This faux crochet cables hat is a fun, easy crochet project! You won’t believe how easy the “faux crochet cables” are to make, and this hat is very easy to adjust the sizing. The hat is perfect for both men and women and I encourage you to try using the same tweed yarn, it looks stunning with the faux cables.  This post contains affiliate links, thank you for your support!

faux crochet cable hat free crochet pattern

I can’t believe it’s November 7th, and I am just now publishing my first free pattern of Crochet Season 2018. I really didn’t realized how behind I would get with our recent move, but it’s no joke. Luckily I did quite a bit of work during the summer, so after Plaid Week you will see more fun things on Whistle and Ivy. I am especially excited to share all my holiday patterns (stay tuned!). 

Today’s pattern is my Cobblestone Hat, which was a lovely name suggested by @randomactofkrochet  (thanks so much for suggesting it!) This pattern was so fun to make. The texture turned out beautiful(the tweed yarn is gorgeous). 

The texture comes from these cute holiday sweater candle cozies I made a couple years ago. As I was brainstorming fall pattern ideas a few months ago, I thought I would whip up a hat using the same technique and I love the effect. 

textured cable crochet hat pattern

Isn’t it amazing how crochet is so versatile? You can create so many textures with just a few basic stitches.
Preachin’ to the choir.

I also personally think the tweed yarn is a must, but I am crushing on all-things-tweed right now. I used City Tweed, it is slightly bulkier than worsted weight yarn and so silky soft. 

Isn’t is gorgeous? 

crochet hat with fur pom-pom textured cable slouchy hat


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Please remember: You are free to use this pattern to make and sell, but do not republish or distribute this pattern in any way. DO NOT use my photos in your listings. Please do share my blog links! It’s a quick and FREE way of supporting Whistle and Ivy and more free crochet patterns in the future. 
PLEASE read my Disclaimer before working my free patterns! 

What you need: (affiliate links)
– 1 -2 balls of City Tweed Aran/HW in “Orca”
J Hook 
Darning Needle
Tags (optional)

Abbreviations: US Terms
Ch – chain
Sc – single crochet
Dc – Double Crochet
Sl st – Slip Stitch
Sk – Skip


Get the PDF download! It includes sizing for kids and baby!

Note: This pattern is worked as a large rectangle and then sewn into a tube and closed at the top. You will turn after each row.
Ch 2 does not count as first st. 

This pattern uses a DC double cross over technique. Watch the video below to get some help. (If the video doesn’t load, please disable your Adblocker and whitelist my site to view my videos.)

1. Make a Foundation DC about 9 1/2″ (be sure it’s in multiples of 4 + 1) Turn.
The foundation will be the height of your hat, for a less slouchy hat you can work fewer sts here.

[convertkit form=711319]

See how to do a foundation stitch here: (if the video doesn’t load, please disable your adblocker)

2.  Ch 2. Sk same st and next st. Dc in next 2 sts. Reaching back across the 2 dc you just worked, work a dc in same st as ch (1st sk st). Work dc in next sk st (2nd sk st). *Sk 2 sts. Dc in next 2 sts. Reaching back a cross the two dc you just worked, dc in 1st sk st. Dc in 2nd sk st* repeat all around the row. Dc in last st. Turn. 

Ch 2. Dc in each st across. Turn. 
Repeat rows 2-3 until your piece is approximately 18″ long (it should stretch comfortably to fit a 21″ adult head). On the last repeat, stop before working the dc row, and end your piece on the Dc crossover row.  (My piece was 30 rows long) 
 Don’t tie off.

You can adjust the number of rows to make a smaller/larger hat. (You’re piece should stretch at least 2″ – 3″. If yours isn’t stretchy, consider using the yarn I used (or a different, stretchy yarn), going up a hook size, or you will need to work more rows. 

More fall-favorite hat patterns: 


constructions of square to make a cabled crochet hat

Choose which side of the fabric you like best. I like the side with the right sides of the DC rows, but I think both sides look nice.  
Fold your piece in half, with the right side on the inside. Starting where you left off in the last row of sc, sc down the edge, sewing the to ends together to form a tube.  

