This crochet donkey lovey features a fun but simple color work blanket and adorable little donkey friend! The blanket also features cute tassels on each corner, which are crocheted as part of the blanket, making a safe way to provide baby with some texture stimulation. Have fun switching up the colors and making it perfect for your baby, or for a special upcoming baby shower.
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We had quite the milestone for Cubbie this week: pacifier weaning. I figured we would wean her a few weeks after the baby came, just to make sure life wasn’t completely hectic during the transition. Unfortunately, she beat us to it and nearly chewed the tip off of her pacifier.
I guess we are doing this cold turkey.

In anticipation of this, a few months ago I gave her a lovey that we had stashed away, a gift from grandma when Cubbie was a baby. This lovey is soft, nice and quite cute, but I regret that I didn’t offer her a handmade crochet one. She took to it immediately and it definitely helped her get through the process, for which I am so grateful!

crochet donkey lovey crochet pattern modern baby crochet crochet boho southwest modern desert pattern

Well, with baby #4, I will be prepared!
I can’t say what exactly inspired me to make this crochet donkey lovey, but he certainly turned out adorable. Normally, I don’t mix different weights and brands of yarns within the same project, but I really wanted a buttery soft yarn for the blanket, and a heathered brown for the head and legs part of the lovey.

Heartland has been a favorite yarn of mine for a while, and I have been designing my Poca animals (so far I have a Bear, Fox and Rabbit) with it, so I knew it would be perfect, but I also wanted something extremely soft for the blanket part.
I found some WeCrochet Snuggle Puff in my stash that I hadn’t earmarked for a project yet. It was SO meant for this lovey It’s a soft cotton blend, which it’s perfect for a baby blanket.
The colors I chose are a bit southwest inspired; I love how it turned out.

crochet donkey lovey blanket for baby modern southwestern crochet ideas for baby shower


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I also really, really wanted to add tassels to each corner of the blanket for this crochet donkey lovey, but of course traditional tassels wouldn’t be safe for baby. I devised a way to add tassels that are crocheted as part of the blanket, so I got to keep the original idea while having the blanket be safe as well.
(I think this technique could be used in other patterns as well!)

Here’s to hoping baby loves it! (And you enjoy making it!)

cute crochet donkey lovey pattern
modern crochet donkey lovey crochet  pattern for baby security blanket southwest modern boho desert crochet pattern

I made a second one for Cubbie, just to see if she might take to it.
So far, not so much. XD 🤣

modern crochet lovey pattern donkey southwest boho modern baby shower handmade pattern idea


What you need: (affiliate links)
3.75mm Hook
– (1 ball each) Snuggle Puff: Vixen, Neptune, Seastar, Lamb, Owlet, Joey
– (1 ball each) Lion Brand Heartland: Mammoth Cave, Grand Canyon, Black Canyon
– Polyfil
– Sharp Darning Needle
– Black Embroidery Floss 

GAUGE: For Donkey: At tight as you can. You should not be able to see spaces or stuffing between the stitches. If you see spaces, go down a hook size. For Blanket: Not important 

Abbreviations: US Terms
Ch – chain
Sc – single crochet
Sl st – Slip Stitch
St – stitch
Sk – Skip
BLO – Back Loops Only


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