These darling crochet baby flip flops are the perfect summer shoes/booties for baby! They are soft and comfy, but add a bit of classic style to any outfit. The toe strap and heel strap help keep these crochet flip flops in place on Baby’s soft feet! This post contains affiliate links, which means I get a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thanks for your support!  For more information, click here.  

crochet baby flip-flips free pattern for baby feet summer sandals

Crochet in the summertime can get a bit tricky. It’s hard to work under a cozy blanket in the heat of the summer, but there seems to be few summer crochet patterns. 
Enter Baby crochet flip flops!
These sweet little baby shoes only take about an hour to make and they are classically adorable. 


cute crochet baby flip-flops sandals for baby free crochet pattern

Oh my goodness! Aren’t baby feet the cutest!? THOSE TOES. 

crochet baby flip-flops free crochet pattern summer sandals

 Even though these crochet baby flip flops are adorable and pink, they would definitely work for a baby boy as well. And, these actually stay on quite well; my niece had them on her feet for several hours. This is so important when designing baby shoes. I have actually had to scrap several adorable patterns because they just didn’t stay on little baby feet. If they don’t stay on, what’s the point!?


You’re tired of sifting through complicated tutorials and daunting patterns that leave you feeling overwhelmed.

Let me help.

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🧶 Being part of a thriving community of fellow crocheters who share your passion.

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What you need: (affiliate links)
F Hook
– Medium Weight Yarn in 2
   (I suggest Knit Picks Brava, Caron Simply Soft or Mighty Stitch
Darning Needle

Abbreviations: US Terms
Ch – chain
Sc – single crochet
Dc – Double Crochet
Hdc – Half Double Crochet
Sl st – Slip Stitch
St – stitch

 9 sc = 2″ (alternately, you can use the small sole as the gauge, and adjust your hook accordingly to get the correct length.)


The written pattern below is FREE and sized for 3-6 months. You can find a PDFj that includes NINE sizes from Newborn – Toddler size 9 in my shops. The PDF is formatted for easy crocheting on-the-go or for easy printing, it doesn’t include ads or comments. Thanks for your support! Where would you like to shop today?


3-6 MONTHS SIZE (approx. 4″)

 Sole: Make 2 (Worked in the round)


1.  Ch 11.
Work 3 sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc in next 4 ch, hdc in next ch, dc in next 3 ch, 7 dc in last ch. Working across the opposite side: dc in next 3 ch, hdc in next ch, sc in next 4 chs. Join with first sc. (26 sts) 

2. Ch 1. 2 sc in next 3 sts.  Sc in next 9 sts. Work 2 sc in next 5 sts. Sc in next 9 sts. Join. (34 sts)

3. Ch 1. *Sc in next st, work 2 sc in next st* work 3 times. Sc in next 9 sts. *Sc in next st, 2 sc in next st* work 5 times. Sc in next 9 sts. Join and tie off. (42 sts)

With second color use a loose tension and sl st all around your sole piece. (See Photo). 
Tie off. Find the middle of the heel

sole of a crochet baby bootie


1. Counting the sl sts, count 8 to the right. Join your second color.  Ch 1. Sc in same st. Sc in next 2 sts. Ch 8. Sk 9 sts, sc in next st. Sc in next 2 sts.  Ch 16. Join with a sl st with the very first st of the round. (Make sure your chain isn’t twisted.)

2.  Ch 1. Sc in same st. Sc in next 29 its (across the heel, up the side and all across your toe piece chain.).  Join with sl st. Tie off.
Weave in all ends. 

Toe Strap (Make 2):
Start with an 8” tail. This is a separate piece.
Ch 11

1. Sc in the 2nd ch from hook. Sc in next 9 chs. Turn. (10 sts)
2. Ch 1. Hdc in same st. Hdc in next 9 sts. (10 sts)
Leave a long tail.


Using either tail of your toe strap and a yarn needle, sew the strap in place, going in and out through both loops in the end of the strap and both loops on the side of the sole. You can place the strap up or down the shoe to suit yourself, but I placed mine directly in front of where the connector toe piece connects with the sole.

