This darling crochet Easter egg basket crochet pattern is perfect for gathering all the candy and eggs! It’s generous sized and features a color work Easter egg on the side. This crochet pattern post includes affiliate links, which means I get a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thanks for your support!

crochet basket with decorated egg

Everything is coming alive in my yard, I love it.  I have the most adorable little Crocus flowers growing in the front. It’s so fun because they are the first things to peek out in the spring(sometimes they even peek out of a late snowstorm). It’s hard to believe that Easter is around the corner! Sadly, I have been working on this simple crochet Easter egg basket pattern for a while now. My original size estimates were, unfortunately, way off, so this pattern was shelved a couple times out a sheer frustration. Luckily, I finally figured everything out, and I am winning because it’s still slightly before Easter! 

girl holding crochet Easter egg basket picking up an egg

My kids were pretty excited to get out the plastic Easter eggs for this photo shoot! Sis doesn’t really remember finding them last year, so I think this year will be a lot of fun. (The Boy definitely remembers it, and is bouncing around with excitement.)


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What you need: (affiliate links)
7mm Hook
– 2 skeins of Bernat Home Dec (2 colors) (#5 Bulky)
3mm Felt 

Abbreviations: US Terms
Ch – chain
Sc – single crochet
Dc – Double Crochet
Hdc – Half Double Crochet
Sl st – Slip Stitch
St – stitch
BLO – Back Loops Only 

Gauge: not importnat. Just keep your stitches as tight as you can.


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Crochet Basket Bottom:

(make 2, one of each color)
Ch 1 does NOT count. Always work the first st in the same st as the starting chain, and join with the first st of the round. 
Start with a magic ring
1. Working into the ring: Ch 2. Dc 12. Join with a sl st. (12 st)
2. Ch 2. 2 dc in each st around. Join with a sl st. (24 sts)
3. Ch 2. *Dc in next st. 2 dc in next st* work 12 times. Join with sl st. (36 sts)
4. Ch 2. *Dc in next 2 sts. 2 dc in next st* work 12 times. Join with a sl st. (48 sts)
5. Ch 2. *Dc in next 3 sts. 2 dc in next st* work 12 times. Join with a sl st. (60 sts)
6. Ch 2. *Dc in next 4 sts. 2 dc in next st* work 12 times. Join with a sl st. (72 sts)

Using one of your bottom pieces as a guide, cut a circle out of thick felt. It should be slightly smaller than your bottom pieces. 

two crochet circles and felt circle

Line the two bottom pieces up together, wrong sides together. Going through both layers, sl st around about halfway. Slip the felt in-between the two layers and finished sl st around.  (72 sts)

crochet circle with crochet hook

Crochet Basket Body: 

crochet hook making a basket

Turn your pieces so you are working from the outside of the circle (instead of from the inside). This will put the front sides of your stitches facing outwards. You an opt to not turn here, but the wrong side of your stitches will be facing outwards. 

Ch 1. Sc in each st around, going through the slip stitches. Join with a sl st. (72 sts)
2. – 14.
Begin working the graph. You will work the graph is sc and work in back loops only. You will begin each row with a ch 1 and end each row by sl st into the first st.

⭐️ Need help with a graph? Watch this video.


easter egg graph

15. Working through both loops, sc in each st around, using main color. Join with a sl st. 

Crochet Basket Handles: 

16. Ch 1. Sc 9. Ch 22. Sk 18 sts. Sc in next 18 sts. Ch 22. Sk 18 sts. Sc in next 9 sts. (80 sts)
17. – 18. Ch 1. Sc in each st around. Join with a sl t. (80 sts)
Tie off. 

crochet egg basket with brown eggs
gray crochet Easter egg basket sitting on the grass
crochet Easter egg basket outside

Our Easter tradition (if the weather permits) includes driving out to the desert on Saturday and hiding eggs, toys and little things in our special spot. Then we have a picnic and explore! The kids love it, and I think I might include the dog this year and hide a few little treats for him. Goose is a Labrador and we have a hide-and-seek game established with him already. He will love it! 

Do you have any fun Easter traditions? Tell me about it in the comments! 

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  1. Hi-
    I really love this basket and bought the yarn to make this basket. I really would love to make this for my grandson for Easter
    If you can please email some type of instructions on how to switch the yarn for the pattern I have now clue how to do this and how many times or how many eggs pictures r on this basket

    Thank you

  2. Thank you for this. Made crocheted Easter eggs when my grand daughter had her first Easter. She was barely one so my DIL didn’t want her having chocolate 🙄 anyways. When her little brother was born I made more. And they play with them still. I am now making a set for her cousin to learn colours and about hiding things to go find. So thank you for this pattern. Plan to put his name on it as it’s for Christmas. X Rosa

  3. Do they even make the Bernat home dec. anymore? I can’t find it anywhere! What can you use in its place?

  4. Another thing you can use to thicken the bottom is a piece of plastic canvas. I used it once to thicken the bill of a croche ted cap. It surprised me how welll it worked.

  5. Adorable pattern. Thank you. I have a ton of this yarn as I bought it when it was being clearanced out. Question, did you just carry the yarn when not being used in the pattern? Thanks.

  6. Oh that is so cute. I don’t have time to make and send them this year for the granchildren so I’ll put them on my list for next Easter. Thank you so much for yet another wonderful pattern

    1. Thanks! I got this pattern on Etsy, so if you plan on using them next year be sure to snag it up this year with the 50% off coupon I shared!

  7. In reading your directions for the bottom pieces, you said to slip the cardboard piece in between the two crocheted bottoms. I think you meant the felt piece, am I correct? These baskets are adorable, I want to make one as soon as I pick up some of that yarn.
    Thanks for your patterns. Will make the hatching dinosaurs as well.

    1. Thanks for catching that! When I made my first one, I used cardboard, but thought better of it because it wouldn’t be washable. Thanks so much!

  8. Hi,
    When doing the bottom, do you slip the felt circle in between the 2 bottom pieces, or cardboard like it says??


    1. Sorry about that! I originally used cardboard but quickly realized it wasn’t a very good idea. I missed replacing “cardboard” with “felt”.