These darling crochet baby boat shoes look just like boat shoes or Sperry’s! Mama will love the trendy style and how soft and comfy these crochet booties are for Baby. These are great to make for your new little one, your toddler, or for an adorable baby shower gift! The free version includes 3-6 months, or you can get additional sizing, newborn – toddler, in the PDF from my shops! This post uses affiliate links, which means I earn a small commission from your purchase (click here for more info). Thanks for supporting Whistle and Ivy!

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Imagine the warm sun on your cheeks, the balmy cool breeze coming off sparkling water, the glug-glug sound of water hitting large rocks and docked boats nearby, and maybe the soft cry of a water fowl. Your cares cannot be recollected as in this moment you only feel warm, airy, and carefree.
This is all the feelings I encapsulated into a crochet baby shoe design.
A bit over the top?
But I designed it as a young mother, trying my best, feeling like a failure, and wanting that picture-perfect, carefree seaside lifestyle for my life.

These shoes were the closest I could get at the time, but completing them and putting the finished booties on my chubby baby’s feet brought feels that came pretty darn close to that picturesque description: warm, light and comf

(we lived in Vegas at the time, so “warm” is not the word I would use to describe the weather at the time…)

cute crochet baby shoes pattern baby boat shoes crochet pattern for baby boy or girl baby shower gift idea

These cute crochet boat shoes are stylish, classic, comfy for baby, quick to make and so lovely to gift. They use very little yarn, so I am fairly certain you have everything you need to whip up a pair right now.

crochet baby and toddler baby shoes boat shoes crochet pattern
Baby Boat Booties crochet booties fro baby boy crochet pattern


You’re tired of sifting through complicated tutorials and daunting patterns that leave you feeling overwhelmed.

Let me help.

Picture this:  
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I hope you enjoy this pattern! But please remember, the content contained herein is a copyrighted work, tediously designed by myself. Distribution of this pattern (or parts of it) in any way, digital or physical, or use of this pattern (or parts of it) to create your own patterns beyond personal use is strictly prohibited. You are welcome to sell what you make from this pattern, but please do not use any of my photos in your listings.

What you need: (affiliate links)
– 3.75mm Hook (or hook to achieve gauge)
– Medium Weight Yarn in your favorite Acrylic (Knit Picks Brava in 2 Colors)
Darning Needle

Gauge: 9 sc = 2″   (Gauge Pattern)


Get EIGHT sizes from newborn to Toddler size 9, available in the downloadable PDF! Where would you like to shop today?

blue crochet baby boat booties cute booties for baby boy crochet pattern
cute baby shoes cute crochet baby shoes crochet pattern boat shoes baby boat booties

[Update: For those who have made these before, I have made an update to the small straps, you no longer need to turn your work. Hoping this update will make the pattern much easier to work!]

3-6 Months (Approx. 4”)

Ch 11.

1. Work 3 sc in 2ndch from hook, sc in next 4 chs, hdc in next ch, dc in next 3 chs, 7 dc in last ch. Working across the opposite side: Dc in next 3 chs, hdc in next ch, sc in next 4 chs. Join with a sl st. (26 sts)

2. Ch 1. 2 sc in next 3 sts. Sc in next 9 sts. 2 sc in next 5 sts. Sc in next 9 sts. Join. (34 sts)

3. Ch 1. *Sc in next st, 2 sc in next st* work 3 times. Sc in next 9 sts. *Sc in next st, 2 sc in next st* work 5 times. Sc in next 9 sts. Join.  (42 sts)

4. Work this round in BLO: Sc in each st around (42 sts). Join with sl st and join second color.  5. Ch 1. Hdc in next st. Dc in next 7 sts. Hdc in next st. Sc in next 33 sts. Join. (42 sts)

6. Ch 1. Hdc in next st. Dc2tog. Dc in next 3 sts. Dc2tog. Hdc in next st. Sc in next 7 sts. Ch 4. Sc in 1st ch. Sl st into next st on shoe. Sc in next st. Sc2tog 7 times. Sc in next 2 sts. Ch 4. Sc in 1st ch. Sl st in next st on shoe. Sc in next 7 sts. Join. (33 sts, not counting 4 chains and sc)

7. Ch 1. Hdc in next st. Dc2tog. Dc in next st. Dc2tog. Hdc in next st. Sc in next 7 sts. Work 5 sc in 3-ch loop from previous round. (Starting in next sc) Sc in next 10 sts. Work 5 sc in 3-ch loop from previous round. (Starting in next sc) Sc in next 7 sts. Join. (39 sts) Tie off. 


