This darling boho gender neutral nursery features many crochet details! So many ways to decorate with crochet for a baby’s first room, from toys to decor to storage. Read on get inspired for your crochet nursery!
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crochet nursery boho gender neutral modern baby room with crochet elements

I have actually never put together a nursery for any of my babies. Sure, I gathered the necessities and bought some crib sheets, but I never really spent time collecting items and creating a lovely room for our new baby.

Our little bundle makes #4 for our family, and I decided to make an effort to put together a curated nursery room. I especially wanted to make sure it had lots of crochet touches, so I set to work brainstorming ideas a couple months ago.

I wanted everything to be a bit boho in this crochet nursery, with lots of yarn and textiles.
I dug a bit through my archives and made a few things with older patterns, but I also designed up some new ones for this room!

These hanging baskets I designed specifically to hang over the changing table, but you can use them for so much more. They can help organize any room or be a cute little pot for a plant.

hanging baskets for crochet nursery modern crochet patterns

This room is actually pretty tiny, so I didn’t have much wall space to fill. I decided to make this cute wall hanging with heat transfer vinyl. The blank canvas sign I got at Hobby Lobby. I think you can maybe find something similar on amazon too (This maybe?). If you want to make this one too, you can use my file! Download it here.

modern crochet nursery ideas for wall decor wall hangings

I made a miniature version of my crochet hexagon wall hanging, making it with just 5 hexagons instead of 18. I decided to switch up the colors a bit, and used some deconstructed colored cotton rope for the tassels.
I love how it turned out. It would be a perfect addition to a whimsical gallery wall.

crochet hexagon wall hanging modern crochet nursery wall decor ideas

I also hung my granny stitch garland in the nursery! To give it a more finished, polished look, I tied some wooden rings to the ends of it to hang it by.

crochet nursery ideas for modern boho baby


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Next, I whipped up a larger version of my faux macrame rainbows. This one measures about 6″ x 9″. I created it using two strands of yarn and crocheting around two strands of rope. I used a 7mm hook to accommodate the larger yarn gauge. To hang it, I simply hot glued a strand of cotton cord to the top to make a small loop. So quick and easy!

faux macrame crochet rainbow wall hanging modern crochet nursery ideas for baby boho nursery ideas

You can see the original faux macrame crochet rainbows hanging on the simple gym my husband made for Cubbie. They are so cute!

faux macrame crochet rainbows for baby mobile or nursery cute crochet nursery ideas

Of course I am huge on darkening the nursery to get the maximum amount of sleep we both can muster, so as much as I would like to keep real plants in the nursery, faux plants are a must! I made one basket using my simple easy customizable crochet baskets method. I used chunky Tuff Puff for added texture for a small basket.

easy crochet basket customizable crochet basket for modern crochet nursery

Next to the crochet basket is Basil the Fox! He is decor at the moment but when the time is right, I hope he will be a snuggle buddy to our little guy.

crochet fox toy, modern baby crochet nursery ideas

One of my favorite quick win crochet patterns for the last few months is my mini crochet belly baskets. They turned out so great. Why is everything mini just so fun?
This is the smallest size, but the pattern actually comes with 3 different sizes.

mini crochet belly basket crochet nursery ideas for gender neutral baby room crochet pattern

crochet succulent, crochet basket for modern crochet nursery crochet patterns

The small hexagon shelves are perfect for a crochet succulent as well.

crochet succulent crochet pattern cute modern decor

For the last small wall, I made this cute DUDE wall hanging. The pattern hasn’t been released but I plan to get it finished up next week!

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boho crochet baby lovey cute crochet pattern donkey

And finally is my newest pattern, a sweet crochet donkey lovey. Neither of my first two children took to loveies. I gave Cubbie one that we had on hand, to help transition her away from the pacifier. She took to it immediately! It’s very cute and soft, but I am kicking myself for not introducing a crochet one handmade by me.

This time I will be ready with this darling donkey lovey. He turned out adorable. I have a couple lovey’s in my pattern library (Moose Lovey, and Serape Lovey), but I decided to design a brand new one for him. This one is also smaller, and I embroidered the eyes. I think I might go back to my older patterns and remake them with embroidered eyes, making them more suitable for babies.

Boho Crochet Nursery Crochet Patterns included in this post:

Hanging Baskets
Customizable Baskets
Granny Triangle Garland
Faux Macrame Rainbows
DUDE Wall Hanging (Coming soon!)
Hexagon Wall hanging
Mini Belly Basket
Crochet Succulent
Basil Fox
Donkey Lovey

I hope you found some inspiration from this crochet nursery for your own baby room!
Happy crocheting!


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