This crochet heart stitch hat is much easier to work than it looks and you will love the cute little hearts the design creates. Use different colors to make your crochet hat pop! This post uses affiliate links (click here for more info). I earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you for supporting Whistle and Ivy!

We don’t have a large celebration of Valentine’s Day in our house. The Boy isn’t in school yet, so there’s no need to spend weeks planning Pinterest-perfect Valentines for his classmates, but I do think the sentiment is nice, and there’s nothing wrong with reflecting and thinking about ways we can better show our love to our family and friends. So in that way, I am not a total Valentine’s Day Grinch. But even if you are, this Crochet Heart Stitch Hat (Puppy Love Slouchy) is a super cute and comfy slouchy that can be worn all winter long.

crochet heart stitch hat free crochet pattern slouchy hat

crochet heart stitch hat crochet pattern



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What you need: 

Abbreviations: (American Terms)
Ch – Chain
Sc – Single Crochet
Hdc – Half Double Crochet
Dc – Double Crochet
Sk – Skip
St – Stitch
Sl st – Slip Stitch
BLO – Back Loops Only

Gauge: 14 dc = 4″

Special Stitch:
3-dc cluster: Yarn over, insert hook. Yarn over, pull through st (3 loops on hook). Yarn over, pull through first 2 loops (2 loops remaining on hook). Yarn over, insert in same st. Yarn over, pull through. Yarn over, pull through first 2 loops (3 loops remaining on hook). Yarn over, insert into same st. Yarn over, pull through. Yarn over and pull through first 2 loops. Yarn over, pull through all 4 remaining loops. If it’s easier to understand, it’s a basically a dc3tog worked all in the same st.

Watch a video tutorial here:  


The written pattern below is for size Small Adult/TEEN. You can find a PDF  that includes 4 sizes,  Adult-Baby in my shops. The PDF is formatted for easy crocheting on-the-go or for easy printing, it doesn’t include ads or comments. Where would you like to shop today?



Ch 8.
1. Hdc in 2nd ch from hook. Hdc in each ch. Turn. (7 sts)
2.  Ch 2. Hdc in same st. Hdc in next 6 its in BLO. Hdc in last st, going through both loops. Turn. (7 sts).
Don’t tie off after last row.

Repeat row two until your band reaches about 18″ – 19″ for adult. 

You will get this measurement by gently stretching your band and measuring the length, not the pre-stretch length. You want the hat to be snug and due to differences in yarn stretchiness, I am not providing a row count. Instead, use your measuring tape. Don’t break yarn. 

Want more heart stitch patterns?


1. Fold the band in half, and using the loop from the last hdc, pull it through and sl st down the side, forming a band. Don’t tie off. 
Turn the band, so the seam is on the inside and your loop is at the top.
Beginning where you left off sewing the band: Ch 1. Sc in same sp. 
From here, you will sc around the band until you have 72 total stitches. Join with a sl st with the first st, using 2nd color.

[convertkit form=711319]

2. Ch 1. Dc 4 in same st. Ch 1. Sk 5 sts. *Dc 4 in next st. Ch 1. Sk 5 sts* work 11 times. Join with a sl st with the first st using Dove Heather. (60 sts)

crochet heart stitch tutorial

3. Ch 2. Sc in middle of shell (not in a st, in the space between the stitches). Ch 2. Work a 3-dc cluster in the 3rd st of the 5 skipped sts from the previous round. *Ch 2. Sc in middle sp of shell. Ch 2. Work a 3-dc cluster in 3rd sk st from previous round* repeat all around the hat. Join with a sl st with first chain. (72 sts)

crochet heart stitch tutorial

4. Ch 2. Dc in same st. Dc in each st around. Join with sl st. (72 sts)
Join 3rd color. (You can work in BLO this row for ease-of-use).

5. – 13. Repeat rows 2 – 4 respectively, changing colors when you make the hearts row.
14. Ch 2. Dc in same st. *Dc2tog, dc in next st* work 23 times. Work a dc2tog with last 2 sts. (48 sts)
15. Ch 2. Dc in each st around. (48 sts)
16. Ch 2. Dc2tog all around. (24 sts) Tie off.

