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I have been swooning over these crochet hatching dinosaurs for a while now. I saw them on Facebook last year and they have been on my to-do list ever since. I am finally get around to making them for my kids, and I thought Easter was the perfect time.  I was going to put them in their baskets, but who am I kidding? I crochet throughout the day, and they were bound to be curious about what I was making. I also avoided any awkward questions about how the Easter Bunny can or can’t crochet exactly like Mommy. Plus, they have been playing happily together for the last 2 hours with their new baby dinosaurs! It’s pretty darn cute.

crochet hatching dinosaur baby t-rex standing in front of an egg

The pattern is designed by Becca from Crocheting in Canada.  Her crochet hatching dinosaurs pattern is my favorite, but her Legend of Zelda Christmas ornaments are very close second. LOVE.

crochet ninetndo Zelda ornaments


What you need:
Hatching Dinosaurs Pattern
-Worsted Weight Cotton Yarn (Shine or Comfy)
Darning Needle
– 2 Medium Buttons
Safety Eyes

I used Comfy in Honeydew for the T-Rex and Shine in Reef for the Apatosaurus. Both yarns are a very soft cotton/acyrlic and cotton/beachwood blend respectively, perfect for crochet toys. I love both of these yarns because neither of them make my fingers raw, which is something I have experienced with other cotton yarns. The pattern calls for worsted weight, which is really nice because that is mostly what I have on hand at any given moment (and I think most of you do too!).

crochet hatching dinosaur apatosaurus standing in a crochet egg

child holding a crochet hatching dinosaur t-rex standing in an egg
Sis named hers “Rexie” and The Boy names his “Pat.”Learning the names they choose for their new crochet toys is a huge part of the fun for me. Their creativity is so cute. They both take the naming business quite seriously, too.

Along with T-rex and Apatosaurs, the crochet pattern also includes a Pterodactyl, Stegosaurus, Triceratops and two different sizes of eggs. Maybe next year I will make them each a new one! I am fairly certain Sis would love a Triceratops and The Boy would be excited about a Stegosaurus.

But really, who wouldn’t?

two small crochet hatching dinosaurs standing in crochet eggs

green crochet hatching dinosaur t-rex standing in a crochet egg with button

And while we are on the subject of Easter, you might consider making these cute egg baskets! Get the FREE crochet pattern here. 

crochet baskets with an egg graphic


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  1. Thanks so much for posting this pattern. I bought the discounted pattern and have made 4 so far. My grandchildren and their cousins will love them. My favorite is the Pterodactyl, made 2 of this one plus the eggs to go with them. They look pretty cool when you open it up and see the little dinosaur bird sitting there. lol!

  2. Hi Bethany,

    This is Renee from Total Home Makeover (
    I found you at Tip Me Tuesday, and I wanted to introduce myself as a fellow blogger.
    My daughter loves crochet and taught herself -she’s working on an intricate doily. Cute dino!

    Warmly, Renee

      1. It’s not free, you can buy it on Etsy. If you read through the post, I have a coupon code that makes the pattern less than $2, totally worth it!