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This week is Etsy’s 13th birthday! If you are new to Etsy, it’s an online marketplace for handmade and vintage items. If you are not new, then you know its home to thousands of indie crochet pattern shops! There are so many shops that I adore.  As I scoured through the thousands of crochet patterns that have been discounted for Etsy’s 13th birthday sales event, I decided to put my favorites in a list and share with you. I hope you find something here that you love! 

Etsy’s 13th Birthday Party Sale 

I decided to organize the patterns into percentages, starting with 20% and going up to 50%. Browse through my favorites, you can you browse through over 25o pages of sale patterns here. 


Crochet Pattern 20 – 25% off

The Almond Snug – 20% off any two patterns  – Tropic Summer Top – Posh Patterns – 25% off 4 patterns  – Spring Flower Hat  – Safari Animals Pattern Pack  – Airali – 20% off any 3 patterns  – Flip-Flop Crochet Oxfords – Bubbles the Turtle Security Blanket  – Color and Shape Design – 20% off 4 patterns 



Crochet Patterns 30% off

Corki the Unicorn – Crochet Pug  – Camping Appliqué Set (Owl, Camper, Campfire Squirrel)

Totoro Trio Pattern Pack  – Debra OLeary Pattern Shop – 30% off of 3 patterns 

Fruits Applique Pattern Pack – Allessa Poncho  – Brockton Slouchy Hat  – Niffler Crochet Pattern 



Crochet Patterns 40%

Blummy the Dragon  – Katula Cardigan – Adorable Dragon  – Blue Monkey  – Harry the Owlet  – Cute Panda Amigurumi  – Favorite Pullover Sweater 


Crochet Patterns 50% off


Rachel’s Blessing Beanie – Kenzie Kimono – McKenna Round Purse  – Arya Throw Pattern 

Sugar Glider Patterns (so cute!) – Sweet Giraffe  – Unicorn Baby Rattle 

Enjoy your shopping! 

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  1. I clicked on a few of these patterns which brought me right to the etsy shop. But none of them are showing any discounted price. I’m especially interested in the Kenzie Kimono. When I clicked on your highlighted section “250 pages of sale patterns here”, those do show they are discounted. But I could not find the kimono on those pages.

      1. That’s okay. I have been wanting to make something like this for myself and I loved this design. I bought it anyway and happy I did. Now if I can find the time to make it, because I have a few things I need to finish first (don’t we all have WIPs). I’m so glad I found this on your website. Thank you!