This crochet plaid hat is a classic. You need one in every color! You will love this fun and unique crochet plaid technique! Once you start crochet plaid, you can’t stop. The free pattern includes instruction for adults, but you can get additional sizing in the downloadable PDF!
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crochet plaid hat free crochet pattern how to crochet plaid

Growing up, we spent most of our holidays in the very tip-top of Utah at my Grandma’s house. She made delicious meals, personal-sized pies for each grandchild, and the most amazing cheeseball you ever tasted. It was always snowy and wonderful. My grandpa, a retired dairy farmer, also wore a plaid jacket around the house during the cold months, and I especially remember it during our Christmas get-together. Every time I see red and black checked plaid, it reminds me of those wonderful snowy Christmas’s surrounded by family and my beloved grandparents. I don’t incorporate a ton of plaid into my wardrobe (I don’t wear a lot of red), but it screams HOLIDAY to me, and I love how this crochet plaid  hat turned out, perfect for this time of year!

black and white plaid hat crochet plaid how to work crochet plaid
crochet red buffalo plaid hat for women with pom-pom

This crochet plaid hat is almost ALL dc stitches (yay!), and works up pretty quickly. The color changes can slow you down a bit, but I made this hat in just a couple hours. My first plaid hat I put a yarn pom-pom on top which was okay, but when so many people suggested adding a fur pom-pom I decided I must give it a try! Quite a winning combination, I must say. 

red and black buffalo plaid fall hat winter hat free crochet pattern crochet plaid hat pattern
crochet buffalo technique hat for kids free crochet pattern red and black buffalo plaid hat

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Watch a video tutorial for how to make a women’s size crochet plaid hat: 

What you need: 
Medium Weight Yarn (Knit Picks Brava in Red, Wine and Black, plus Dove Heather for pom-pom)
I Hook
Darning Needle

Abbreviations: (click for videos)
St – Stitch
Sc – Single Crochet
Ch – Chain
Hdc – Half Double Crochet
Dc – Double Crochet

Gauge: 14 dc = 4″ (gauge pattern)

This free version includes one size: Women/Teen.  You can get a downloadable PDF with all 6 sizes (Newborn, 6-12 months, Toddler, Child, Women, Men). 

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Note: The height of the hat is a slouchy fit, to make it more fitted, simply work fewer rows. 

Ribbed Band (use black)
Ch 7. 
1. Hdc in 2nd ch from hook. Hdc 5. Turn. (6 sts)
2. Ch 1. Hdc in same st. Hdc 4 in BLO. Hdc in last st, going through both loops. Turn. (6 sts)

Repeat row two until your band reaches about 18″ – 19″ for adult. 

You will get this measurement by gently stretching your band and measuring the length, not the pre-stretch length. You want the hat to be snug and due to differences in yarn stretchiness, I am not providing a row count. Instead, use your measuring tape. Don’t break yarn.

Note: You can make the hat band longer to make the hat larger ( or visa versa). When you begin the hat body, make sure your first round is worked in multiples of 6. 

Fold long piece in half and sl st up the side, making a band. Turn so the seam is on the inside and your loop is at the top. 

Hat Body: 
1. Continuing where you left off from the band, Ch 1 and sc in same space. Sc all around the top of the band, achieving a total of 71 sts (multiples of 6 minus 1) . Join with a sl st. 

Watch this video to see why the “minus 1” in the multiples: 

Join Wine. 
2. Ch 2. Dc in same st. Begin a 2nd dc, but finish the final pull through with black. Drop wine and carry it through the next 3 stitches. Work 2 dc with black. Finished 3rd dc with wine. Continue this pattern all around the hat. Join with a sl st. (71 sts)

how to crochet buffalo plaid step one

Join Red.
3. Ch 2. Dc in same st. Begin a 2nd dc, but finish the final pull through with Wine. Drop Red and carry it through the next 3 stitches. Work 2 dc with Wine.  Finished 3rd dc with Red. Continue this alternating pattern all around the hat. Join with a sl st. (71 sts)

how to crochet buffalo plaid step 2

4. – 15. Repeat rows 2 and 3 respectively until you reach 14 total rows. 
Tie off your yarn and weave in ends. 

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how to crochet buffalo plaid

Alternately, to give your hat a bit more stretch, you can carry the yarn behind instead of working it inside. This gives you the strings on the inside of the hat, however, so you can decide which way you prefer.

You can also make the hat with larger-sized color blocks. To do this, just make sure your count will work with 72 sts (minus one). For the black and white hat, I made my blocks 8 sts wide, 3 rows tall. The multiple needs to be 16 (the width of two blocks) so you don’t end up with two blocks of the same color meeting up at the seam.

black and white crochet plaid hat with fur pom pom free crochet pattern

To close the hat, cut a length of yarn longer than the circumference of the hat and thread it through your darning needle. Turn your hat inside-out. Sew a running stitch all around the top of the hat.

running stitch across the top of a buffalo plaid hat

Once you reach the beginning, pull the thread tight cinching the hat closed.  Tie a firm and sturdy knot. Clip ends. Turn hat right-side out.