To close the hat, turn it inside out. Put a length of yarn on your needle and sew in and out each stitch across the top. Pull it tight, cinching the top closed. Tie a very sturdy knot and clip end.

Finish with a pom pom on top (get the tutorial here).

heart stitch crochet slouchy hat free crochet pattern

Do you love Valentine’s Day, or are you a V-day grinch? ;)


crochet heart stitch hat pretty little hearts free crochet pattern

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  1. Hi, cute hat! You mentioned that you wouldn’t give a row count instead use a measuring tape but what if the measurement doesn’t give enough for 72 stitches or gives more than 72 stitches or maybe I’m not understanding the pattern explanation…what do I do then? Please help. I l would love to do these hats for christmas….Thanks for your assistance.

    1. Hi Michele! You make 72 sts work with the band you have. Since you aren’t working in stitches, you just find a space to work and work your stitch there. It helps to visually divide your band into fourths, and try to work approx. 18 sts in that amount of space, then you know you are on the right track.

  2. I’ve made this hat almost every year since posted so that my son can give it to a special friend/teacher/bus driver. He’s graduating high school this year and actually wants one for himself this year! Black with teal hearts/Pom Pom. Thanks so much!!

  3. Hi! Thank you for this awesome pattern! I’m just wondering why the child size hat calls for 4.5 hook and the toddler calls for a 6.? Any clarification would be appreciated!
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Tracey! The gauge on this hat was a bit tricky, so switching hooks helps get the correct fit. The stitch difference was too drastic of a change because of the repeat, so moving down hooks worked best to get the sizing right. Does that make sense?

  4. Love this!! I just finished making my first one. Do you have any tips on how to make the hearts more heart shaped? Your hearts look much more like hearts than mine.

  5. Can this stitch( puppy love) be made into a messy bun hat? I made the scarf and would love to try it in a messy bun hat style.

  6. Hi my name is Rhonda and I was wondering if the Puppy Love beanie could be worked with a FPDC and BPDC band instead of the ribbed band?

    1. Hi Rhonda! Yes you can do that! I would start with a dc foundation of 72 sts, join, then work the fpdc and bpdc ribbing. Then follow the pattern to finish.

  7. I am making the Puppy Love Heart hat, which is more important on the ribbed band 46 rows or 15″. I am on row 41 but measure 17″


    1. The actual length. Please note, the length is only accurate before stretching it to see if it fits your head. You do want a snug fit, though.

  8. I made one of these (intended for myself) but my 2 girls loved it soooo much, that I never got to wear it! I am definitely making more this winter. You are awesome! LOVE your patterns! I posted pictures on my blog ( linking back to your site. Love, love, love!

  9. Hi Bethany,
    Wanted to tell you I am a big fan of all your designs, you create such beautiful things! I have done the slouchy hat and the boat shoe slippers and I must tell you I had absolutely no problems with following your written instructions. I personally found them well written. I thought you should know that.

      1. You are so very welcome…and deserving! :)

        Curious, have you seen the “Striping Shells Hat” over at the site? I must say, I like your design so much better for some reason.


          1. With the exception of the brim (which was FPDC) it was exactly the same. At first I thought it was you until I saw the designer name that was listed for the pattern. Can I send a pic of it to you?

  10. My gauge must be way off, cause even with a j hook my band wasn’t long enough to go around my head :( I did 48 rows of hdc to make it fit and am doing 84 dc for the first row

  11. Omgeez! I just finish making this hat with the pompom for my 7yr old and it came out beautiful! She loved it! Thank you so much for the pattern and the clear precise instructions with pictures. You Rock!

  12. I did the 39 rows for the band. H hook and med weight yarn. NO way this will fit and I have a small head. Super cute pattern though.

  13. Hi Bethany and thank you for this lovely pattern.

    I’d love to see a You Tube video for this too and/or more photos of the steps.

    I’m also really struggling with the 72 stitch count. Did you day this should actually be 60?

    Thank you :)