Ch 5.
1. Sc 2nd ch from hook. Hdc in next 2 sts. Sc in last st. (4 sts) Turn.
2. Ch 1. Work 2 sc in same st. Hdc in next 2 sts. Work 2 sc in last st. (6 sts) Turn. 
3.- 6. Ch 1. Sc in each st across. Turn. (6 sts)
7. Ch 1 Sc in next st. Hdc in next 4 sts. Sc in next st.
Finish off. Leave a long tail. 


Attach to shoe with yarn needle and the tail. Start about 2 sts above the strap on the shoe, and go in and out with your needle, all around the toe and over to the other side. Make sure to secure the end very well. 

To finish, using white yarn (I prefer cotton) and a yarn needle, sew down through the hole in the left strap. Leave enough yarn on your end to tie a bow later.
Continue around the shoe, just under the top loops, and sew around the shoe. Finish by going up and out through the right loop. Trim yarn if needed. 

crochet baby boat shoes boat slippers crochet pattern for baby cute baby shower gift idea
darling cue crochet baby boat booties toddler boat shoes crochet pattern

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  1. Oh My these are SOO adorable!! They make me so wish I had a little one around still to make them for!! Pinning so others can enjoy this adorable design too. Thanks so much for sharing on Inspire Me Monday. Have a blessed weekend!!

  2. Thank you so much for another amazing shoe.💃 just finished making this and I added pompoms… Can’t wait to share it with you on insta 😎👌.

  3. Hi Bethany, I love this boat shoe pattern, the finished product always turns out so cute, and they actually stay on my baby’s feet really well. I do have a question: my heel always turns out a little crooked, and when I watched the video tutorial, It looks like you do your hdc2tog differently for this pattern. Does that make the difference to help keep the heel more even? Yours always look so straight and centered, and mine always draw to one side. I would love your thoughts, I want mine to look as cute as yours do! Thanks for sharing such a great pattern!!

      1. Thanks for the reply and the link! I am going to go back and watch the video again. I know when I first started I was having trouble with where exactly to join for new rounds. I “thought” I figured it out, but maybe I am doing something wrong there causing it to get off center… I am brand new to crochet, your baby flip flops were actually my first project, so anything is a possibility. I love that you do the videos and especially love that you put the written instructions in them to follow along in the pattern. I will re-watch the videos and see if I can catch my mistake(s). Thanks again :)

  4. Thanks a lot for sharing the pattern of this cute shoes. Though I have problem with the straps (Round 7). I have already watched your video several times, but still the straps don’t look ok. I tried the 3-6 months pattern.
    How many stitches of the body of the shoes are used for the strap?

    1. I am sorry you are having trouble! The straps take 3 sts across the body, but the written is slightly different than the video. That might be your trouble, and I apologize! I plan on reshooting this video as soon as I can.

      1. Thank you for your reply. I am looking forward to see the new video. I would like to suggest to use light / bright color yarn for your video tutorials, so it makes easier to see the stitches.
        Again, thanks for providing free patterns :)

  5. Hi Bethany! I am a beginner at crocheting. I have to even watch your videos on how to do certain stitches during crocheting. My first project are these cute boat shoes. I downloaded your free pattern but couldn’t view the instructions because of your watermark logo. It’s too dark and blocked most of the instructions. I am watching your videos too but the shoes I’m making are that of a 9-12mos baby. Please help. Would appreciate it very much. Thank you!

  6. I love these little shoes! I wanted to leave a comment in the hopes that it might help someone else out.
    I am kind of new at making booties and I have had the hardest time with this pattern. I watched the video and read all the comments hoping to gain some understanding. I redid them about six times, never getting the straps to line up right. So I finally gave up and went to try the monk booties. When I was working them, I got to the round that calls for you to stitch in the back loop only. That was when I gained some understanding. I realized that I was crocheting inside out. I guess that since the yarn naturally curled in as I was crocheting, I assumed that was the way the shoes were. When I realized that the right side of the sole was actually going to be the outer bottom of the shoe then the pattern worked out just great. I finished the monk booties and also these boat booties in about three hours tonight.
    I may well be the only person that doesn’t know this, but I thought I’d share just in case. I was watching your videos and I felt like I was looking in the mirror, but I couldn’t figure out why that was. Now, I know.
    Anyway, thanks for the beautiful patterns. I just love all of them!

    1. You’re so welcome! That’s funny, I actually did the same thing when I made my first pair several years ago, before I started designing. I so am glad you got it worked out :)

  7. Hi Bethany!!!
    I adore this pattern of yours!! But it is just not working when i tried to make one. I’ve been redoing the sole for a toddler size 6 over and over but the stitches just don’t add up (the stitch just don’t meet at st marker at Row 5). I’m a little confused by Step 4 & 5. If you do (Sc2.Sc2innextst)3times into (sc 1. Sc 2 in next st) 3 times, logically you will have extra of 3 stitches. Same goes with the (Sc2.Sc2innextst)5times. Do you get what i mean? I’ve watched your video over and over but I still can’t seem to find the problem. I really want to get this right cause i’m giving it to my little nephew who’s turning 1 soon.

