Are you lacking a green thumb? Then these darling crochet succulents are perfect for you! Make them in two styles and fill your home with cute, handmade greenery. The free crochet pattern for these crochet succulents includes a small round succulent and a larger spikey succulent. You can also get the PDF which includes 3 more patterns: a barrel cactus, a prickly pair and a columnar cactus! These darling crochet succulents make perfect gifts as well! This post contains affiliate links which means I get a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thanks for your support! 

cute and easy crochet succulents free crochet pattern handmade

I grew up gardening. My parents always had a small garden in our backyard, my mother tended and cultivated large flower gardens in the front and a big vegetable garden a few miles from our house on the family farm. I have had ample opportunities to learn how to grow and nurture plants, but for some reason, it’s a skill that I can’t master. I love succulents, they are gorgeous and “low-maintenance.”
Unfortunately, I have managed to kill all of mine. So I decided to create these crochet succulents. I am determined not to kill these!

pretty crochet succulent free crochet pattern

Do you have a friend like me (or maybe you understand yourself) ? We mean well, we really do, but for some reason we can’t make plants thrive! For those like me, these crochet succulents are indoor greenery with a perfect touch of handmade.


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Abbreviations: US Terms
Ch – chain
Sc – single crochet
Dc – Double Crochet
Hdc – Half Double Crochet
Sl st – Slip Stitch
St – stitch

Gauge: not important 


This crochet succulent/crochet cactus set can be purchased in my shops! Where would you like to shop today?


What you need: (affiliate links)
– 4mm hook
– Medium Weight Yarn
Hot Glue Gun
– River stones, gravel or aquarium substrate
Darning Needle
Acrylic Paint


Ch 55 (multiples of 3 +1)
1. Working the 3rd ch from hook:  Work 2 hdc, ch 2, hdc twice.  Sl st in next 2 chs. *Hdc twice, ch 2, Hdc twice– all in next ch. Sl st in next 2 chs. *work 8 times. *Sc, dc twice, ch 2, dc twice, sc –all in next ch. Sl st in next 2 chs.* work 8 times. Sc, dc twice, ch 2, dc twice, sc– all in next ch. Sl st in last st.
Tie off.


Ch 51

1. Sl st in 2nd ch from hook. Sc in next st. Hdc in next st. Sk 2 chs and sl st into next ch. Sl st. *ch 4. Sl st into 2nd ch from hook, sc in next st, hdc in last st. Sl st into next ch on foundation.* work  17 times. * ch 5. Sl st into 2nd ch from hook. Sc in next st, dc in last 2 ch. Sl st into next ch on the foundation. Sl st. * work 23 times.
Tie off. 


Using dabs of hot glue, glue your piece in a spiral,  in the natural way it twists; try to offset the spike tips with each round.

If desired, dab the tips of your succulents with water-diluted acrylic paint. 
Set in a pebble-filled dish or flower pot. 

Once you have made it, it won’t look like a succulent just yet, but like this weird curly thing.

The piece will naturally curl a certain way, so twist and curl it in a spiral shape.

It works best to add small dabs of glue as you go along.
Repeat for all the succulents you make.

I added bit of color to one of mine as well. Succulents come in such beautiful colors! To do this, I simply watered down some acrylic paint and gently dabbed it on the ends of each of the outside petals.

handmade crochet succulent free crochet pattern

The spiky succulent really wants to curl up its ends. To combat this, I misted it with some water and gently uncurled each spike.

The small succulents do really well on top of the rocks in the dish. I didn’t secure them.


I also like the look of using aquarium substrate with these cactuses and succulents. The bright pink looks so happy!

Easy peasy.
These adorable crochet succulents turned out so cute! Here is the best part: they have been sitting on my shelf for a few weeks now and still look green, happy and healthy!