Make and attach a pom-pom, you can make it with yarn or fur or plush sherpa! Learn how here.

crochet buffalo plaid hat with a cinched top
buffalo plaid buffalo check hat pattern for kids free crochet pattern
crochet pattern for kids with faux fur pom-pom free crochet pattern

Are you mad about crochet plaid?!
I hope you love your new crochet plaid hat :)

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crochet red buffalo plaid hat for women

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  1. Bethany,
    Love love love your Plaid Hat pattern!!
    My 3 granddaughters and my daughter in law just love the ones I crocheted for them.
    I also crocheted your plaid kitchen towel for gifts and they are a hit too.

  2. Hi,
    I love this hat! I’ve used the video and the pattern to make this hat. However it seems like every time I end up with a smaller hat? I used the same yarn, same I hook and the same number of stitches. Why does it always end up smaller?

        1. No, this is not true, the hook is only a suggestion and a starting-off point. All crocheters have different gauges (hold the yarn with different tightness). Even the same crocheter can have a different gauge, I crochet tighter when I am stressed. Working a gauge swatch is super important if size matters for your project.

  3. Hello! I love this pattern and am making some for chirstmas! would you share the color you used for the pom pom ( the yarn one ) Thank you!!!!!

  4. I love your patterns. My first two attempts on the buffalo plaid hat I did a toddler and women’s size and I’m getting the diagonal pattern too and I counted stitches to make sure I wasn’t missing anything. Has anyone figured out the cause of this

    1. Sc all around the top of the band, working 3 sc over a 2 row space, achieving a total of 72 sts.
      What does working three single crochet‘s over a second row Space mean?

  5. I am having trouble with the beginning of the next row. It says ch2. DC in the same stitch. DC in next stitch.where I have trouble in understanding is the next: begin a third dc. So will there be four DC at the beginning of each new row? Or will there be only three like the rest of the row?

  6. I’m getting ready to attempt my first buffalo plaid. I’d like to have a band that I can turn up. I was thinking of chaining 14. Your thoughts?

  7. Thank you so much for the patterns. I have made the Red plaid and Gray plaid. The hat, cowl and arm warmers. Everyone loves them. You pattern is so easy to read and follow. Thank you so very much for sharing. I don’t know how to share the photo’s with you…

  8. LOVE the pattern! Alternating colors is so easy! I do just have a quick question… when you finish with the row, do you cut your yarn, or do you just carry it around each row until you reach the end? I was just a little confused on that.

  9. My daughter asked for a plaid hat this Christmas and I found your pattern in a web search. It is delightful and easy to work up. I have a question, however. I’m about half way done with it and it looks like the plaid pattern is moving on a diagonal. Is something I can just pull back? Have you heard of anyone else encountering this kind of problem? Thanks

      1. Hmmm, I tried to reply here and for some reason it didn’t appear. I can’t seem to figure out how to paste a picture into this reply box, so I replied to your email with a picture. Hope you found it. Thanks.

    1. I have noticed this same thing happening to mine. I have made more than one now and the first hat did not slant. I cannot figure out what I’m doing differently.

    2. Carol, I have the same problem. The plaid starts to go diagonal and I cannot figure out why. Did you get any help with this or figure it out yourself?

      1. Are you still working in dc? Is it possible you are wrapping the yarn around your dc the other way? I have heard this causes it to slant.

  10. Hi Bethany,
    I love this hat and would love to make it greens. Any ideas? I’d make it with the black yarn in it too.

    1. Thanks! I would maybe do two shades of green and black. The darker green would be your mid, the lighter green would be your light and the black would be your dark.

  11. Love love love!! Just finished my first, going to put a fur pom in and start another! I did go a few extra rows at the top tho. Thank you!

  12. Love your patterns! Made my first plaid last night and it turned out beautiful thanks to your tutorial. Can you tell me how to size this for a infant/toddler?

  13. I tried the pattern and LOVED it!!! Came out super cute! My family and friends are I fly hinting that they want one too :-)

  14. Bethany, thank you for the pattern, I’m looking forward to trying it out. I am such a fan of that pattern, being Canadian and all.
    That said, please don’t use fur and don’t encourage others to use it either. The brutality that animals suffer so people can decorate is shameful. Don’t take my word for it, check it out for yourself and I’m sure you will agree – there are better ways to make something cute.

  15. Thank you so much for the pattern. I made the plaid hat with Red Heart Soft. I counted stitches and had gauge correct. My finished had looked great. However it did not fit me but did fit my four year old. What can I do to for my next one so it’s bigger?

  16. I really love your plaid week patterns. I plan on making the hat scarf and the arm warmers for a gift and the baby cocoon set. Thank you so very much for sharing.