Introducing an upcoming Crochet Along! Work along as we make this darling Poca the Bear or Poca the Bear Lovey! Both patterns use basic stitches and the color work on the blanket looks deceivingly difficult (its actually very easy!). This post contains affiliate links which means I get a very small commission at no extra cost to you. 

It’s been far too long since I have planned a crochet along (CAL). I love seeing the flow of individual flair on the same project and it’s so fun to all work together on the same thing.

This bear has been a very special project for me and has taken me quite some time to perfect. When my son was in the PICU after his accident he was given a teddy bear from a family friend. He loved how floppy the bear’s the arms and legs were and I loved its sweet face. It was special to him, which made it special to me.

Months later, I set out to create a crochet version. It was a lot of trial and error, changing my mind, sending off to testers, changing my mind again, making last minute changes…etc. But it’s finally completed and I am so excited to share it with you. (I even have plans for some fun variations 🥰)


This CAL will be a bit different than the other ones I have done. This pattern will be a premium pattern and will be available in my Ravelry and Etsy shops, however, during the CAL, those who participate will be able to get the pattern parts for free on my blog.

Also, the other difference is the CAL will only be available to my email tribe! If you are interested in joining in the fun,  be sure to sign up for my emails.

Psst: There is absolutely no charge to subscribe to my emails!  Read all the benefits of becoming part of Whistle and Ivy  here. 


You’re tired of sifting through complicated tutorials and daunting patterns that leave you feeling overwhelmed.
Let me help.

Picture this:  
🧶 Joining a thriving community of fellow crocheters who share your passion.
📚 Access to our ENTIRE library of patterns that will buildsyour confidence.
🎁 Gifting handcrafted treasures to be cherished by your loved ones.
🌟 Modern, easy-to-follow patterns that will leave you feeling accomplished.

It’s time to make your crafting experience as joyful as it should be. We can’t wait to meet you!

Okay, here are the CAL deets.


Mark you calendars for Monday, March 25th, 2022.


Beginning the Monday of March 25, I will send an email on each day of the CAL that contains a link to that day’s part of the CAL. Links will not be shared any other place other than the email, so be sure you whitelist my emails so you don’t miss any. The pattern parts will be available for 7 days after the day it’s released. You can either print the pages to keep the pattern or you can buy the ad-free PDF at the end of the CAL for 50% off my shop price.


To make Poca the Bear Plushy:
3.5 mm hook 
1 skein of Red Heart Soft in Cocoa
– Small amount of black for the nose
Polyfil Stuffing 
10mm Safety Eyes
Darning Needle 

To make Poca the Bear Lovey: 
3.5mm hook 
– (>1 skein each) Red Heart Soft in Cocoa, Coral, Sea Foam, Off White, Light Dove Heather
– Small amount of black for nose
Polyfil Stuffing
10 mm Safety Eyes
Darning Needle

I hope you join me ❤️



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  1. Hi! Are you planning anymore clothing items for Poca/Vincent/Violet? If so, can I request a T-Shirt? I think a little shirt would look so cute under the overalls!

    Thank you for the excellent patterns!!

  2. I subscribed to Poca the Bear CAL from the beginning and have only received 3 parts. I have been trying to get the parts from your eamils and they say the page is not found. How can get the rest of the pattern

  3. Hello!

    I subscribed to the Teddy CAL long before March 25th and didn’t receive any mail (also checked the Spam)….Can you help me please?

    1. Oh I wish you would have reached out sooner! The links for the CAL have expired, but if you send me an email, I can give you the subscriber-only 50% code to get the PDF pattern from my shop.

      1. I totally forgot when the CAL was going to start and wondered, why I didn’t get any information…. Can you tell me where I can write to you per email?

  4. I signed up for your CAL Poco bear and received all of them up to Day #5. This is my fault I clicked on the link to stop receiving the emails by mistake. Is it possible to receive the remaining instructions? Thank you so much for your help!

    1. I would like this bear pattern I accidentally clicked onto the link saying that I wasn’t interested but I am.

  5. I have only received two days of the CAL – Day 1 and Day 2. Your are on my VIP email list. Where can I find day 3,4, and 5? Thank you.

  6. Bethany, I still cannot access the CAL – very frustrating – it says the same thing as y
    it did yesterday – cannot access the site.

    1. I am sorry, I don’t know how to help! This does not appear to be a widespread problem, I don’t even know how to help. Have you tried different browsers or clearing your cache?

  7. I’m only getting the CAL email on the odd numbered days, not sure what’s happening. Can you check this out for me. Thanks.