Calling all happy campers! Summer is the perfect time to grab your hooks, and stash bust some cute summer crochet decor. This pretty summer crochet wall hanging features a darling vintage camper, and combines crochet with heat transfer vinyl. Pattern includes a graphic to add to your finished piece.
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crochet camper wall hanging decor crochet pattern

I’ve always been a rule-follower.
It has served me at times growing up, but now, it can get in the way of my creativity.
Someone, somewhere did a thing a certain way and a large part of my brain tells me that is the way it should be done.

crochet color work tapestry crochet camper wall hanging decor

This past year has been transformative both personally and professionally and subsequently I have found myself breaking out of the should mindset I have lived with for so long, which has brought a renewed perspective for my crochet designs.

This wall hanging uses a few different ideas, mainly no turning, which I first saw at Alessandra from Just be Happy Crochet.
I also used a slightly different sc to make the stitches line up properly.

Add some heat transfer vinyl and you’ve got magic.

crochet wall hanging tapestry crochet with heat transfer vinyl on crochet 
crochet pattern

Want more heat transfer vinyl projects?

So here’s to breaking the rules, thinking outside the box, and finding a your own way. You could make something special.

cute summer crochet wall hanging summer camper tapestry crochet easy crochet patter with heat transfer vinyl

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summer crochet wall hanging with camper crochet pattern tapestry crochet with heat transfer vinyl

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