These darling crochet mittens feature a pretty contrasting stitch that resembled knit! It’s easy and you will love the look. Pattern includes adult (men and women) and child sizes. 
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pretty cute crochet mittens knit stitch modern crochet pattern for mittens

When I released my snowfall hat a few years ago, I knew I wanted to follow it up with a bunch of designs featuring that snowfall stitch! I figured out how to work the colors in a sc to make it look like a pretty little knit stitch, and the contrasting effect is so pretty.

Crochet mittens were an obvious second choice! The pattern for these snowfall mittens includes sizing for men, women and children. The pattern feature a double thick ribbed band for extra warmth!


What you need: 

Gauge: 8 dc sts = 2″

Abbreviations: (American Terms)

St – Stitch
Sk – Skip 
Ch – Chain 
Sc – Single crochet
Dc – Double Crochet
Sc decrease – Sc2tog
Dc decrease – Dc2tog
Sl st – Slip Stitch 
BLO – Back Loops Only 


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modern crochet mittens for women men and kids easy knit look stitch crochet mittens pattern

I wasn’t super thrilled with how the heather gray and white mittens turned out, I would suggest choosing yarns that have a bit more contrast! You want those cute little knit stitches to pop.

cute crochet mittens for kids crochet pattern knit look stitch easy crochet mittens pattern

crochet mittens crochet pattern modern crochet mittens pattern
cute modern crochet mittens pattern knit stitch knit look crochet stitch crochet pattern

I hope you enjoy this sweet little crochet mittens. Make them for you, make them to give away!

Happy crocheting,

modern crochet mittens pattern with knit look fair isle pattern

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  1. Sorry, I saw that you answered my previous question, but I have another. I am confused about how to close it, do you have a video or have any tips because I am so confused!

    Thank you so much! I’ve made so many of your patterns, you are amazing!

    1. Sorry you are confused! You will just sew a running st with a needle and yarn (in and out, in and out, all around the hole) and then pull the ends so the hole cinches shut.

  2. Hi,
    Thank you so much for the design! Do you keep the second colour along with you throughout the whole mitten? like during the double crochet round.

  3. I have a question about the child size when it says to sc then 2sc work 8 times (27) i still have some unworked sts… do i just skip them?

    1. No, you should be working a stitch in each stitch, if your numbers aren’t right, you will need to go back and count to find the mistake. Which row are you working on?

  4. Hi there, I made the hat and loved it so much that I started right away on the mittens … but I can’t figure out the cuff. I’ve finished the piece for the cuff but then have gotten stuck on the folding and which ends to slip stitch. I have read and re-read the instructions and I’m sure it’s super simple but I just can’t seem to get it! Do you have a video or pics of how to do it? Thanks!

      1. I actually figured it out!! Was driving to work and couldn’t stop thinking about it and sure enough I came home and did it right! It wasn’t folding it correctly but after a good nights sleep and a little more thought, I figured it out. Thanks for everything , I love all of your patterns!

  5. Hi!!
    I have made the hat already. Now i am working on the mittens. One word…ugh!!
    I am a newbie to the crochet world. Your videos are so very helpful. I really need one for the mittens!
    Keep up the good work!!

  6. IM finding that 22 rows for the cuff is way too small. Did anyone else find that? Or am I missing something? If I add rows, how do I know how many stitches should be in the round for the mitten body? Thanks!

        1. Hm. that is very strange. You can increase the wrist of course, and if you want to make the mittens bigger, you need to increase in multiples of 4.

    1. Mine is really small too, and im pretty new at crocheting so im not really sure how to adjust the pattern. I did do the swatch and mine was just a tiny bit more than an inch

        1. That worked perfectly thank you so much! Should i continue the rest of the mitten with the larger hook or move to the smaller one

      1. when you are skipping 5 sc you chain 5 for the thumb. So when you come around again what do you do with the other color?

    1. Mitten Body – No.3. says ch 1, sc in same st.Then it says sc. with gray color? then do you pick up the white and do a sc, once and switch back to gray. then do 3 sc in gray and switch to white 1 time. Can you explain this a little better.

