Work up this crochet ugly Christmas hat in the loudest green yarn and brightest red yarn. Next, add the sparkliest embellishments and pair with your best ugly Christmas sweater to delight all your holiday party guests! Pattern includes size adult and child. The post uses affiliate links, click here for more info.

Holiday Party Time.
You have your ugly Christmas sweater with its lights, colors, patterns and embellishments. You know you will be the most festive party goer. You think you have your holiday game cranked up to 11.

Enter, the crochet ugly Christmas hat.

crochet ugly christmas hat holiday crochet tpattern

This hat starts with a basic tree design. Then, you take a trip to your craft supply closet, or down the holiday aisle at your craft store and grab all the bells, mini tinsel, and pom-poms you can possibly find.
(I found a teeny, tiny, wired tinsel garland that I think was made for this hat.)

This hat is a crafting experience as well as a fashion statement!


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crochet ugly Christmas hat crochet pattern

This pattern includes child sizing, but does not toddler or baby as this hat with all its loud embellishments is an extreme choking hazard 😆

ugly christmas hat crochet pattern holiday crochet festive crochet hat



This ugly Christmas hat pattern can be purchased in my shops! It includes adult and child sizing, and doesn’t include ads or comments for easy printing and working on-the-go! Where would you like to shop today?

What you need:

Medium Weight Yarn (Lion Brand Anti-Pill in Red and Green)
Holiday yarn for pom-pom (optional)
Embellishments (tinsel, small bells, mini garlands, ric-rac, ribbon, etc.)
5.5 mm Hook (or hook to meet gauge)

Enjoy winning all those holiday outfit contests!
Happy holidays and happy crocheting!

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  1. Hello I know how to crochet I just don’t know how to Read Patterns Thank you I love to crochet that my get Away ❤️