    1. Thank you! Yes, you will have extra stitches, the toe and heel increase. That is why you work 2 singles in row 4, and only 1 single in row 3. Does that make sense? If you worked the same amount of stitches, the toe and heel would curl up like a hat, instead of staying flat like a doily.

      1. I get what you meant, but then when i reach Step 5 and did the ‘Sc44’, the stitch will never end at the stitch marker. Is it suppose to be like that as well??

          1. It came out short, every time. Will it be ok if I just continue till it meets the stitch marker?

          2. I am not sure, you can of course give it a try! But if it is coming out short, you are miscounting somewhere on the sole. Are you absolutely sure that you understand the increases? Your earlier question leads me to believe that might be where the problem is. Were you coming perfectly to the stitch marker up until then step 5?

    2. Hi, Bethany and Priscilla! Bethany, your patterns are lovely. I made Baby Little Dot Mary Janes Slipper without any problem. I made for my 3 months daughter and for my friend’s daughter as well. I want to make a pair of booties for her son. I am a beginner in crochetting. This is my first time. I have a problem with round 4 size 8 (toddler pattern). I did (Sc2.Sc2innextst)3times 14 sc (Sc2.Sc2innextst)5times. I have 22 sts to the marker instead of 14. I am confused. I can’t find my mistake. I have 52 sts in round 3 as per the pattern. Round 4 is with total 60 sts so the increase is of 8 sts. If I make 18 sc instead of 14 sc I will have a nice shape of the sole :)

      1. Hi! Thank so much! The increase has an extra single in between them, as opposed to only one in the previous round (i.e. sc, sc, sc 2 in the next st). Does that make sense? You will work a total of 4 sts over 3, where in the previous round you worked 3 sts over 2.

        1. OMG! I didn’t understand the pattern correct. Sorry! I am a beginner and I learn now how to crochet and to read the patterns :) The pattern is(Sc2.Sc2innextst)3times 14 sc (Sc2.Sc2innextst)5times which was read by me like this: (sc2 in st sc2 in next st)3 times 14 sc (sc2 in st sc2 in next st) 5 times. I know now that it must be read ( sc1 sc1 sc2 in next st) 3 times . I made the sole! So happy! Thank you for the help.

  8. I love all your patterns they’re so adorable but I have the WORST time viewing them on a smart phone (windows & android) or tablet (android). It’s not just this pattern it’s all of them. The watermark on the pdf turns from a transparent grey to a black so dark you can’t see the text that runs on top of it. I’ve tried several different things to try and get it readable but haven’t had much luck, I’ve never seen that happen before. Desktop pdf versions look fine, but my printer doesn’t work so I’ve got to hand copy everything if I want to knit on the go.

    1. Thank you so much! I am sorry! They look fine on all my devices but mine are all Apple. Did you try opening in Adobe Reader?

      1. Yes, that’s viewing them through the official adobe reader apps. My tablet is android (kindle fire HD8) and just out of curiosity I viewed it on my husbands android smartphone (galaxy s4) and it looked perfect. :/ I think it’s a new os on his phone. I guess my electronics just hate me!

  9. Hi Bethany,
    I too, like some here, am having the problem of getting the 2 straps to correspond correctly following the pattern for 9-12 months.At the end of the 1st strap at step 7, the pattern says Sc13. This seems to be bringing the beginning of the 2nd strap too far back towards the heel.
    I would appreciate it if you would kindly look into this.
    Thank you.

    1. Are you joining your second color at the correct place? This has been the source of most people’s problems. Don’t undo your work! Just work less sc sts until the straps appear even and finish out the row.

  10. These are cute. I followed your video pattern, it was easy to follow. Going to make some shoes for my son and nephew. Love your site [:

      1. Hi Bethany, I haven’t tried your patterns yet, I will. I want to say your work is beautiful, also thanks for noting on your page limitations of what your readers can and can’t do. I have been crocheting for a long time, not as well as you and others, I must say going on YouTube has helped me in learning how to read the patterns. Not all:))

  11. Your pattern is outstanding! I had absolutely no problems figuring this out, even without the video tutorial. Although, I did cheat and check it out for getting the toe flap right. :) I made two pairs of these adorable shoes today, and will be making many more! My almost 12mo old wore them today and they stayed on very well. That is so important with handmade baby shoes… and any shoes for that matter. These are nice and snug and I love that you can tighten them up a bit with the shoestring.
    Thanks so very much for an awesome pattern!