  7. Hi, I’m little confused on this step “Ch 2. Dc in same st. Dc 32. (33 sts) Join with sl st. ” – when I count the stitches once I have some this round I find I have 34 stitches not 33, as the chain 2 and dc into the same stitch make 34, if anyone could advise where I am going wrong that would be great! Absolutely love this pattern, thanks for posting for us! Amie

  8. Hi! I Started making these mittens with a yarn I thought was the right size, but seems to be a bit smaller than needed. Can you tell me what the length of the band is supposed to be before you stitch it into a closed band?

    1. Hello! I don’t have a exact measurement, but they should fix snugly, but comfortable around your wrist. If you need to, you can work extra rows.

  9. Hello – I purchased your snowfall mitten pattern on Etsy and have a question:
    When you get to the repeat rows for the mitten body, starting with row 7, do you just skip over the chain stitches made for the thumb opening as you go?
    I sent this via Etsy also, so sorry for the duplication – I am anxious to continue with the mittens!
    Mary Ann

  10. I’m so confused on the thumb! This is where I get stuck “Using the dc that is now facing horizontally as 2 st spaces, work a dc2tog. Turn so your mitten is upside-down…”
    Can you clarify please?

    1. You are working around the hole made by skipping stitches. Because you are going around, the dc will lay horizontally when you turn and continue working around the hole. You will use the dc as 2 spaces, because it’s so tall.

  11. Hey! I’m working on the adult pattern right now but I don’t really know what you mean by ‘take the bottom with the seam on the outside and fold it upwards, enclosing the seam on the inside’ please explain! I’m so excited to make these mittens

    1. The ribbed band of the mitten is twice as long as you want it. So you will fold it up to make it shorter and double thick. But you want the seam on the inside, not showing. Fold the ribbed band in half, with the seam facing you, and once it’s folded it will be on the inside. Does that make sense?

      1. I am having trouble figuring out the ribbed band. When you say to fold your piece in half, ribs going vertically, Sl st along the side, forming a tube are you meaning across the top of the fold (top of ribs)?

        If so I am not understanding the next step about folding it upwards to enclose the seam.

        Can you be a little more specific? I tried to find a video that might help me but didn’t have any luck. Thank you.

        1. I don’t have a video for this pattern I am sorry! The band is double thick, so it will look very long. The ribbing will go vertically. So, you have a square-ish piece when you are done with the band. With the ribbing going vertically, slip stitch the two ends together. It will be quite long, as I said before. From here, you will fold it up, so the fold is at the bottom. You will fold it so the seam is on the inside of the fold, otherwise you will have a large seam showing on the outside of the mitten band. Then, when you work the first round of the mitten, you will be going through both layers of the ribbed band, at the top.

  12. I love your pattern and I’m almost finish with the child mittens but I can’t understand the thumb pattern. Perhaps do you have a video? Thanks for your time ☺

  13. Hello! I just made my first mitten…ever! lol Your pattern was great. I had a few moments where I was lost but I just had to reread your instructions and they were clear. :)
    One question: the mitten I just created looks like it would be the left hand, with the seam on the bottom or the palm of the hand. Are there instructions to make the right hand specific. Since these are the very first mittens I have made I may not know something that is just commonly known without being stated. thanks for your feedback.

    1. Hello! Glad you like the pattern :)
      I have left/right instructions for the adult pattern, but for the child’s pattern its the same for both hands.

  14. Hi Bethany! Thank you so much for all of your wonderful designs! I am loving trying all of them. However, I’m struggling with the thumb on this mitten. Do you have a video? I can’t seem to figure out the first row.

  15. Hi Bethany,

    Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful patterns. I’m currently working on it. But I do have a question on row 4 – pattern indicated Dc 26 at last (27 Sts) Is it typo or do I miss something?..after (Dc in same st. Dc 3. Ch 4. Sk 4 sts. Dc in next st.) i only have 22Sts left…Please correct me if I’m wrong.

    Thank you