Macrame lovers will enjoy crocheting these fabulously boho crochet coasters! They are made with simple stitches and get their sturdy by crocheting around clothesline! Finish off the look by adding fringe with macrame rope.
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crochet coasters cute boho coaster crochet pattern

One of the fun things about children is their inquisitive nature and willingness to believe that I have just a tad more information about the world than they do (not for long). My kids love sleeping on the trampoline and one morning, The Boy asked me why his shoes, which were laying in the grass below, were wet in the morning.
Dew, I said.
What’s dew?
It’s condensation when the temperatures changes, like the outside of a cold glass of water on a hot day, that’s why people use coasters to protect furniture.
I don’t remember seeing that on drinks, he says thinking.
Really? I’ll show you!


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So we filled a glass drinking jar with ice and water, set it in a warm window sill and came back a little while later to see the glass frosted in droplets of water. My kids make me feel like an esteemed college professor sometimes, and it’s nice.

So yes, science is the reason we need coasters, and crochet coasters are fabulous! If you make yours with absorbent cotton and keep them handy, you can make sure your furniture always stays protected.

crochet with rope easy crochet coasters fringe modern crochet coasters pattern

These quick coaster have only 4 rounds and are worked around cotton clothesline, so they are super sturdy. The fringe add a bit of boho flair and makes a gorgeous finishing touch.


The pattern can be purchased in my shops! Where would you like to shop today?

crochet coasters modern boho crochet coasters macrame crochet pattern

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