    1. You are SO very welcome! Thank you for taking the time to let me know that you liked the pattern. It means a lot :) Have a wonderful week!

  12. I want to make these for my 7 month old but for some reason, I can’t find your pattern for the sole. Can you help me out with that?

  13. Thank you so much for the pattern! I taught myself to crochet about 8 weeks ago just so I could make baby items for my sister who is 43 and expecting a boy and a girl later this year. I have tried probably a dozen baby shoe and bootie patterns the last two weeks, some free and some purchased, and have not achieved as good as a result. Your pattern was easy to follow, quick and my results were perfect the first time! Finally I feel like I am not a total failure crocheting baby shoes!

    1. Oh my goodness, you are so welcome! Thanks for taking the time to leave such a sweet comment, it means so much :) Congratulations to your sister! Happy crocheting to you!!

  14. I have repeatedly worked the sole for the 9-12 month size, and the last part of step 2 says to sc13, but after 12 I am on top of my stitch marker. I am diligently counting and working the stitches in the pattern, but I am new to the world of crochet and have no idea where I am going wrong with this. Maybe I am not placing the stitch marker correctly? Is there a trick to knowing where to place it?

    1. Hm. There isn’t really a trick. Did you watch the video tutorial? It is for the 3-6 month, but maybe it will give you an idea of where you might be going wrong. Although, you really should be right on top of it, because you are working in the round. You are coming back to exactly where you started. If you are not there yet, or you worked past it, then you are off.

      1. Thanks for responding – I did watch the video tutorial while I was working on it (by the way, your videos are great help!) I think what I will do is try it again, placing the stitch marker where I did before, and then move it over one, since that’s where I seemed to be off each time. Hopefully it works out! I am really enjoying learning how to read patterns, and these baby booties are teaching me a lot. Thanks!

          1. I gave up and decided to try the 6-9 month size and so far it is working! I have a question about the 9-12 month pattern: In step two, the single crochet instructions are 12 and then 13. In all the other sizes, the single crochet counts are the same (7, 9, and 11). Could this be the source of my problem?

  15. I need 2 more stitches to get to the stitch marker. I made the little mary janes with no problems. Not sure what i am doing wrong

  16. I am having trouble with the 6-9m size when I get to the toe straps. I’ve been moving my marker up and have the right number of stitches. But after I complete Ch 1. Sc in same st. Sc. Dc2tog 3 times. Sc 8. and then complete the strap and sc 13 the straps are not even. one is way back and the other is too close to the front.

  17. These are sooo adorable , but I can’t get it right. :( I am trying to make the 0-3. I use the markers but it isn’t turning out right. Step 1 has 25 stitches. Step 2 has 30. Step 3 has 50 the Step 4 says to sc around 38 St’s. How do I go from 50 St’s to 38. I love these shoes and want to make them for my nephew. Thank you so very much for sharing your pattern. I hope this makes sense and you can help me. Thanks again and God Bless.

    1. Thank you! Hm. Where are you getting your numbers? The first round should only have 22 sts. It sounds like you might not be doing the increases correctly. 2 sc in the 3 sts around the heel and the 5 around the toe, and then for the next round, you will work 1 single in between the doubles for the increase. I have a video for the sole, it might help you. It is the 3-6 month size, but the theory is the same, the length will be different, but the toes and heel will be worked the same.

      1. On the same size (0-3) my straps aren’t coming out even. Yes I’m using a stitch marker and proper hook. And I count every section (e.i. Hdc, dc2tog, dc3, dc2tog, hdc). This is the third shoes I’ve tried to make.

          1. I did it twice last night. But working on the same sole. They just came out even. I don’t know what happened.

          1. Did you by chance watch the video? It is a 3-6 month size, but the differences are in length, and it’s helpful for all sizes. I am thinking you may have missed an increase.(which would be unnoticeable, because you would still come back to your st marker until the next round) Let me know if you still can’t figure it out! I will help you get it finished.

          2. I go back and count the increases. And every section. Everything lines up except the straps.

          3. I am so sorry! That is very frustrating :( I just worked up a pair and they came out perfect so I am sure there is no error in the pattern. The only thing I can think is 1) you are not joining the new color in the right place 2) you are overlooking a couple sneaky stitches on accident. (For instance, step 7 – Sc in same st. SC.) Take a look at the video and see if it can help you. (if you haven’t already). Take a break and come back! And let me know if you need more help.

  18. I’m using a g hook. It is slightly larger then the pattern calls for. I crochet pretty tightly and my finished product is always smaller than it should be. But with these shoes I’ve used worsted yarn and regular yarn and they aren’t coming out the size they should be.