This modern boho-style crochet arrows blanket square makes a pretty addition to your current patchwork afghan blanket or would make a lovey blanket of all-arrows! Add some fringe and tassels for some extra style. Snuggle under your new cozy and modern crochet blanket or display it beautifully on your sofa or blanket ladder.
This project was part of a collaboration with the Joy Creators, a group of bloggers for Red Heart. Yarn was provided for this project by Red Heart, but no other compensation was provided. 

I am part of a fun group, call the Joy Creators. We occasionally work with Red Heart Yarns on various projects and it’s fun being in a group with other indie crochet designers. Last year, one of our own got married and we wanted to make a special (surprise) blanket for her for a wedding gift! We worked separately on our designs (mine being this Boho Crochet Arrows Blanket Square) and then sent them in to one person to have them stitched together and to have a border added. It was such a thrill to finally see the finished blanket after months of preparation. You can see the full blanket with all the squares here. 
Isn’t it lovely? 

As part of the project, we decided to turn the blanket into a CAL. I, unfortunately, have failed you in that I haven’t introduced you to the CAL until now. Fortunately, crochet blanket squares are usually quick and easy to work so I think you can catch up! (or work at your own pace, of course).  You could even browse through all the patterns and pick a few favorites to make the whole blanket.
Read the CAL deets here.  

My contribution is this Boho Crochet Arrows Blanket Square, which is made up of simple sc stitches and a cute graph. I have really been enjoying graph work and I feel it adds a modern touch to classic crochet projects like blankets. 

Because of the way the square is made, the square looks the same on both sides! 

If you are new to color work or would like a refresher, I have a video to give you some help. (if the video doesn’t load, please disable your ad-blocker, as it prevents the video from loading). 

Ready to start the square? Let’s jump in! 


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PLEASE read my Disclaimer before working my free patterns! 

What you need: (affiliate links)
5.5mm Hook
Chic Sheep by Marly Bird (less than 1 skein each of Suede, Linen and VIP) 
Darning Needle

Abbreviations: US Terms
Ch – chain
Sc – single crochet
Sl st – Slip Stitch
St – stitch

Gauge: 3″ = 11 sc  (Gauge Pattern)

Finished square measures 12″ x 12″

[convertkit form=711319]

Pattern Notes:
On rows 12, 24 and 36, work the colored yarn all the way across. This will put both bobbins on the same end. When you get to the other bobbin, carry it for one stitch so you don’t have to stretch it across two rows when you need it again. On rows 13, 25,  37, carry the colored yarn back through the mostly blue row so you have it on the other side again. 

Ch 41. 
1. Sc in 2nd ch from hook. Sc in each ch. Turn. (40 sts)
2. – 46. Work the chart, treating each square as a sc stitch. You will begin each row with a ch 1, working the first st in the same st as the chain.  You will turn after each row. Please refer to the pattern notes for tips on carrying the yarn on certain rows.

Don’t tie off. 

1. Continuing where you left off on row 48 with Blue, turn. Ch 1. Sc across the top, work 3 sc in last st. Turn piece 90 degrees and work 38 sc down the side. Work 3 sc in last space. Sc across the bottom, working 3 sc in last st. Work 38 sc up the remaining side. Work 2 more sc in first st of the row (for a total of 3 in the corner. Join with a sl st. (164 sts)
2. Join Suede.
Ch 1. Work in back loops only.  Sc in same st. Sc in each st across, leaving last st unworked. Work 3 sc in next st (the corner).  * Sc in each st across next side leaving last st unworked. Work 3 sc in last st (the corner).* work 3 times. Join. (172 sts)

3. (Still working in BLO)
Ch 1. Sc in same st. Sc in each st across, leaving last st unworked. Work 3 sc in next st (the corner). * Sc in each st across next side leaving last st unworked. Work 3 sc in last st  of the side(the corner).* work 3 times. Sc in last st of the round. Join. (180 sts)
Tie off and weave in all ends. 

Be sure to block your crochet arrows blanket square for a nicer, cleaner finished square. I have a few tips on how to do this that you can read here (I highly recommend the Chetnanigans Blocking Board!) 

To get all the patterns for the other squares, head over the Marly Bird’s blog. Check back often, as the new patterns are being posted from now until June 26th! 

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