This gorgeous puff stitch hat and cowl is made with is a soft, warm comfy winter hat that isn’t overly heavy. Made with beautiful puff stitches and soft, squishy #5 yarn.
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Happy Christmas Eve Eve! I am about checked out over here, and fully ready for some R&R, but I had to share one last pattern with you in 2020, my Cloud Puff Hat (and cowl, if you get the PDF!).

I am releasing this hat in the hopes that you might find a few minutes to make it for yourself in your down time this holiday. It’s a pretty quick project, and perfect for the rest of dreary winter.

pretty crochet winter hat puff stitch crochet hat

crochet pattern puff stitch hat and owl with faux fur pom-pom

I am a huge sucker for beautiful off-white yarn!

pretty puff stitch crochet hat pattern free crochet pattern winter hat
beautiful crochet puff stitch pattern for hat

The puff stitch is just gorgeous. It’s truly complimented by the light, fluffy and squishy texture of Biggo. Biggo is difficult to describe because I haven’t worked with any other yarn like it! It’s chunky but light; warm but airy; and soft and fluffy!


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It’s a perfect choice for a warm hat, but I also made it into a beach cover up over the summer and its light texture was perfect for that project as well.

Ready to dive in?!


What you need:
– 10 mm Hook
4 hanks Biggo Yarn (in Bare) (1 1/2 for hat, 2 1/2 for cowl)
Fable Fur Yarn (or pom-pom of your choice)

Abbreviations: US Terms
Ch – chain
Sc – single crochet
Hdc – Half Double crochet
Sl st – Slip Stitch
St – stitch

Gauge: 16 sc = 8″


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Ch 1 does not count as a stitch. Always work the first st in the same st as the chain. Join with the first st of the round, not the beginning chain.

pretty crochet puff stitch pattern crochet pattern winter hat fall hat faux fur pom-pom

The puff stitch is worked a bit differently, so I have a video below showing where to insert your hook for this hat (please disable your ad-blocker if the video isn’t loading for you)

1. Start with a sc foundation of 39 sts. It should be about 18″ and should stretch easily and comfortably to 21-22″.
Being careful not to twist, join with a sl st with the first st forming a large ring. (39 sts)

2. Ch 1. Work a 3-hdc puff stitch in next st. *Ch 1. Sk next st. Work a 3-hdc puff stitch in next st* repeat across remaining stitches. Join with first st.
(39 sts)

3. – 14. Ch 1. Work a 3-hdc puff stitch in the right side loop of the previous puff stitch. *Ch 1. Sk next st. Work a 3-hdc puff stitch in the right side loop of the previous puff stitch.* repeat across remaining stitches of the round. Join with first st. (39 sts) 

15. Ch 1. Sc in the right side loop of previous puff stitch. *Sc in next ch 1 space. Sc in the right side loop of previous puff stitch.* repeat across remaining stitches in the round. Join with first st. (39 sts) 


The foundation row will be the top of the hat. Turn the hat inside-out. Thread a long piece of yarn onto a large darning needle and sew a loose running stitch across the foundation row.

Pull ends firmly, cinching the top closed. Weave in ends to secure the top. Turn hat right-side out.

puff stitch crochet hat pattern

I highly recommend adding a pom-pom to your puff stitch hat! There are a few ways to make a pom-pom, but I have been crocheting my own with fur yarn and loving the result. This is yarn is called Fable Fur (also by WeCrochet!) and the color is a beautiful off-white called Eisbar.

Want to make one too? Learn how to make your crochet fur pom-pom HERE!

white faux fur crochet pom-pom for winter hat fall hat

crochet pattern snow puff stitch crochet hat fast easy crochet hat pattern for winter and fall warm hat

Happy Crochet Season and Warm Winter Wishes!


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