These darling crochet mittens feature a pretty contrasting stitch that resembled knit! It’s easy and you will love the look. Pattern includes adult (men and women) and child sizes. 
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pretty cute crochet mittens knit stitch modern crochet pattern for mittens

When I released my snowfall hat a few years ago, I knew I wanted to follow it up with a bunch of designs featuring that snowfall stitch! I figured out how to work the colors in a sc to make it look like a pretty little knit stitch, and the contrasting effect is so pretty.

Crochet mittens were an obvious second choice! The pattern for these snowfall mittens includes sizing for men, women and children. The pattern feature a double thick ribbed band for extra warmth!


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What you need: 

Gauge: 8 dc sts = 2″

Abbreviations: (American Terms)

St – Stitch
Sk – Skip 
Ch – Chain 
Sc – Single crochet
Dc – Double Crochet
Sc decrease – Sc2tog
Dc decrease – Dc2tog
Sl st – Slip Stitch 
BLO – Back Loops Only 


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modern crochet mittens for women men and kids easy knit look stitch crochet mittens pattern

I wasn’t super thrilled with how the heather gray and white mittens turned out, I would suggest choosing yarns that have a bit more contrast! You want those cute little knit stitches to pop.

cute crochet mittens for kids crochet pattern knit look stitch easy crochet mittens pattern

crochet mittens crochet pattern modern crochet mittens pattern
cute modern crochet mittens pattern knit stitch knit look crochet stitch crochet pattern

I hope you enjoy this sweet little crochet mittens. Make them for you, make them to give away!

Happy crocheting,

modern crochet mittens pattern with knit look fair isle pattern

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  1. Hi Bethany, I am having problems with the slip stitch on the band and the first mittens body row. I folded the band and slip stitch on the top of each row. Now I don’t understand the first row of the mitten body. I is that row on the slip stitch.

    Mitten Body:
    Take the bottom (with seam on the outside), and fold it upwards, enclosing the seam inside.
    1. Ch 1, sc all around the top of the band, using each sc row as a st space. (18 sts) Join with sl st.
    Join 2nd color.

    Thank you

    1. Hi Bethany, forget my question just figured it out. I guess I had to ask the question to finally figure it out 😂

  2. I’m so confused but the thumb instructions I just cannot get mt head around it… do you have a video tutorial at all for this section? Im finding it really difficult to understand 😪

    These mittens are just beautiful ❤

    1. Hi thanks for replying ☺ it’s step 1 of the thumb im struggling with… I can do the double clusters then turn 90 degrees but then im unsure where I jnsert the hook to complete the next stitch? Then do I turn clockwise again so the mitt it upside down, because if I do that I end up going back on myself rather than round 🙈 and im unsure where the put the hook for the last stitch xx

  3. Hi bethany love the pattern was wondering what the pattern would be like for a anew born size?
    Could you help me out with that? :)
    Looking forward to your reply.