To attached the toe piece, put about 8” of yarn on your needle. For the right shoe, find 1 st to the left of the middle dc in the sole (for the left shoe, find 1 st to the right). Wrap the yarn over and under that dc st to give it a firm hold, (but keeping the yarn loose) going around that stitch with your needle and around the toe piece. I do it about 3 times so there are only 3 pieces of yarn between the toe.  Tie firmly on the bottom to secure it in place. (you can even secure with a dab of hot glue) 

blue and gray crochet flip flops for baby

Are you making flip-flops for a little walker? You might want to think about making them non-slip!

Here are 7 tried and tested methods!



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  1. In the video on Crochet Baby Strap Flip Flop Sandals it says there is a sole video. where is it?

    I have this tutorial, but I need the sole information. Thanks@

          1. Honestly can u just put the video link in the comment I can not find it and am trying to make the body of the flip flop sorry for any inconvenience

  2. Love these and would love to make them, but your site is way to clogged with ads and other junk. The page bumps around, lags, and freezes way too much. It’s too frustrating to try and get to the instructions and when you do it just keeps bumping you back to the top. Please consider de-cluttering. I was bumped back to the top of the page 12 times while trying to type this comment. It’s frustrating and a total turn-off!

    1. You are the first to complain. It might be your internet connection? The ads make this pattern FREE. Without ads, I would need to charge for everything on my page. I hope you can understand that I need to make an income for the many hours I spend working on patterns and giving them for free to my readers. This way, advertisers pay for the pattern, not the user.

    2. Also, I would like to add that people assume that ads make a page hard to load. This is usually not the case. This particular page is rather heavy with photography, if your internet connections is slow, it may be having a hard time loading the high-res photos. I am working on getting all my photos condensed without losing quality. It is time consuming!

    3. I am so tired of trying to be able to print a pattern. if you are going to share it then just share it I am so tired of downloading stuf into my computer to see if i can print the pattern.
      My mother isin her 80’s she cannot sit in front of a computern and read it , she would so love to make her gr8, gr8, gr8 grans which by the way have 2 coming in March so sad , i would willingly donate to you , not pdf cuz having issues with them opening since some adobe download sorry just frustrated

  3. Is there a video for this lol I do better watching a video. I’m a beginner but I can say I’m doing ok lol

  4. Thank you so much for having such a beautiful website and easy to learn instructions!! I made some for my newborn niece, and they were just adorable!! I am sending everyone that asks about the cute flip flops to your website so they can all learn how to create these too!

  5. Hi I have a question on making the second sole. There isnt a video on it so do I make the second one the same way as the video shows? I don’t think it would look right if I did. Please get back with me when you can thank u.

  6. I’m glad you noticed. I have not watched the entire video. And just read over instructions. And would have noticed too!

  7. Hi my name is Destiny. I’m doing the baby flip flops and I got stumped on the body part. If you would please write me back on it and let me know where to start and how to do it . please and thank you cant wait to hear from you. by the way I love all your ideas.

  8. I have nailed this pattern with your instructions, but I always have difficulties with the strap over the toe piece. Any advice on how to make this easier for me?

  9. I am from Holland and say thanks for the lovely pattern.
    I have a little bit of problems…cant find the video??
    Can you please help me finding it?

      1. Ohhhh shame on me….didnt look very well did I?

        thank you very much for pointing me the way



  10. Bethany,
    I absolutely love this pattern and have been trying to make it for my friend whose baby is about 9 mos old. I got to the part of where you attach the piece across the toe piece and when I sewed it on it causes the edges to curl up. Is that normal?

  11. I am new to crocheting, and I watched the video then went back and read the instructions and I have to say that I had such an easy time understanding it, maybe because the video helped and then the written just reminded me what was next. Thank you for this pattern and tutorial, Still working on the shoe, but can’t wait to finish it!!!

    1. You are very welcome! It’s a bit different than other patterns, so it’s challenging to explain how to make them. I am glad you got it! Thanks for your kind words!

  12. Such a cute pattern! Thank you for the video! I got the sole part down, no problem, but I was a little confused on the rest of it. The video explained it all perfectly!! Can’t wait to try them on my niece!

  13. Oh! I just saw the other replies! My question is answered. Now to figure out how to do it! Thanks again!

  14. So glad you are venturing out! :) You can do the whole shoe in the same color, but you will still need to tie off, and begin a new piece of yarn, so you might as well do both colors. Does that make sense? Be sure to watch the video, then you can get a feel for the shoe construction.