Introducing my Dreambox! This craft room cabinet has space for all your crafting supplies and creates a space for you to create, make and enjoy your hobbies. Finally solve your clutter problems and get your supplies organized. This post is brought to you by Create Room. All opinions are honest and 100% my own. This post also contains affiliate links, thank you for your support!

If you have been a long-time reader of mine, you have probably gathered that I am a chronic clutterer and a bit of a disorganized person.

I have tried to fight it over my life, but I have learned to cope with the after effects with a semi-regular routine of mass-decluttering and sorting. In other words, I gather clutter for about 2 weeks and then spend 2 days putting it all in totes and boxes. My poor husband has endless patience as he deals with my messy self.

This is particularly frustrating as a creative person because all my creative supplies are subject to the same cluttery mess as the rest of my life.

I used to have a full room for my supplies, which was better but still not ideal (still lots of clutter on all the surfaces!) When Cubbie was born, I had to pull out all my stuff and stored it in various places around my house. Most of the boxes and totes went under my bed. I have a couple mismatched shelves that I filled with bins and placed in my bedroom (yes, three corners of my bedroom had crafty clutter). Cubbie’s large closet was also a depository for a clutter of things.

These photos are after I tidied it up quite a bit.

Quite honestly, all this clutter completely zaps the fun out of creating and crocheting.
Where is my H hook?
I know I have safety eyes somewhere…
Ack, I need my measuring tape!
Do I really have time to search for 45 minutes?

I knew I needed a real solution. I needed a permanent home for all my stuff.

Enter the Dreambox.
Yes, it’s a dream. It’s a dream because it holds everything. Ev-er-y-thing.
All my pretty scrapbook paper, all my vinyl, all my jewelry-making supplies, all my notions, my collection of Safety Eyes and backs, all my hooks and tools, markers and pens…you get the idea.

I cringe at the thought of all the time I wasted over the last several years searching through bins, boxes, drawers and closets trying to find the items I need.

All of this fits!

I also opted to get a couple extras:
– Overhead lighting: This is a nice, bright light that attaches to the hood, shining over your work station. Never work in the dim light!
– Extra side table: this doubles your workspace. It makes it easy and convenient to use my laptop while working on projects or using my cutting machine.

Check out my full tour + open-to-close video below!

Okay, here is my official review of the Create Room Dreambox:

– Room for everything. I was skeptical when I saw all my stuff laying on the floor in front of it, but once I put everything away I had room to spare. All my things have a home and this level of organization has lifted a heavy mental burden.

– Customizable. There are so many ways to put it together. Create Room will offer ideas but you can put it together in a way that make sense for you. I left out some shelves to make room for books and my square blocker.

– Design Aesthetic. This is huge for me as my Dreambox is residing right in my front entry room. It looks like a cute wardrobe folded up, but it’s bright, colorful and neat when open.

– Offers Visible Access. I love that the totes are clear. I need to visually see what I have to make a plan of action. With the Dreambox, I can see all my supplies; it makes it much easier to remember all the permanent homes for my things.

– It’s an entire workspace. This isn’t just storage. The desk, side table, lights and shelves underneath make it an entire place to create and work. Everything is within arms reach. Everything has a home.


– This Dreambox is an investment, however, Createroom offers affordable monthly plans, so no matter you budget, you should definitely look into it. I can’t express enough what a mental burden was lifted when I got all my stuff out of totes, boxes and bins and into a place where it’s actually usable. My hobbies are very important for my mental well-being.

– It’s a big job to put together. The excitement wore off just a tad during set up because even though I got the prebuilt service, it’s still a big job. Granted, I have kids that kept me busy during set up. Because of this, it took me a couple days to get it screwed together and all the shelving installed properly. This is not necessarily specific to Dreambox, as all large furniture would need to be built as well. I just wanted to mention it.

Honestly, those were the only cons I could think of. Yes, it was a job to put together, yes it’s an investment, but it’s so worth it to have the clutter problem finally solved.

Side note: I definitely recommend the prebuilt service. This way, the Dreambox will come in 4 pieces: the main cabinet, the two doors and the hood. I can’t comment on how it works without the prebuilt service, but it was a fairly big project putting it together prebuilt, I would imagine putting it together from scratch would be a pretty huge job.

So many reasons I absolutely love my Dreambox. Just the other day, my daughter asked me where my poster tape was. A couple weeks ago I would have cringed at the idea of having to dig around and find it. This time I just smiled and told her right where to get it!

I need to mention, a lot of my yarn I keep on large shelves in my garage because I prefer to keep my yarn one-skein deep for visual organizational purposes. However, it’s perfect for my tiny skeins that need to be kept in bins and of course more than perfect for all my other supplies. The Dreambox has been a life-changer!

Yessiree, the Dreambox comes with those little jars! I also grabbed a couple drawer organizers, so I definitely recommend those as well, they work perfectly for my Safety Eyes, jewelry supplies and other notions.

Also, I had a small stroke of genius and put a cheap sticky hook on the inside of one of the doors to hang my Cricut mats. One of my mats is a 24″ long and I haven’t had a place to put it until now. The mat is too thick to roll up so it has been stuffed between my desk and the wall for the last year. It finally has a home!

If you are ready to change your life with some serious organization, you can use my code to get $100 off! Use code WHISTLEANDIVY at checkout.

Check out all the ways you can customize YOUR Dreambox here.

What would you love most about the Dreambox? Let me know in the comments!


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