Tip Tuesday is a weekly post on Whistle and Ivy sharing one awesome tip to help make your crochet hobby easier and even more fun! This week’s tip comes from Marie from Underground Crafter. She shares how to fix a foundation chain that is too short or too long. 

how to fix a crochet foundation chain that has too many or too few chains without pulling out work

Happy Tuesday everyone! We have been in our new home for about 3 days and I am making good progress on getting the house unpacked. My craft room still needs a lot of work, but since I haven’t crocheted anything in over week, I decided to take a day or two off. Self care is important, even if it means putting off chores for a bit! PLUS I haven’t released a new pattern on my blog for far too long (Releasing my Plaid Course, then moving homes required me to put some of my WIP’s on the back burner). 


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Today’s fabulous tip is provided by Marie from Underground Crafter. I am sure you have found yourself in this situation: you are making a long scarf or blanket and you spend 10 minutes working your foundation chain only to realize at the end of the 1st row of the pattern that you miscounted! This is frustrating as I have done this many times.  Until today I thought the only fix was to frog the whole project and start over (taking extra extra care to make sure my count is correct. 

Thanks to Marie’s fix, there is an easy to fast way to fix both a too-long chain and a too-short chain!
Head over to Marie’s blog to read all the details. It’s so so easy. I love this crochet tip! 

Enjoy your Tuesday! 

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