This beautiful crochet knit stitch hat is a quintessential part of a winter wardrobe! The little crochet knit stitches are easier to make than you think and you will love the finished look. This post includes affiliate links which means I get a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thanks for your support!

My Crochet Snowfall hat is one of my very favorite crochet hats, but I have a lot of favorites, so maybe that isn’t saying mucH? (This one and of course, my buffalo plaid slouchy are so fun to make and super cute to wear).
 You may look at those little knit-look stitches and think they are complicated to do, but I promised you will be pleasantly surprised.  For your visual learners, there is also a video!


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I played around with colors a bit and found those little stitches pop a bit when worked with a bulkier yarn (#5 Hue and Me is used in the photo below). I love the look! I might try an even bulkier yarn next time 🤔

 CROCHET SNOWFALL HAT – Free Crochet Pattern 

Please remember: You are free to use this free Snowfall crochet hat pattern to make and sell, but do not republish or distribute this pattern in any way. Please DO NOT use my photos in your listings. 
PLEASE read my Disclaimer before working my free patterns! 

Note: I am changing how I am writing my crochet hat patterns with ribbed bands. First, I will not be giving a row count, you will need to measure your band to make sure it is the correct size. 
Second, I am changing the way I measure. To get the measurement, you want to gently stretch the band outwards. If you are having to yank it to make it long enough, then it’s too small and you need to work a few additional rows. This will ensure than your hat is big enough for your head, but snug enough that it won’t loosen over time. If your band isn’t stretchy at all, then your yarn might be too stiff for this project! 

What you need: 
Mighty Stitch in 2-3 colors (medium weight yarn)
G-J hook (work a gauge swatch to determine which hook to use)
-Darning Needle
Fur or Yarn pom-pom (make your own fur one) (Make your own yarn one)
Tape measure

Gauge: 14 dc = 4″ (gauge pattern)

Abbreviations: US Terms
Ch – chain
Sc – single crochet
Dc – Double Crochet
Hdc – Half Double Crochet
Sl st – Slip Stitch
St – stitch

Special Stitch: Snowfall Stitch- Work this “half” sc by inserting hook, yarning over with second color, pulling it through. Drop second color, and finish the stitch with first color. 

I have also included a video tutorial for the adult size snowfall hat. If you unfamiliar with how to work the “snowfall stitch”, the video demonstrates how to do it.




The ad-free download also includes sizing from baby through large adult!

Teen/Adult Crochet Hat

(Approx. 9″ tall)
 Ch 9. 
1. Hdc in 2nd ch from hook. Hdc 7. Turn. (8 sts)
2.  Ch 1. Hdc in same st. Hdc 6 in back loops only. Hdc in last st, through both loops. 
Repeat row 2 until the row reaches 19″ – 20″  long. (refer to the Note for measurement instructions)
Slip stitch the short ends of the band together. Turn the band so the seam is on the inside and the loop is at the top. Continue to the hat body. 

Hat Body: 
1. Ch 1. Sc 72 around the top of the band. Join with sl st. (72 sts)
Join 2nd color.
2. Ch 2. Dc in each st around. Join with a sl st. (72 sts)
3. Ch 1. *Sc 3. work Snowfall Stitch in next st* repeat all around the hat. Join with a sl st. (72 sts)
4. Ch 2. Dc in each st around. Join with a sl st. (72 sts)
5. Ch 1. Sc. *Work Snowfall stitch in next st. Sc 3.* work all around, leaving last st unworked. In last st, work a Snowfall Stitch. Join with a sl st. (72 sts)
6. – 17. Repeat rows 2 – 5, respectively, until you reach row 18. 
18. Ch 2. (work with 1st color only) Dc in same st. *Dc2tog. Dc* work all around the hat. Join with sl st. (48 sts). 
19. Ch 2. Dc2tog 24 times. Join with sl st. (24 sts)
Tie off. 


Tie off all the ends. Thread a length of yarn onto your darning needle. Turn your hat inside out and sew a running stitch, going in and out around the very top.  Pull the ends and cinch shut. Tie the ends in a firm knot. 
Turn right-side out and finish with a pom-pom!

You can make a pom-pom using this tutorial. Or try making a fur one!

Three crochet hats with 3 different sizes, with yarn and fur pom-poms with heart knit stitch patterns.
Child wearing navy blue crochet hat with fur pom-pom and a heart knit stitch pattern.

These crochet snowfall hats are so fun to make! And if you love the Snowfall technique, you must make matching Mittens or a Christmas stocking. 



crochet hat with 3 different sizes, with yarn and fur pom-poms with heart and knit stitch patterns.

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  1. I am currently looking at this pattern as one to make for my church’s homeless outreach. As there will be many beginners or people not quite confident in their crochet, I am finding all the patterns that will be used. Would it be ok if I shared this pattern with those who are at the level to complete it? Along with that, would it be if I copied and pasted the pattern (with credit on the document) so I could print easily made copies?

    1. Hi Mereta! This pattern is free for anyone to come look for themselves. I am able to provide it for free in exchange for people visiting my site, which in turn provides me with a bit of ad revenue, so if you are able to direct all users to my site to get their own copy, I would greatly appreciate it.