For all the hot cocoa fans! These darling crochet hot cocoa mug ornaments are a cute and quick project to make this season. They make adorable little ornaments for your tree or a lovely item for an ornament exchange. This pattern is suitable for advanced beginners. The post uses affiliate links, click here for more info.

crochet hot cocoa mug ornaments crochet pattern cute christmas handmade diy crochet ornament

This cute crochet hot cocoa mug ornament pattern is the latest pattern drop in the Frayed Knot Collection! If you missed it, at the end of 2021, we acquired the Frayed Knot pattern library from Jonna Venture. I am so happy to help her patterns live on! 
You can read a bit more about it here.

I have been biding my time to publish these cute ornaments. I have a few more Christmas patterns of Jonna’s to share, but they may need to wait until next year; Christmas is about here!

small crochet mug hot chocolate hot cocoa mugs ornament crochet pattern

I have been called a “hot chocolate snob” (polite teasing of course) numerous times. This is mostly because I refuse to drink powered hot cocoa that has been mixed with hot water.

(I mean, if it’s not creamy and rich, what’s the point?)

I am not against hot cocoa powder in the slightest; it just needs to be made with milk (whole milk preferably). So if it doesn’t go down dreamy, creamy and rich, I will just have to pass, thank you very much.

Tell me I am not the only hot chocolate snob here!


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red and green crochet hot chocolate mug christmas tree ornaments crochet pattern

Crochet Hot Cocoa Mug Ornaments – Crochet Pattern

I am going to imagine these deliciously cute hot cocoa ornaments were made with milk and real chocolate, because that is where the magic is.

Also, they are so tiny and cute, and measure about 2 1/2″ tall.
This fun mug ornament pattern is a great project for advanced beginners, and anyone who is comfortable working basic stitches.
Wouldn’t they be perfect for an ornament exchange?

crochet hot cocoa mug ornament crochet pattern

READY TO MAKE YOUR Crochet Hot Cocoa Mug Ornaments?

This hot cocoa mug pattern can be purchased in my shops! Where would you like to shop today?

What you need:

Medium Weight Yarn (Lion Brand Heartland)
4mm Hook (or hook that makes your stitches super tight)

cute crochet ornament hot cocoa hot chocolate mug with marshmallows christmas tree ornament

May your yarn be ever untangled and your hot cocoa always rich and creamy,
Happy crocheting!

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