The hat will have two edges, one will be a bit nicer and straighter, the other end will be less nice-looking. The nice-looking edge will be the bottom of the hat. 

To close the hat: 
Thread a length of yarn onto your darning needle. Working around the top of the hat (the less-nice looking edge) sew a loose running stitch all around the tube. When you get to the beginning, pull the ends until the hat cinches shut. Tie a firm knot and weave in ends. 

cinching the top of a crochet faux cable hat shut


Turn out hat right-side-out. On the bottom of the hat, work an even row of sc to make a nice edge. Join with a sl st and weave in all your ends. 
You can leave it as-is or you can add a fur pom-pom!

I hope you enjoyed this simple and fun technique! You will love your new faux crochet cables hat (I love mine!). We have only dipped our toes in Crochet Season, but this is my favorite hat so far.

Will it stay that way…?

crochet cable slouchy hat free crochet pattern with fur pom-pom
fall hat crochet cable slouchy hat free crochet pattern


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  1. Hello Beth. I am so impressed with your work and your pattern for this hat. I never have liked the look of crocheted columns. BUT…your hat is perfect. It looks very elegant. Truly, well done!

  2. I started out making this cobblestone hat but didn’t have enough of this yarn, so I alternated the Acadia and sienna colors and a cowl cobblestone-hounds tooth was born.
    your pattern is so versatile, you can use any yarn weight and make any size. will try to send you pictures.

  3. Sooo excited to see this hat pattern post. I saw you wearing this hat in something and can’t wait to make it. It’s REALLY cold here in MI and this is perfect to wearing all the time :)

  4. Just made this for my granddaughter. It was fast and easy and turned out SO cute. It was my first time using FDC and I loved it. I used your guideline for toddler size, a size H hook and I Love This Yarn from Hobby Lobby. I made 24 rows and then added 3 rows of HDC to the bottom as a small band. It’s perfect! Thank you for the wonderful pattern! Next I’m trying your faux pom poms!

  5. When it comes time to sew the hat together, you refer to doing a row of single crochet into the other single crochet row? Is the pattern not a repeat of the crossover row & then a dc row? My guess is you are suggesting to single crochet as a way of joining to make a tube, is that correct? Thank you for this beautiful pattern!

    1. Ah! I see what you mean. I originally designed it with a row of sc across the last row but scratched it to make the seam look nice, and I didn’t change that in the instructions. You will simply sew the two sides together with a row a sc. Thanks for catching that!

  6. Hello! Quick question for you. On the first step, it says “1. Make a Foundation DC about 9 1/2″ (be sure it’s in multiples of 4 + 1) Turn.” But when I watched the first video, the one just above the first step, on how to make the DC double cross over technique, it said Multiples of 4+2. Soooo I’m a bit confused haha. I guest I need to follow to written instructions, but I want to be sure before I go on :)

    Thank you!

  7. I’ve made a few of your hats and I love every one of them. The pattern is easy to follow and they are all so cute! Thank you for sharing your talent with us. ❤

  8. I tried to add a comment earlier today and noticed that it’s not here so I will do it again. I hope it’s not a repeat! Thank you so much for this hat, your ideas and patterns are great! I would like to make this hat but I want to know how the stretch/recovery is on this particular stitch. Most crochet hats do not work for my head, if they’re too snug at all they work their way off the back of my head; if there are a slight bit lose they slip around on my head. Typically I make the hat and add a knitted ribbed band so that I can get the recovery I need. What is this one like around the forhead area as far as stretch/recovery?

    1. Thanks! I agree with you, crochet does not have the stretch recovery that knit does. I think if you have had problems will all other projects, you many not have better results with this one. I personally LOVE how this hat fits, but I am not sure what you’re experience will be. What yarn are you using? Your yarn choice has a dramatic effect on your stretch recovery.

  9. I love this pattern! Trying to find a printer friendly version. Is there a link I’m not seeing?Thanks!. BTW everything you come up with is great and the patterns and tutorials are easy to follow!!

  10. Thanks for this cute hat! I am curious as the Ravelry pattern page lists this pattern yarn as a DK and the pattern here is aran or heavy worsted. I am looking forward to starting this project and just want to make certain.