure it stays cinched, sew up and down through the pom-pom (similar to attaching the pom-pom to a hat), catching the cinched end of the scarf. Continuing going up and down until the pom-pom is sewn to the scarf securely .
Tie off all ends. 

sewing pom-pom to end of crochet scarf
ribbed crochet pom-pom scarf free crochet pattern
crochet ribbed scarf with pom-poms on ends

So, what do you think of this squishy texture? I bet this crochet pom-pom scarf will be your new favorite scarf (so you better make two). 


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  1. 18 rows??? Mine is at 8 rows and based on your photo I’m done. I counted the ridges/rows in photo and it is definitely at 8!

    1. It’s not 8 :) The high ridge is one row, but the space between the high ridges are one row as well. You can only work 8 if you prefer, my yarn is very stretchy and I wanted it thicker, as the ribbing cause it to shrink into itself a bit.

  2. Hi Bethany! I really liked the scarf pattern and the tutorial on decreasing a Doiuble crochet is really interesting. and a nice reminder of how to accomplish decreases.