3 pots with crochet succulents
free crochet pattern crochet succulents small gift idea

Have you crocheted decor before? I am thinking I need to do more projects like these, I had so much fun!
Check out these other fun crochet decor ideas:

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    1. It means if you want to make it longer/shorter, you would choose a number that has multiples of three, then add a number. For example 31, because 30 is divisible by 3 and you add one.

  1. Hi! I’m just starting to crochet and excited to make these!

    What’s the difference between “work 2 hdc” and “hdc twice”? Also, when it says “all in next ch”, does that just mean not to skip anything, or to do everything in that step in the same chain?

    Thanks so much for everything – I’ve learned to crochet pretty much solely from this site!

    1. I also found it confusing that you said work 2 hdc then said hdc twice. If they are the same thing then I think it would be less confusing to keep to the same terminology. Unless there is a reason for it that I am unaware of. Cute pattern, thank you!

  2. Awesome pattern. I love to crochet and I have over 8 succulents growing in my apartment. But still I can’t wait to make these for me and as gifts. Soooo cute. Great job!!!

  3. Hello,
    I followed the link for the suggested yarn and it goes to Caron. Is this this yarn brand you used?
    The yarn color is perfect! Please, exactly which one did you use?
    Thank you the pattern!

  4. These are precious! I may have to make them for my mom, she can’t keep flowers in water alive for more than a day. I have a little succulent I named Alyss, she’s happy and healthy and a lot bigger than when I got her :-)

    But succulents just need a little water once a week, and they’re forgiving if you forget to water them a day or two after you’re supposed to, I found.

    Beautiful patterns, can’t wait to do this one!

    1. I think my problem may have been OVER-watering, because I’m so scared of killing ANOTHER plant, haha! I need to try again. A little water once a week is helpful! I have kept a cactus alive in my office for 3 years now, maybe I am ready to move up to a real, live succulent.

      1. Alyss is pretty small, I got her in a little vase that’s shaped like a petit tea-cup. There’s rocks around the top, so I just put enough water to get all of them wet, every Friday. She’s thriving off of it, and if you have to leave for a couple of weeks, just give ’em double what you normally would (or, if you’re having someone look after any pets, then ask them to water your little plant).

        Good luck!

  5. These are so cute. But sadly, in my house they’d be one more thing getting dusty. I have a very old house and the dust seeps me everywhere. Feathers and fabric collect the most. I may have to make these for my daughter who lives by the sea and LovES succulents and has dozens of real ones!

    Thank you for the patterns you share Beth.! Very appreciated.

    1. Oh yes, I can see that might be a problem! Maybe you could keep it in one of those glass orbs, that people use for air-plants?
      But I am sure your daughter will love them :)

  6. On the small plant after making the first part. And it says sl st 2… does the mean sl st in the next 2 stitches?

  7. This pattern is super cute, but I think the crochet directions could be a bit more clear. Instead of saying “work 8 times” for the small plant, i believe it should read “repeat 8 more times”.

    1. I don’t say “repeat” because it implies working once then repeating the indicated number of times. For instance, if the instructions said repeat once, that would be working it a total of two times. It is worked a total of 8 times, that cuts down the confusion (confusion that I have had to explain the past).

      1. So how about “repeat 7x for 8 stitches or petals or whatever. I haven’t read the pattern yet, but I always appreciate an expected total count at the end of each step. It’s funny how some of us don’t have any problems and others of us go right off the rails with imprecise terms lol
        Thanks so much for your free patterns, btw, I got sucked in by the adorable succulents. I’m with on killing succulents. Until lately. They prefer to be ignored rather than fussed over, I’ve found. Yay, I can do that!

    1. Isn’t it awful!? I bought a couple cactuses last year, and have managed to keep them alive thus far! They must be hardier than succulents, haha!

  8. The succulent patterns are so awesome! Thank you for posting them! Do you happen to have a pattern for an aloe vera plant?

  9. Beautiful! I love gardening too and succulents are marvellous! I have two pots filled with succulents at the backdoor and they look good all year round. So thank you for the pattern!